Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 16

Planet Jackers

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Zim is upset because all of the other Invaders are doing much better in their tasks than he is, though he inadvertently discovers that his signal to the data hub has been interrupted. When Zim takes a closer look, he discovers that the Earth has actually been hijacked by the Planet-Jackers, an alien race who must throw other planets into their dying sun in order to survive. Zim begins to formulate a plan to stop the Planet-Jackers, but when Dib refuses to believe him, he realizes that he must save the world he plans to destroy by himself, just for the sake of being the one who gets to destroy it.moreless

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  • Earth is stolen by Planet Jackers, and Zim fights to get it back.

    Easily one of the greatest episodes of the series. The animation is absolutely beautiful--the CG is just the best there is, the Planet Jackers are a fantastic and obvious Fargo reference, and Dib is almost nowhere to be found. Again, the subtle jokes are the best. The driver Planet Jacker's Steve Buscemi voice, the moon crashing into the earth and the screams it causes, the one invader's rock disguise... GIR isn't even annoying this time around. Even though this is probably one of the most overplayed episodes, it's too good to resist. Rise of the Zitboy, on the other hand, is a different story.moreless
  • Best episode ever!

    Except we didn't see Gaz at all (she got two lines from off-screen), this is definitely one of my favorite episodes ever! GIR was just too funny. "GIR! Come to the observatory!" "Yes?" "What have you done to the telescope?" "Nothin." "You haven't touched it? Something is broken and it's not your fault?" "I know. I'm scared too!" And "GIR! Catch me! Bring the Cruiser around and catch me!" "Yes sir!" *splat* "HIIII!!" "Let me in GIR!"moreless
  • Over-played...

    Back in the days when Nickelodeon was first trying to phase out, I think any fan can remember what episode they played over and over again -- Planet Jackers. Every time Zim was supposed to be showing, you could be assured which episode was going to be playing. It was overplayed so much to the point that many fans began to get sick of it, including me. Perhaps that was part of Nickelodeons evil plan.moreless

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