Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 30


Aired Unknown Apr 26, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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The Almighty tallest are examining a storage planet in order to send valuable goods to the Invaders to help them on their missions. They decide to send a Megadoomer Combat Stealth Mech to Invader Tenn to help her conquest of the planet Meekrob and they decide to send a box of malfunctioning SIR units to Invader ZIM, but when the two packages addresses are switched by an angry slave, ZIM gets the Megadoomer and plans to use his new gift from the Tallest to put an end to Dib once and for all.moreless

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  • The Tallest try to sabbotage Zim.

    The All Mighty Tallest send one of their high-tech robots to Earth in an attempt to destroy Zim. It's called the Megadommer. When it unexpected drops in front of Zim's house, he decides to use it to destroy Dib. When he engages the cloaking device, the robot disappears but not Zim. You can see him clearly floating in the air with a power cord hanging out of the rear. As Zim drives the Megadoomer toward the filthy Dib human's house, Gir has to constantly find new power sources (aka electric outlets). When he finally arrives at Dib's house, the Megadoomer is set to self-destruct and explodes. The tallest get a transmission seeing what happened, hoping Zim exploded also, but doubt that they would be that lucky.moreless
  • One of the greats

    This was a great episode. GIR was just so funny, cooperating with the enemy (Dib) again. And he was cool when he breakdances and keeps having to plug ZIM in. GIR just has so many good lines in this ep, and he's so cute playing with the packing peanuts. Poor Invader Tenn. I wish we could've seen the TV movie Invader Dib where her crisis finally gets resolved (she gets saved by Skoodge, oooh in my fan fic it would be me and Ryou Bakura!), but unfortunately it was among the season two episodes that were canned.moreless
  • A very funny episode about a super machine with serious problems. One of my favorites.

    Zim is trying to rid off Dib again, this time he is using Megadoomer, a super war machine that he won by mistake of the Almighty Tallest. But then he begins to get some problems with the power due for the short power cord that is always unplugging from the outlets.

    The scenes with GIR replugging the Megadoomer in different outlets and the pointless battle in Dib's house are definetly hilarious. Watch carefully in the moment when they show an another Invader having troubles with malfunctioned SIR units, it's also a comic scene.moreless
Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert

Megadoomer Computer

Guest Star

Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald

Random SIR Units

Guest Star

Andy Berman

Andy Berman

Random SIR Units

Guest Star

Jhonen Vasquez

Jhonen Vasquez


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    • (After Gir plugs the Battery in the old folks home and breakdances)
      Old Man: What he say?

    • Zim: Victory!
      Dib: What do you mean, victory? Your robot exploded and you didn't even destroy me!

    • Zim: I've put up with you long enough, Dib! Now, fight me, an enemy you cannot see!
      Dib: You're right there!
      Zim: What?!
      DibThere! Your mighty irken cloaking device cloaks the robot but not you!
      Zim: Lies! Now, behold the doom cannon!
      Dib: I can't, it's invisible!
      Zim: But you can see me?
      Dib: That's what I said.
      Zim: Oh, that's stupid!
      Dib: Really stupid!
      Zim: You dare agree with me?! Prepare to meet your horrible doom!

    • (On the television show in the retirement home)
      Cyborg: What I'm trying to say, sir, is that he was like no man I've ever seen!

    • Chuck: My robot hits yours with swarmers!
      (Chuck presses a button on his robot, two plastic missles shoot out)
      Buck: I counter with the wave impulse!
      (Lights on Buck's robot toy flash, Chuck's eye twitches)
      Chuck: I'm not playing with you anymore!

    • Zim: Victory! Victory for Zim!
      (A flaming part of the Megadoomer lands on Zim, a bird comes down and steals Dib's camera)
      Dib: Well, I liked that camera, but, I guess this is a victory for me. Yeah, or something. I'm going back to bed.
      Zim: I am Zim!

    • Dib: (handing the camera to Gir) You, take a picture of me with it!
      (Dib poses with the Megadoomer, Gir takes several pictures)

    • (When Zim is seen walking with a random child)
      Zim: And then, then Dib says! (Zim growls) In front of the whole class! Filthy slug! Ms. Bitters called on me, understand?! Filthy, squirmy, Dib! Squirmy!
      Child: What are you talking about? Who are you?
      Zim: I can't believe the things that... (Zim hisses) ...human has done to me! Me! And... (Zim growls and kicks) Dib! (Zim kicks and gnashes his teeth)
      Child: Why are you following me? I don't even go to your school.
      Zim: And the... Argh! He makes me so mad! The horrible, puny-brained, meat-child! With his little glasses and his... (Zim growls) head! (Zim begins to imitate Dib) My name is Dib, with my pointy hair. (Zim stops for a moment) Pointy hair! (Zim resumes imitating Dib) I eat food and have stuff!

    • Zim: Gir! What happened?!
      Gir: The plug thing! It's not plugged!

    • Gir: Aww, you! You look so cute!

    • Tallest Purple: I don't like it.
      Tallest Red: We didn't build it so you could like it. This is going to planet Meekrob to help Invader Tenn conquer it!
      Tallest Purple: Well, I should like it.

    • Gir: Chicken! (Gir begins to giggle) I'm gonna eat you!
      Dib: Wow!

    • Invader Tenn: They've eaten everything! We're all doomed! Doomed!

    • Gir: It's got chicken legs!

    • Zim: You left the lens cap on!

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