Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 35

Hobo 13

Aired Unknown Jul 12, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Hobo 13
When Zim’s constant requests to the Tallest get on their nerves, they attempt to remind him that he is an Invader, not a battle soldier, and that he doesn’t have the training to use the equipment he requested. In order for Zim to prove himself to them, they send him to Hobo 13, an elite training facility that only the best of soldiers stand a chance of completing. While the Tallest hope that Zim will die on the mission and be gone once and for all, they soon discover that Zim is much more cunning than they gave him credit for.moreless

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  • Hilarious! Go ZIM!!!

    Ha ha! Hilarious! Loved it! This episode released ZIM's ability to lead and be captain - which brings pain to everyone. The planet's ( and the name of this episode ) name is...strange. Hobo 13 is a weird name for a planet.

    Skooge is so funny, I'm gla he's back in the series, but kinda dies again, then comes back with ZIM. Then, who knows what happened to him.

    I love the little Irken server guy who was forced by the Tallest to bet on ZIM. He was so funny the whole time, then at the end was the best. I loved Throbulator, too. ( Or at least I think that's his name ) So, all in all, a great episode, I give it 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • invader zim rocks!

    it was just so funny!I loved it because it was just plane funny!Tbis episode it the funniest since the X-mas episode,or all the episodes!GIR was very funny,and he\'s my fav. character!I need taqitoes!Im\'a buy some for us too!Im insanee also need headless clowns!How can such a cute robot be THAT stupid?Keep on being a moron GIR!You know we love it!Now Im talking to myself like Dib lol!Taco taco taco!I love food,I love this show!WAIT!I love that show or-*ten minutes pass,Im pointing at random T.Vs with random shows on*And that one!And that one!Anyway I love Hobo 13 and I love invader zim!moreless
  • I loved this episode!

    Yay for Invader Skoodge! I like him for some reason. GIR was funny but should've had a bigger part in the episode. The ending sucked where the Tallest offed ZIM and Bob at once. This was a fun episode to watch. I just loved it. It was interesting and adventurous even if ZIM sacrificed everyone for his victory (which shows he has poor leadership/teamwork skills but is a ruthless villain) but since he's the star of the show we can forgive him, strangely.moreless
  • this show shows Zim\'s ability to lead,which isn\'t good.

    This is a great reason for Zim being sent to earth. his bad leadership. it was hillarious with all the characters like THROBULATOR and Skoodge.That was a very funny episode. amazingly I didn\'t see that episode until 2005. also it said a very neglected word. PAIN!!!! If the show was still running I\'d bet they\'s make another episode like that. There were plenty of funny quotes including a reference to the movie AILEN. I liked quotes like. HEADLESS CLOWN and ........throbulator...feel nothing anymore. well that is really all I have to say so I hope you love my review.

    P.S 1st Review ever :)moreless

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