Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 23

Mysterious Mysteries

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Mysterious Mysteries
When Mysterious Mysteries is having trouble in ratings due to their lack of stories, they decide to take drastic measures and they finally let Dib onto the show. Dib believes this is his best chance to reveal Zim for what he is and he plays a short clip of Zim and Dib in the woods, which actually makes the anchor of the series quite pleased. However, when Zim gets on the show the next day to attempt to prove Dib wrong, they soon get into a battle of words over the real events that occurred on that day as they both attempt to persuade the host of Mysterious Mysteries to believe what they have said.moreless

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  • My favorite Invader Zim

    In this episode, Dib apparently gets a video of Zim and Gir and sends it off to his favorite show "Mysterious Mysteries". They usually ignore him, but they give him a chance due to their low ratings. However, Zim comes in to dispute this claim, and his tells his story, both of which are reenacted on the show by professional actors. Then Gir comes in and tells his side which shocks everyone. Without a doubt, this is the best episode of the show, it's like the first I saw and it has me laughing everytime. Overall, highly reccommended. 10/10 A+moreless
  • Zim, Dib, Gaz, and Gir go on Dib's favorite tv show Mysterious Mysteries.

    This is my absolute favorite episode of Invader Zim. Mysterious Mysteries is losing ratings and creative ideas so they look into the Dib files for an idea. They find a video that Dib sent in showing Zim talking to Gir without his costume on. So Dib went on the show and Zim went on to deny his accusations. It was so hilarious when they put Dib in a straitjacket. Gaz went on the show to shed light on the whole craziness issue. Gir was a special guest witness named "Stacey" who apparently was a chubby lady hiding in the bushes. The reenactments were hilariously funny. I'm not sure about the name Gir used but overall the episode was great. My favorite episode of Invader Zim.moreless
  • Haha!

    This one, was a really great episode. I really loved it, and it was hilarious, funny, any other word with that meaning.

    I have to say the hohst was pretty funny, too. I like how he was like, "I am so fired," throughout the whole episode. Hehe, that made me laugh.

    Then, the "Dramatic Reinactments." THOSE were hilarious! Seriously, I laughed so hard at that one, I was like, spazzing out. I like GIR's the best, by far. Then Gaz's. The actors in the Reinactment were funny, and like, you could see the camera crew and stuff. Lol.

    9 out of 10, who could not like this episode?moreless
  • LMAO!! This episode shows how funny IZ can be! My fave episode! ¢¾

    Mysterious Mysteries, first off, is a show about solving paranormal mysterious. It gives hillarious jokes and stupid (yet funny) parts that I always HAVE to laugh at. It's about Dib going on the show to expose ZIM as an alien.

    Gaz comes along and dosen't really reveal any information invloving if ZIM is an alien. However, much to Dib's disapproval, ZIM comes along and tries to protect his ture identity from the world. As a witness, GIR comes along and, with his face blurred, tries (yes he tries) to tell how ZIM is not an alien and Dib is bad and a squirrel ate his giant head. This episode made me laugh A LOT since people in costumes act the scene of how ZIM, GIR, Gaz, and Dib describe it was. Everything is so cheap when they act everything out and everything is so funny in this episode I can stop laughing when I watch this!moreless
  • That was the greatest episode ever

    The opening sucked, but it sort of gave a reason for Mysterious Mysteries man to turn to Dib. Otherwise this was the greatest episode ever, a favorite of me and my friend. The best parts were GIR's and Gaz's interviews. I liked Gaz's line "Who are you?! Get out of my house!" and throwing things at the guy. GIR's whole thing was funny. Squirrels.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The man who becomes worried about Dib's crazy videos originally has a scar, though it disappears throughout the remainder of the episode.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Dib: There are many mysteries still unsolved. I figure, you know... I'll do some of that.

    • Gir: I was a chubby lady hiding in the bushes.

    • Gir: I seen it – Dib is bad!

    • Dib: But he works for the alien!
      Host: Restrain him!
      Dib: (screaming) Aaaaahhhhhh!!

    • (After Gir tells his version of the story)
      Mysterious Mysteries Host: What does that have to do with anything?!
      Gir: Me and the squirrel are friends!

    • Mysterious Mysteries Host: I am so fired... Eh, um, well, the conclusion I can come up with is that Dib is crazy! (he looks at Gir) That one, definitely crazy! (he points to Zim) And I really feel sorry for the ugly green kid, but there's a decent chance he's crazy too!
      Zim: But not an alien?
      Mysterious Mysteries Host: Nope.
      Zim: Okay.
      Mysterious Mysteries Host: Just crazy.

    • Dib: And what is that? Are you using it to talk to your space friend?!
      Zim: Nonsense, it's my medication!
      (Zim swallows the walkie talkie)

    • Yoa: And, like the alien said, 'Go to the Blotch, the Blotch knows.' So, I like, left my husband and came out here to commune with the Blotch.
      Saucer Morons: The Blotch knows.

    • (When Gir is pretending to be a woman named Stacy)
      Gir: Dib is mean to my master. He is not nice to Zim, hee!
      Mysterious Mysteries Host: Can you tell us what happened that night?
      (The scene flashes back to the night in question)
      Gir: I was the chubby lady hidin' in the bushes.
      Mysterious Mysteries Host: Yes, yes, go on.
      Gir: I'm on TV!

    • Mysterious Mysteries Host: So, Zim, the first question I have is: are you an alien?
      Zim: Lies! Lies! The filthy Earth boy lies! I mean, no!

    • (When Gir is pretending to be a woman named Stacy)
      Gir: That's when the giant squirrel showed up.
      Zim: Gir!
      Mysterious Mysteries Host: Quiet, can't you see she's upset? Now, don't you mean Dib showed up?
      Gir: Nope, the giant squirrel showed up first, then Dib showed up.
      (Dib actor walks up and sees the giant squirrel)
      Dib: Whoa, what is that thing!
      Gir: And then the squirrel ate Dib's greasy head.
      (The squirrel actor takes the Dib actor and pretends to eat his head, causing the Zim actor to lift the head of his costume and stare at them)

    • Dib: That didn't happen!
      Zim: Silence, you tiny brain, head!

    • Gir: Then he flew back to his home planet to fight all the bad guys!

    • Gir: Me and the squirrel are friends!

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