Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Apr 13, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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When Dib finally manages to get a picture of Zim without him in his disguise, he formulates a plan to shrink himself down into a microscopic size to get into Dib's body and perform a brain wipe to prevent him from remembering where he located the picture. Fortunately for Dib, his father has been working on some technology that may just help Dib stop Zim before it's too late, though he'll need to be careful because he's extremely vulnerable due to the fact that Zim is inside of him.moreless

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  • In this episode, Zim travels into Dib's body to destroy him. Dim is then forced to defent himself with a nanorobot.

    This is an okay episode. Zim creates a cool nanorobot ship thing, and manages to shrink himself down and drive it in Dib's body. He tries to destroy Dib's brain, but Dib creates a ship of his own. When he starts to lose the battle, Gaz starts to control the ship, thinking it is a game. She wins, and Zim has a very bad toilet incident. This was an average Invader Zim episode. I can't say it was my favorite, and I never laughed out loud. This is about as funny as most invader Zim episodes. I think that's everything.moreless
  • This episode might not be the funniest Invader Zim episodes, but it is definitely one of the best

    Everything in this episode seems to be done just right. GIR adds just the right amount of humor to this episode, to make it not only funny, but action packed. The plot is extremely good too, and leaves you on the edge all the time, taking unexpected twists and turns. The coolest part of the episode comes though when Zim goes inside Dib's body and makes him crush the tape by controlling Dib's arms. When Dib tells him that that was the backup tape and the real tape is hidden, Zim starts going to Dib's brain to make him forget where he hid it, and make him stupid. The fighting scenes are beautifully animated, and this adds tremendously to the cool factor of this episode.

    Overall: 9.9 out of 10

    Because nothing can be perfect.moreless
  • Gaz gets more vocal

    Gaz has a lot of great lines while she is bugging Dib about the game. Her addiction to video games is revealed in this episode (and emphasized in Game Slave 2 and present in plenty of other eps). Dib would not have been able to beat ZIM without her help, but Gaz declares the game to be stupid after beating him and then Dib goes to the bathroom.
  • A fantastic episode of Invader Zim.

    It all starts when Zim is photographed without his disguise on.

    To get his revenge, Zim shrinks down and hides in Dib's peas and gets swallowed.

    Once inside, Zim gains control of Dib's body and crushes the disk that the picture is on. As it's not the original, Zim heads for Dib's brain to make him forget where he hid the master disk.

    After taking Professor Membrane's nano ship, Dib flies it via game joystick and goes after Zim, who is in his "arm control nerve" and makes his limbs like noodles. After Gaz takes control of the ship, she defeats Zim before he can destroy Dib's brain, and he ends up getting flushed down the toilet.

    The CGI animation in this episode is extremely good and really adds to the episode visuals. You cannot fault this episode at all. It should be seen by all Invader Zim fans.moreless
Rosearik Rikki Simons

Rosearik Rikki Simons


Recurring Role

John Garry

John Garry

Mysterious Mysteries Anchor

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Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Professor Membrane

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