Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 17

Rise of the Zitboy

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Rise of the Zitboy
When Zim comes home from a lousy day at skool because he found out that Dib knows a flaw in his security system, Gir attempts to cheer him up by rubbing bacon oil all over his face. However, when Zim develops a pimple due to the grease, he fears that he will be considered abnormal and that it will jeopardize his mission. Zim believe he can use some acne medicine to get rid of the pimple, but when it only gets worse and when Gir draws a little face on the pimple, Zim believes all hope is lost; though Zim soon discovers the pimple has hypnotic powers and he hopes to exploit this new power in order to get Dib to reveal his secret.moreless

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  • I love Gir and Zim was funny in this episode

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I can't help it a hypnotic pimple, what's funnier than that. of course Gir was funny in this episode where he both gave and was hypnotized by the pimple that Zim named. The name i'm not even gonna try to spell but, as always it was funny when Zim said it's name oh so officaially. There are few shows that rival Invader Zim in terms of pure randomness and humor. This episode included eben the "mighty" Dib being hynotized by the pimple but, Zim of course, did not use it wisely and used it only to get flaws in his own security system from Dib not to control the world like anyone with even a bit of a working brain would have tried to do but oh well Zim is Zim.moreless
  • Great one

    Gaz is not phased and wants ZIM to go away. ZIM is shocked then intrigued when GIR listens to him and obeys for once while under the hypnosis. "I'M DANCIN LIKE A MONKEY!" "Monkey dance!" GIR loves pizza and the man who brought it to him. "GIR we fend humans away from our home not invite them over!" "I had a coupon!" "Why was there bacon in the soap?!" "I made it myself!"moreless
  • Pustulio was the closest Zim got to world domination.

    How gross and funny was this?! Awesome episode! Zim gets a zit and soon he learns it has 'special' powers. It grows larger and larger to Zim's dismay. Of course Gir, being the top notch SIR Unit he is, tries to help with home remedies. i.e. :Soap...WRAPPED IN BACON! He made it his self. After a little while the zit looks like a water balloon on the side of his face. Around this time Gir looses concentration just long enough to draw a face on the newly dubbed PUSTULIO! So gross, the zit juice sloshes around inside! Anyway Zim quickly discovers Pustulio has hypnotic mind control powers and proceeds to take over the playground.moreless
  • In this episode, Dib knows a weakness in Zim's home security, and Zim aquires a zit that he later finds is hypnotic, and uses it to get Dib to tell the flaw.moreless

    This episode was my absolute favorite of all the episodes of Zim. I especially like GIR, but who doesn't, right? One of my favorite quotes from this episode is when GIR answers the door for the pizza guy. (GIR answers door) Pizza Guy: Here's the pizza you ordered. GIR: Thank you. (sniffeling) I.. I love you!" Another one of my favorite quotes is when Zim first gets the pimple. Zim: Argh! What is this thing on my face? GIR: You got a pimple! Just like on T.V.! Hilarious! Just hilarious! Anyway, this is perhaps the most poplar episode of Zim! (To me and my friends, anyway!)moreless
  • Jason Marsden!!

    I absolutely FREAKED when I found out Jason Marsden did voices in this episode. I'm a huge fan. I had the same reaction when I found out Danny Cooksey did guest voices for Invader Zim. It shows just how versatile these voice actors are. You can barely even recognize Jason as Torque Smacky.

    Torque has a really weird head, by the way.

    A good thing about this episode is that it gives hope to children with sufficient amounts of acne -- yes, you never know when that one pimple that can hypnotize your schoolmates will pop up.moreless
Melissa Fahn

Melissa Fahn

Off-Screen Voice

Guest Star

Dave Fouquette

Dave Fouquette

Acne Blast Man / Mathew P. Mathers III

Guest Star

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Torque Smacky / Acne Blast Kid

Guest Star

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