Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 33

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff

Aired Unknown May 24, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff
When Zim attempts to taint the Earth’s cow-meat supply with sewer water is ruined because of Gir’s antics, he decides to increase the power on Gir’s behavioral modifier, which will permit him to stay in serious mode all the time. However, when the serious Gir starts to consider Zim a threat to the mission and runs off to learn things on his own accord, it’s up to Zim and Squidman to find Gir and turn down the power on his behavioral modifier before too many individuals see them and jeopardize their mission.moreless

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  • Gir was at his funniest in this episode.

    I loved Gir before I saw this episode but seeing him in this one just made me love him more. He was just so funny in this episode. Zim was funny, in this one but definetly not as funny as Gir was. I loved many scenes in this episode, such as the beginning when Gir was dancing in front of the cow's face and just went "Bye Cow!" I laughed so hard at the part where Gir was battling the hologram Dib and suddenly began going, "Do Dee Do Dee Do Dee" in that deep voice. Hearing him sing that in the voice made me ROFLOL for hours! The fighting scene at the library was very great and also funny, espeically when Gir went back to normal, landed on the floor and said, "Hi, floor!" LOL! And the ending quote, "He's gonna get eaten by a shark!" was funny as well. Besides Tak, The Hideous New Girl, this has to be my number one favorite episode of all time.moreless
  • GIR goes crazy!...and stuff!

    Wow, this episode was great, hilarious, and it had a good plot, plus it had awesome action! This is a really great Season 1 episode, one of the superiors, and I love it so much I've seen it 10 times already!

    "Stupidity is the enemy... Zim, is the enemy." Funny, hilarious, laugh out loud, rolling on floor laughing, any of those sayings or things. Pretty much anything that means, "Hey! That was funny!"

    This has been a review by AangPhantom, Invader ZIM lover. I think this is one of the greatest episodes made, but it falls behind some episodes.

    9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • i <3 Gir!!!

    this epi is great cuz for once Gir is evil and Zim is the idiot. Zim overworked Gir so, yeah, it's predictable that Gir was gunna turn evil or something lyk that. it was funny when Gir would say something totally random in a big conflict-sorta-thing. my fave lines:

    GIR: Hi, floor! Make me a sammich!


    Zim: Curse you, snacks, curse you!


    Gir: Cows are my friends!

    Zim: I don't like you.


    Gir: The knowledge, it fills me, it is neat!


    ZIM: FOOL! You DARE tell me what I already KNOW?!

    GIR: Did you know that?

    ZIM: [pause] Your legs are stupid!

    that is just great. nick is stupid for cancelling our heroes! (even if they are a lil bit random) Save the Ghost we love the most!!! Save the Invader!!! No one can take away our shows and replace them w/ Mr. Meaty. IT MUST DIE!!!!!!moreless
  • Evil GIR > Normal GIR

    Well, frankly, I thought this episode was a breath of fresh air from the usual GIR-like insanity we see from, well, GIR. Honestly, GIR gets on my nerves quite a bit with his inane squeeling, not to say I don't like him, I just don't think he needs but a few seconds per episode (and CERTAINLY not all the merchandise he has). In this episode, GIR becomes, well, not exactly smart, but devoted to work. Thus, GIR realizes that ZIM is an idiot, a very BIG idiot, and tries to destroy him.



    I loved GIR as a foil to ZIM in this episode. He just seemed to constantly defy ZIM, which, as I said, is refreshing.



    ZIM: FOOL! You DARE tell me what I already KNOW?!

    GIR: Did you know that?

    ZIM: [pause] Your legs are stupid!moreless
  • No GIR! NOOOOO!!!

    GIR went to the dark side. My two favorite scenes were when GIR did the butt dance at the beginning (reminded me of when my friend Kera did it!) and the part where he's stealing all the knowledge at the library and says "Knowledge fills me. It is neat." ZIM looked cool with the cop hat on.

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