Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 32

TAK: The Hideous New Girl

Aired Unknown May 10, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • A new girl in class. Does Zim have a girlfriend??

    On Valentine's Day, the students are exchanging their meat products when a new student arrives. Her name is Tak. She has a really cool cat that whips around so fast, you can't see it. Tak recites a poem to Zim about exacting revenge but Zim misunderstands and takes it as a love poem. Zim tries to accept Tak as his girlfriend, but she gets him with filthy human food everytime! Then Tak shows up at Zim's house and reveals that she is Irkin also and that it was Zim who ruined her life and chance to be an Irkin Invader 50 years ago. Tak has her own diabolical plan to take over earth. She is going to hollow out the magma core of the Earth and fill it with snacks as an offering to the tallest. Zim teams up with Dib and Gaz to try to stop her. Zim chases Tak in their Zoot Cruisers while Dib tries to shut down the pump. Gaz and Gir team up to remote control Mimi (Tak's robot), but Gaz has to dance with Gir first.
    Gir is able to take over Mimi and destroy the controls on Tak's ship and shutting down her plan. Of course, Zim takes all of the credit for saving Earth when it was actually Gaz and Gir.
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