Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 31


Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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When at skool one day, a child comes into class late because his head was itchy, which Ms. Bitters recognizes that it was due to lice. Before she can do anything, however, the lice infect the rest of the students in the class, so Ms, Bitters informs the Delouser, who proclaims martial law and the children are taken into separate rooms. However, Zim shows no sign of being infected by the lice, which causes the Delouser to take special interest in him.moreless

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  • Hard for me to watch

    I do like Invader Zim, but this episode really got to me. I do like the idea of Zim being sort of a lice propellant, but I have suffered from lice once in my life, and this is just hard to watch. Seeing everybody scratching, the kids screaming in agony, the dots circling around their hair. I couldn't finish it. That being said, don't completely take my word for it. A ton of other people seem to really enjoy this episode, and I probably would have enjoyed it during the time before I had gotten lice, but man, I can't watch it nowadays.moreless
  • Gross

    It was a gross episode. GIR wasn't in it at all. Gaz said only one line three times, which was "Whiner." I liked that they used ZIM as a weapon against lice, even though that was gross too, it's just that it was opposite to what usually happens (like in Halloween where ZIM uses the device in Dib's head to escape). "I'm bored, can I have a soda?"
  • It is a okay episode, but it could be better.

    Rob Hummel writes an incredibly weird episode about a lice plague exploding in the SKOOL and an insane lice exterminator who Dib has serious suspects about her. Well, I liked the references to sci-fi movies and the moral story that shows on, but sadly the episode is not so funny at all, the only memorable gag that I got was Gaz calling Zim "whiner" when Zim was screaming of pain. It's not a bad episode, it just needed a more of humor.moreless
Mindy Sterling

Mindy Sterling

Countess von Verminstrasser (The Delouser)

Guest Star

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    • Delouser: Close your eyes, baby.

    • Zim: I'd just like to say, if I was a member of an alien race, which I'm not, I'd have to take this opportunity to say, filthy earth creatures, it is clear who the superior species is! Isn't it?! Isn't it?! You stink!
      (Zim begins to make claw movements in the air until Dib throws a paper ball at him)

    • Ms. Bitters: Any questions? (Zita raises her hand) Yes, Zita?
      Zita: You're crazy!
      Ms. Bitters: Excellent, Zita. You get an A.
      Dib: But that wasn't a question!

    • Delouser: For your own good, you will all be detained here indefinitely!
      Dib: You can't really make us stay he...
      Delouser: You dare question me?! Question my methods?! You, who stands to benefit the most from my research?! You disgust me!
      Ms. Bitters: What a nice lady.
      Dib: All I said was...
      Delouser: Silence! Let the delousing begin!

    • Melvin: Hi! Sorry I'm late, my head's itchy!

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