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  • Invader Zim needs to come back

    Invader Zim is one of the best Nickelodeon Shows of all time and It was canceled for a long time and people wan't it to come back?
  • Original and intellectual

    Love it
  • Best Show i`ve EVER seen!





    Overall: IF YOU DONT LIKE ZIM YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those three words couldn't ring more true for me. This show felt like it was cut down in it's prime. The show is memorable, charming, and brave. It pushed it's boundaries when it cane to gore, and I loved every moment I spent with the hilarious lovable character cast. To this very day I can't help but have my mind drift over to what could have been with the show. All I can say is, if you don't like zim, go to a hospital because there's something wrong with your head. (Trying to rate ten but my tablet won't register it)
  • Invader Zim

    Gaz is life.
  • One of the short lived.

    One of the best things to come out of . Invader Zim had the humor and the charming animation style to easily be one of my favorite Nicktoons. Every plot for this show was golden. The characters were so memorable and the voice actors made them like that. Michael Richard Horvitz did PHENOMENAL as Zim. GIR being mostly the funniest but I also loved Gaz. Invader Zim had the humor to make me laugh until I coughed and had the gore to make me cringe. This show got cancelled too I would be very happy to see this show back even have to be Nick. I'd love to see what CN could do with ZIM
  • No doubt, the greatest Nicktoon ever created.

    Why Nickelodeon chose to cancel this show still remains one of life's greatest mysteries to me. Invader Zim was by far the greatest cartoon Nick ever created, and it's a strong contender for greatest cartoon ever made. The characters, the humor, were all amazing. The whole show is just brilliantly written. Only a few cartoons have such smart writers, and Invader Zim is one of them. And Richard Horvitz was amazing as Zim. The art style, while a little creepy at some points, is also one of the show's coolest attributes. It also had some great CGI, something you don't really see in many cartoons.

    As for the characters, I like all of the main ones. Zim is really funny, Dib is really crazy, and Gaz can be really insane. All three of them are funny in some way, but none of them are anything compared to GIR. He's just the funniest and the craziest of all the characters. GIR just might be one of the best cartoon characters ever conceived. I'm a guy, and I think he's just the cutest thing imaginable, especially when he's in his dog costume.

    I will say this about Invader Zim. As incredible as it is, its not for everyone. Sure it's a kids cartoon, but it's a very mature kids cartoon. It's got one of the darkest atmospheres in animation. The humor, while really funny, can also be really dark. And the whole show can be pretty creepy. You want an example, just watch the Halloween episode. I sometimes wonder if it's because of all the dark moments (And there many of them) that Nickelodeon decided to cancel Invader Zim.

    But being dark is alright, that's what makes this show so awesome. And I'll gladly take the dark comedy of Zim over the gross humor of shit like Fanboy and Chum Chum or the completely "devoid of any kind of humor" style humor in Uncle Grandpa, as I'm sure most kids will. Invader Zim is one of my favorite cartoons ever. And I still think it should of had the chance to end properly, instead of just being cancelled. Oh well, it's a fantastic show nonetheless.
  • More like Invader Awesome

    "Invader Zim" is honestly one of Nick's best shows. GIR always make me laugh, and Gaz is cool. I was a little upset that Nickelodeon cancelled the series. The real reasons why Invader Zim was cancelled, and I believe it's pretty simple: 1) Ratings for the show have gone poorly, 2) Parents complain that the series contain dark, creepy and violent content, and 3) The budget for the production started rising, so that's all I had to say. (Also, Nickelodeon has been particularly disturbed by the concept of the Bloody GIR image, which is not the reason it was cancelled) And yes, I know, Jhonen Vasquez should've picked Cartoon Network a long time ago, instead of Nick. But when Nick cancelled the series, they left 23 episodes and a planned TV movie (intended to be the series finale of the show) unfinished. What I like about this show is, no one believes Dib which is what makes this show funny, Gaz knows Zim is an alien and GIR is a robot too, but she doesn't really care. I love the show, and I wish it was back!
  • Best show ever

    So perfect, true entertainment. I just wish more episodes. If u know about cartoons you gotta love invader zim

    They should bring this show back. GIR is the funniest and cutest little fella. Zim was a good character with such a personality. And Dib was that kid I love so much. Gaz cracked me up so much! Why did they cancel the show?
  • Should have aired Season 2 entirely.

    This was a really good show, even though just about everyone was dumber than a bag of hammers, I still loved it. Kevin Mcdonald is a really funny guy, when he is playing Purple. And Red is funny. Some of the dumb things Zim does is great. Dib is a little too annoying but he is good. Gaz could have been a better influence. They should have made the entire Season 2 before they killed the show. For those who made the ratings suffer you obviously need to get a taste in REAL TV and not crap that they air today.
  • Fanfics and discussions

    everyone to make and read fanfics and also discuss invader ZIm come to The Supreme Court decides whether laws are allowable under the . Constitution
  • Great for cartoon lovers and non cartoon lovers alike.

    This show was just the perfect blend of talent and humor. The characters are all memorable, the storylines original, the humor... undescribably funny, overall, the biggest masterpiece in cartoon history. If you like absurdity with a slight dark twinge, give it a watch, and you can painfully torture me if you hate it.
  • 100% Pure genius, too bad it was short lived.

    It's hard to believe a show such as Invader ZIM got the ax too soon. It had everything that made up a good show, wonderful characters, great atmosphere, unending laughs from beginning to end, and excellent music. But the sad truth is that Nick canceled this because of the shows "dark humor" and parents accused this show for driving a kid to commit murder. Now that is just unfair, this show was very funny and it had nothing to do with the kid committing murder. The show should have lasted longer and at least have a TV movie to wrap up the series. Compare this show to the rest of crap shown on Nickelodeon (with the exception of Avatar) and you will see they have nothing on ZIM. Jhonen, I know you are probably told this a million times, but please bring this show back on the air, we want to see more adventures of Zim, GIR, and everyone else not this crap that is being shown on Nickelodeon. This show should be on Adult Swim and Jhonen can continue his genius. If you haven't seen this show, what are you waiting for? Look up episodes on Youtube or buy the DVDs. I know I am just one of millions of people saying but, BRING THIS BACK!
  • Best Show Ever!!!!! Please Rate It A Ten Instead Of 8.5!!

    This Show Is About A Invader named ZIM from a far away planet and is assigned to rule Planet Earth,and the only person who knows that he is trying to rule the world is a nerdy paranormal expert named DIB,and he tries to warn everybody except know one listens!ZIM's Job Is to try to rule the Earth while Dib's Job Is To Stop Zim but the two boys are very bad at their jobs which makes it funny!Also Gir is Zim's Idiotic Robot and his idiocy makes the show also funny! Here is my review:

    Plot/Storyline-10 Awesome Plot's!

    Humor-10 Dib Zim And Gir are hilarious!

    action/violence- +10 Really Violent Show!

    Romace-5.5 Sorry I.Z. Not That Much Romace In Your Show

    Total-10 AMAZING Show!!!!!!!
  • How can anyone not like ZIM?

    PLOT: An Irken alien sets off to destroy Earth, using his clever disguise as a human boy for himself and a dog for his robot henchman, GIR. Dib, a paranormal nut-job, sees through his disguise and believes that it's up to him to prevent ZIM from taking over the world.

    CHARACTERS: I love all of them! I think that Richard for Zim was a brilliant casting decision.

    ANIMATION: unique for a Nick show.

    I have to mention that for a TV-Y7 cartoon, it got away with a lot of horrific things. The first episode that comes to mind is "Dark Harvest", when Zim steals the organs of kids and teachers at school and replaces them with household objects.

    Which, in fact, is awesome.
  • Screaming Temportal doom

    A show with aliens, retarded robots and rubber piggies; what makes those three things watchable? Well... I dunno. What I do know is it is.

    Invader Zim follows the misadventures of Zim, the cosmically inept Irken Invader and his stupid defect SiR unit, GiR; as they struggle to disguise themselves amongst the ignorant masses. Only one boy, Dib, see's through Zim's incredibly inept disguise; fortunately for Zim; Dib's a Paranormal Investigator whom no one believes. If you don't know the outline by now, I don't know why you're reading this.

    With great esteem, this series I can call the last of the Nicktoon era (that's good at least). The series was created by underground comic artist and international sex machine, Jhonen 'Jiggy' Vasquez. Being the creator of such comics like "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and "Squee" kinda tells you a lot. So why Nickelodeon ever asked Jhonen to do a program for them is way over my head.

    The series is sickening, scary and downright disturbing, yet somehow that combination has equalled to hilarity. The random humor of the series, along with its dark demeanor and unique animation and theme compared to other Nicktoons, convinces me that the series is the best animated series bar none. This show is the most clever and well thought out show that I have ever known, which makes it even sadder that it is unknown to the point of near underground status. Even sadder, I thank the show for helping me find common ground with friends, both online and in reality.

    I despise Nickelodeon for their foolhardy decision to cancel the series, and with several unfinished episodes too. Unrelated, they suck now and aren't worth 10 seconds of my time. Rather sad when Nick@Night is the highlight of their programming to me now. I hold this show dearly for the friends and idea's it has helped me make and for just being plain awesome,
  • OMG, I love Invader Zim. Gir is absolutely hilarious!

    The Ireken Army is now taking over planets and worlds across the galaxy. When Zim, an insane invader who was banished from the planet suddenly shows up once again, the planet's rulers, The Tallest, decide to send Zim to a planet so mysterious no one dare speak it's name. It turns out to be earth and with the help of his robotic sidekick, Gir, Zim might just be able to take over our earth after all. But when he makes enemies with a fellow human, Dib, things might just end up as bad as it can get! Goods: Just about everything! Invader Zim may not have the best animation, but don't let that mislead you. I mean, this cartoon is probably the best I've ever seen in my life. I love the jokes they put in. Many of them are legendary. While not all the episodes are perfect, I like over half of them. I remember when my cousins first showed me Invader Zim. When I saw it, I was like, "How can you make a cartoon out of this?" But I watched it, and now it's my favorite cartoon. This show is just...outstanding in its comedy. The writers are just so talented, and the voice actors do a wonderful job at their characters. Anyways, I love the many ways Zim tries to take over the world. They're almost all funny. But more than anything, I love Gir. He's gotta be my favorite one in the series! He's funny, cute, and just such a good character. The Bads: It was canceled too early. I don't know the real reason why it was canceled. I heard that Jhonen left because of his comics, I heard that Nick and Jhonen hated working together, I've heard that it wasn't getting enough ratings (well can you blame it? I hadn't heard of the show since I begun crawling around the Internet more), I've heard a lot of things! So I don't know the real true reason why, but all I know is, it's been canceled. Anyway, I wish Zim would return to TV eventually, cause I miss him and truthfully, I don't think he was given a fair chance!
  • @AC oh and wonderful show!

    First of all @AC, you wanna talk Words, Verbs, or Nouns? What the (Bleep) makes you think Fanboy and Chum Chum is better than this, South Park, and Beavis and Butthead when your watching a 100% crappy show that actually destroyed Nickelodeon called Fanboy and Chum Chum? The doom song was cute! You can't sing better than GIR, he is the cutest little robot/doggie on television! You know what this tells me? You have no sense of humor! And your review is the dumbest review I have ever read on this website! NO ONE DARES TO HATE THE GREATEST NICKELODEON SHOW OF ALL TIME AND LIKE THE STUPIDEST NICKELODEON SHOW OF ALL TIME!?!?!?! Fanboy and Chum Chum are for babies, Chum Chum is not even cute! GIR is a gazzilion times cuter and funnier than Crap Crap (I mean Chum Chum)! I have GIR backpack, GIR shirt, and I'm never selling them! A Nickelodeon show is a Nickelodeon show! Geez you have no sense of humor! And you said F*ck you to South Park and the creaters of that show, when they're geniuses, how about you F*ck yourself instead! You are just some lame old freak who has no sense of humor! Don't you DARE leave that 1/10 as your score and Fanboy and Chum Chum's score a perfect 10/10, when it should be the opposite for both of them! Fanboy and Chum Chum isn't even close to being better than this show! And I will not give up watching this show! No one tells us fans to not watch this! How about we continue not watching Fanboy and Chum Chum! Go learn what a good show is and that this, South Park, and Beavis and Butthead are better than Fanboy and Chum Chum and that IZ ROCKS! Oh right, you have no sense of humor! Bloody GIR did not destroy Nickelodeon! FBNCC did! A Nickelodeon show can have a song like the Doom Song, by the way the Doom Song is cute and funny, especially when it took 6 months to finish the song! You don't deserve 2 thumbs up! Your review deserves 0 thumbs up and infinity thumbs down!!! And you enitled (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) your own opinion b*tch! Man up and give this show more chances, then you'll probably get laughs out of you and understand that this show is awesome, funny, entertaining, and it did not destroy Nickelodeon! NO ONE MESSES AROUND WITH THE BEST NICKELDOEON SHOW EVER MADE!!!! SO BACK OFF AND GET A REAL SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! OH RIGHT, YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, I really love this show, the Artwork is really creative and neat, though I do find some of the character designs like President Man a little weird though. GIR was just as funny as Eric Cartman from South Park (Which is another great show that dumb old @AC hates). I don't really watch this all the time though since I have moved on to other shows on Television like 30 Rock or Seinfeld. But I still watch the reruns on Nicktoons though when they come on, plus I have cable so I can watch Nicktoons :D Please watch this and not the crap like Fanboy and Chum Chum or Marvin Marvin on Nick nowadays. Also don't listen to @AC or shall I say, the pitful human with no sense of humor! And to Nick, please bring this back and cancel Fanboy and Chum Chum and Marvin Marvin! Come on, this was so good it deserved more than 2 1/2 seasons!! Overall Grade: (10/10) A+
  • Nickelodeon needs to die for cancelling this show.

    This show is amazing. Nick is pathetic to cancel it. They take stuff like this off and they keep crap on like Fanboy and Chum Chum. Also, Nick recently ripped it off with Marvin Marvin. I love the animation style. I think Jhonen's drawing style makes the characters look mysterious and interesting. This series has grown to become a cult phenomenon, loved by kids and adults alike. I learned about it through the many shirts, backpacks, jewelry, etc. with GIR in them. However, the show is not just because of Gir, all of the characters are awesome, like Zim, Dib, Tak, Gaz and many more. However, my favourite character is definatley Zim, I find him a hilarious character and one of the best cartoon Anti-Heroes ever made. Zim is an alien that can't succeed at conquering humanity. He is so pitiful, that I was really cheering for him, wanting him to doom us all, which is pretty insane of me. XD

    I am a huge fan of Dark Comedy, so this show is just for me. I discovered it when I was 8 because unfortunately I wasn't around to enjoy some main classics being broadcasted. I'm 13 now and I've loved it even more as I've gotten older. I have to admit though, it can be gross at times. These are unrelated moments in different episodes. There are many like those: stand-alone moments. But also in every episode you can see either dirty walls, extremely greasy food, sweaty guys or a nasty pig promoting pizza, among others. Making some episodes difficult to watch, no matter how great the characters or the story were, I couldn't watch this in front of my family because I'd probably get weird looks. However I have shown my parents some scenes and they actually do find it funny, which I find quite suprising,

    Out of all, I find this show epic, hilarious, full of enjoyable slapstick and has awesome characters, I would have to say that Invader ZIM is my favourite nicktoon out of all of them. It used to be spongebob, but it's gone downhill.
  • AMAZING. NICK MUST DIIIIIIIIIIII-bring this show back.

    This show is amazing. Nick was out of their minds to cancel it. What were they THINKING? They trash this but then KEEP CRAP LIKE FAILBOY AND SCUM SCUM? At least they even play a network that at least 50% of people don't get. WHY? . Nick had one of the BEST SHOWS EVER ON THEIR PUNY HANDS AND THEY CANCEL IT. kbainao
  • Good!

    This is by far one of the best shows ever. Me and my best friend watch it all the freaking time. I would not let little kids watch it though... It gets really, really creepy at times...
  • Almost perfect

    This series has grown to become a cult phenomenon, loved by kids and adults alike. I learned about it through the many shirts, backpacks, jewelry, etc. with GIR in them. I had heard the series was amazing, so I decided to give it a try.

    When it comes to Invader Zim the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. This series has amazing parts. It has great, funny characters. My favorite part of the show, and why I kept watching the series, was the characters. Zim is a stupid alien that can't succeed at conquering humanity. He is so pitiful, that I was really cheering for him, wanting him to doom us all. GIR is a defective robot that loves pigs, bacon, tacos, tv shows, cupcakes and monkeys. He is Zim's sidekick, but instead of help, all Zim gets from him are setbacks. He is the funniest of them all! I love when he goes on his screaming or singing rants. Like the time he kept singing the Doom song for six months straight. Dib, at first, is the only human that knows Zim is an alien, and tries, unsuccessfully, to expose him. He is the only that see Zim's real reson for being on Earth, and the only one that cares. Eventually Dib's sister Gaz, finds out about Zim being an alien. She doesn't care; she is better occupied eating pizza and obsessively playing video games. No kidding, she once saved her life, and another time his brother's, thanks to her videogame knowledge. I love her because she is super smart, super tough, knows how to hold a grudge and get revenge, and she is still hilarious while she's at it.

    The series also has funny jokes; dark comedy. I love, for example, how it portrays humans as clueless of the alien invasion.

    The background story is great and hilarious. Zim destroyed his home planet, Irk, during Operation Impending Doom, a campaign to conquer every planet in the galaxy. As a consequence he is exiled. But when he discovers the Almighty Tallest are preparing for Operation Impending Doom II, he escapes and manages to arrive to the Convention, where invaders are sent to different planets. The Almighty Tallest, not wanting Zim involved in this operation, send him away on a fake mission to a distant planet on the other side of the Galaxy: Earth. From the beginning we know about Zim's ineptitude, being him the destroyer of his own planet.

    But on the downside Invader Zim is gross and disgusting. Which is the only problem I have with this series, and why I didn't gave it a ten. Maybe it's me, because other people love this show, so I'll give some examples and you be the judge of that. Once, Zim started acquiring other people's organs. He became so fat he looked like he was going to explode; every time he opened his mouth you could see a bunch of organs on his throat. One time he was talking and part of an intestine fell out of his mouth while part was inside, so he had to suck it all in. Another example: Zim once had a huge pimple. And when I say huge I mean, bigger than him. The thing is that it exploded and everyone was covered in pus.

    These are unrelated moments in different episodes. There are many like those: stand-alone moments. But also in every episode you can see either dirty walls, extremely greasy food, sweaty guys or a nasty pig promoting pizza, among others. Making some episodes difficult to watch, no matter how great the characters or the story were.

    Overall, I really like it, but don't love it. Would I watch it again? Some episodes, not the whole series. Would I recommend it to others? Yes, unless they don't like gross scenarios like the ones I've presented.

  • Why would this awsomeness be cancelled?

    It is unbelievible that such a great show would end so quickly. I mean why. This dude is 100% pure genius. I usually watch nicktoons just for this show. Everybody should love it and if you dont, then why????? Put thi show back. Makes me cry during the last episode.
  • Why cancel this show?

    This show can pull every kids on TV! why did they cancelled it and replaced it with terrible ones? Are they trolling us? What I like in this cartoon is it's humor, dark theme, ironic themes, and action. Unique at it's finest. Art, is good. Characters are unique, voicing is excellent.

  • This was the Best Show in History!

    How did this get canceled? I mean, how Nick? Why?!

    This show was amazing for me, and as well as other people.

    *The charaters are amazing, and all have unique personalities and names. We have twisted dark charaters, crazy/funny charaters, and charaters who are just simply amazing and make up the whole core of the show... in this case, GIR :).

    *The plots of the epsiodes were orginal and amazing, and all had a unique ending.

    *It's really dumb somebody would think that this show is dark, twisted, and evil. How could somebody think that?

    *One day, we'll all look back at this show and think, thanks Jhonen, for shaping the future of out television cartoons. We all love you forever :D.
  • This show is the worst cartoon ever.NOT!

    Okay,I love this show.It makes aliens look awesome and makes Crypto from Destroy All Humans jealous.It's basically about an alien trying to rule the world with his sidekick Gir.Now Gir is the most funniest character of the entire show.He always says random things out of nowhere and he's basically like a Dee-Dee from Dexter.The worst character has got to go to Dib.He's always ruining Zim's plans and is such a jerk to him.I just wanted to shove a knife in his eye when he appeared in the theme song.HELLO!This is Invader ZIM,not Invader DIB.His sister,Gaz is much funnier than him.She's another version of Mandy from Billy and Mandy.And I love the dark humor.And the town they live in must be another version of South Park.Okay this show gets an A.Score:

    Humor:It's just dark and scary humor.At least it's not FART jokes.

    Music:Dark and scary music.Awesome.

    Animation:It's really dark and bad.

    Okay,why did this show get cancelled?They should bring this back and cancel iCarly and Fanboy and Chum Chum.Now,when I think of aliens,I think of Crypto from Destroy All Humans,the video game version of this show
  • A show that would definately reach popularity if revived.

    Invader ZIM is one of those rare shows that you can watch over and over again without loosing interest in it. Honestly, this show was hilarious and clever within each episode and the characters were enjoyable, especially GIR, which can give ANYONE a good laugh. Jhonen Vasquez, the creator, gave Nickelodeon a great show to thrive on, but the network just threw it away for a pathetic reason. Luckily Nicktoons Network brought us some new episodes for a short time in 2006, and not long ago they even had a month of Invader ZIM, we all loved that. If Nickelodeon wants to make their fans happy like they did in the 90's and early 2000's, how about they stop making their network like their sister network TEENNick and bring back InvaderZIM, a favored cartoon that would make us all return to the network.
  • Nick either needs to bring back this show or get a Gir show!

    This show was my alltime favorite, no need to say anything else, and if this doesent come back, then they need a Gir show.
  • This is just like Rocko's Modern Life, a show that really needs to be put back on the air!

    I am a huge fan of Invader ZIM! Although it did have like about 54 episodes. Each Friday or Saturday night in 2001-2006 2 episodes will air! Sometimes half hour specials. It aired on March 30th, 2001. Same day the Fairly OddParents aired, and a new episode of Rugrats. I agree its unfair to cancel a show only because its dark. People enjoy dark TV shows believe it or not. We've had other dark Nicktoons, such as Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Making Fiends, Well they're the only two I can think of. There are more dark shows on TV. But I haven't heard of all of them. Anyway I am a huge fan of this show! On my birthday I got 40 Invader ZIM pins, a GIR Backpack with a hoodie, 2 GIR T-Shirts, and 2 Invader ZIM DVDs. I'm also a fan of Jhonen Vasquez's Books. But sorry, There are no Invader ZIM books right now ;( . But don't be sad, One day in the future Jhonen will get his gang back together and bring this show back to life! It better happen quickly! I know we're patient when we're waiting in Roller Coaster lines or big stuff. But the death of Invader ZIM is something nobody shall be patient about. GIR was hilarious, cute, adorable, and doom-tastic! However, it can sometimes be really annoying how people only like this show because of GIR. ZIM looks cute too. He some reason acted cute a lot in the pilot episode "The Nightmare Begins". Dib is a genius who is obviously not just protecting the planet, he's protecting the TV show. If ZIM actually destroyed Earth this wouldn't even be a kids show anymore. This needs to be a show that lasts long and gains lots of episodes, like Spongebob or The Simpsons. Gaz is my favorite character. I love her dark and mean personalities. Even if she's young. Its funny how a young little girl like Gaz has dark and mean personalities. She plays her Game Slave 2 all the time! Plus we all know too much Video Games and Electronics are bad for the brain. I can imagine Gaz's brain being the size of a tick. I love all characters in this show! This show obviously isn't creepy or dark at all. I only find something dark if its Genre is Killing. Something about killing people. I love The Hunger Games too. But That's the only killing movie/book that I didn't find dark. This show mostly fails at being scary. I bet anybody will be brave enough to see this. This is currently my 2nd favorite TV Show next to South Park. I'm hoping that some day, Invader ZIM will be brought back to life, and better than ever! Let's all prey for Jhonen Vasquez and the other Creators of Invader ZIM, also the TV show, then hope this show never gets canceled ever again!
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