Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 3

Mortos der Soulstealer

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode could have been a lot better.

    This was an episode that could have been loads better if they worked on it more. I mean there was just more insanity than there usualy is and I couldn't follow the story. Also the feelings are wacky. Like, one minute Dib's happy ZIM will die, Then he's mad, then he's frusterated, then he's amazed, then he spazzes out, and then he's sad again. And ZIM throwing mutant hamsters or gerbils into the building has nothing to do with his pathetic attempts of conquering Earth. Don't get me wrong I love Invader ZIM but I agree with Jhonen on this one.
  • Sammich!

    Another filler episode, but I kind of liked this one. ZIM's plan could've been better, and the part with Dib and ZIM calling across the street to each other just took up time. No wonder Jhonen hates it. The best part was GIR and his sammich! Dib looking for Mortos to steal ZIM's soul was a creative idea, but anyone who already doesn't like this show would get mad that not only aliens exist but have souls too. I liked it though.