Invader ZIM

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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  • Screaming Temportal doom

    A show with aliens, retarded robots and rubber piggies; what makes those three things watchable? Well... I dunno. What I do know is it is.

    Invader Zim follows the misadventures of Zim, the cosmically inept Irken Invader and his stupid defect SiR unit, GiR; as they struggle to disguise themselves amongst the ignorant masses. Only one boy, Dib, see's through Zim's incredibly inept disguise; fortunately for Zim; Dib's a Paranormal Investigator whom no one believes. If you don't know the outline by now, I don't know why you're reading this.

    With great esteem, this series I can call the last of the Nicktoon era (that's good at least). The series was created by underground comic artist and international sex machine, Jhonen 'Jiggy' Vasquez. Being the creator of such comics like "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" and "Squee" kinda tells you a lot. So why Nickelodeon ever asked Jhonen to do a program for them is way over my head.

    The series is sickening, scary and downright disturbing, yet somehow that combination has equalled to hilarity. The random humor of the series, along with its dark demeanor and unique animation and theme compared to other Nicktoons, convinces me that the series is the best animated series bar none. This show is the most clever and well thought out show that I have ever known, which makes it even sadder that it is unknown to the point of near underground status. Even sadder, I thank the show for helping me find common ground with friends, both online and in reality.

    I despise Nickelodeon for their foolhardy decision to cancel the series, and with several unfinished episodes too. Unrelated, they suck now and aren't worth 10 seconds of my time. Rather sad when Nick@Night is the highlight of their programming to me now. I hold this show dearly for the friends and idea's it has helped me make and for just being plain awesome,