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Dib has been taking notice of how ZIM never eats human food and he believes he may just be able to exploit this fact to prove ZIM is an alien. However, ZIM isn’t about to let someone ruin his mission and he does everything he can to appear as normal as possible, though will any of their attempts actually matter since most of the children at the skool aren’t even paying attention to them?moreless

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  • Not bad for a pilot episode

    This episode was obviously not like all the other episodes that were aired. When I saw this episode, I noticed a huge difference from it compared to any later episode and I'm not just talking about the animation and Zim's voice. Sure, it had the same concept of Dib having his usual beliefs and everyone calling him crazy. Aside from that though, Zim seemed more naive in this episode than in later on and I noticed that his so called evil plan turned out to be a 'destructo- robot' cliche rather than using more of his smarts. It seemed that he wasn't out to destroy Dib but yet, he just wanted to stop him from exposing him while in later episodes, he seems more evil and maniacal. I actually found the episode to be pretty good in the beginning and it had a few rough spots but, that didn't seem to bother me much. The episode did slow down a bit but I can't figure out what scene or how it did but, I did enjoy it regardless of the food fight that went on for about ten minutes. I also found this episode to be quite original for a pilot episode but everyone seemed to be just a little out of character.moreless
  • cool pilot its not that bad

    before i saw this episode i thought it was just going to be another boring pilot epiosode but then when i saw it i was mistakin. its not bad for a pilot not like some other shows. a alilen goes to earth and goes to a regular school and acts like hes a humen. everyone thinks hes a humen but looks weird everyone except dib who realy knows that hes a alien and GAR is zims robot whos kinda stupid wait hes realy stupid LOL so u see its not a bad pilot this is a good episode that starts a VERY good series !moreless
  • A great way to start with this show.

    This is one of the few pilot episodes I've ever liked; probably because I looked forward to it weeks before it aired; weird... I wan't disappointed at all.

    It made me get into it, like a few shows on Nickelodeon those days (2001).

    I thought the whole idea was brilliant, and full of comedy. And eventhough Zim's voice in spanish is really annoying, you gotta' love him. But, gotta' love Gir some more, right?

    "I'm gonna sing the 'doom song'"..

    Since it changed with the translation, I din't get that suspence, of expecting some kind of gothic-robotic song; I, however loved the song the way it was, one of the funniest moments in the whole series.

    Glad they made us look stupid enough.moreless
  • Not that bad for a pilot

    As far as pilots go, this one wasn't so bad. Sure the animation was a bit different and it's not quite as zany as what we're used to, but it wasn't horrible. Character development (and change of some voice acting roles) made ZIM what it came to be, and this one started it all. Too bad GIR didn't have a bigger role but his introduction in the narration was cool!
  • Wow, This is the only Invader Zim episode I will ever give a five.

    All the episodes were great but when I got the Dvd Set I was scared by how bad this one was. Billy West doing the voice of Zim scared me the most. I'm glad after the pilot Richard Horovitz did the voice of Zim. Gir's voice was low pitched which I didn't like. The music was very weird at the beginning. The character were all drawn weirdly. I found the food fight just stupid. What the heck was the ship Zim was in at the end? Was it suppose to be the Voot Cruiser. I found this episode very, very hard to watch.moreless
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Hope Levy


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Danica Ivancevic

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