Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 32

TAK: The Hideous New Girl

Aired Unknown May 10, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • According to Tak's monologue, both she and Zim are at least 50 years old.

    • When Tak dumps her food tray on Zim, the black stripes on her arm are missing.

    • Goof: Although Irkens are allergic, Tak does not burn while holding meat.

    • Goof: Before Tak explains why she is after Zim, Gir is wearing his dog suit. However, when Tak finishes her story, Gir is seen without his suit on and the suit doesn't appear anywhere in the scene.

    • Tak's human disguise only has three fingers while most human characters on the series have four.

  • Quotes

    • Zim: It's over, Tak! The Earth is mine to devastate... and I already promised the moon to Gir.

    • Zim: And when the earth is a smoking ruin you'll wish it was me who did it!
      (Gaz throws soda on Zim, and he begins to burn and scream)
      Zim: Ah! It burns! It burns! (jumps out the window in pain)
      Dib: Thanks, Gaz. He was really... (Gaz throws soda on Dib)

    • Dib: Ms. Bitters, are there really underground classrooms?
      Ms. Bitters: Sure, whatever.

    • Zim: Now prepare your brain, filthy beast of meat and hair. Your magical love adventure begins NOW!

    • (After seeing Tak's plan on Zim's base's computer screen)
      Zim: She stole that plan from me!
      Gir: No she didn't.
      Zim: Silence!

    • Gaz: This is your base?
      Zim: Don't touch anything, or, I'll melt your face off, or something.

    • Zim: I'm the only one here with the technology to decode the files!
      Dib: And we're the only ones here with the files to be decoded!
      Gir: Yeah, well, I'm.. (Gir begins to giggle) I don't know!

    • Gaz: Your voices are making me sick.

    • Zim: I congratulate you as choosing me as your love pig!

    • Gir: You're on fire!
      Zim: Am I? Oh well.

    • (When Zim and Dib leave the base)
      Gaz: Are there any video games here?
      Computer: No, not really.
      Gaz: (disappointed) I guess I'll, help save the world then.

    • Tallest Purple: Hey, I like snacks!
      Tallest Red: He likes snacks, Zim!
      Zim: I know you do, I know.
      Gir: Meow!

    • Zim: I put a tracking device on you!
      Dib: Tracking device? Where?
      (Dib turns around, Gir is on his head)
      Gir: Your head smells like a puppy!

    • Tak: You're a bigger fool than I ever imagined.
      Zim: Eh?
      Tak: You're a bigger fool than I ever imagined.
      Zim: Eh?!
      Tak: You're confused, allow me to explain.

    • Girl: Weeners Rock!

    • Tak: This is about taking your mission, Zim, not revenge!
      Zim: You're after revenge?
      Tak: No! It's not about revenge!

    • (When Tak destroyed Zim's base)
      Zim: My beautiful base!
      Tak: Part two is...
      Zim: No, My beautiful base!
      Tak: Part two is...
      Zim: No, my beautiful base! No!
      Tak: Part two is...
      Zim: No!
      Tak: Part...
      Zim: No!
      Tak: Okay, I'm...
      Zim: No!
      Tak: Okay, I'm leaving now.
      Zim: But you didn't tell me your plan.

    • Zim: My Tallest! Today, a new child attacked me with meat! My conclusion: she's in love with me!

    • Gaz: Okay, now do things, make Tak's robot all crazy.
      Gir: Only if you dance with me!
      Gaz: No, never! Never! Oh, come on!
      (Gaz reluctantly dances by stomping and kicking her feet)

    • Tak: I should have been an Invader, I should have been part of the Great Assigning! I didn't have to be stealing this planet from you!
      Zim: You're after my robot bee!
      Tak: No!

    • Ms. Bitters: You, I'm just tired of you!
      (Ms. Bitters presses a button, Brian falls into the underground classroom, Poonchy walks in and takes his seat)

    • Tallest Purple: Uh, don't worry, that's just my arms flailing and giggling. Ow, stop it! Ow, stop it!

    • Dib: You're just jealous!
      Zim: This has nothing to do with jelly!

    • Zim: And what is this plan?
      (Tak giggles)
      Zim: Yes, yes, I'm a master of comedy. Now, tell me this plan.

    • Tak: Maybe you really are an alien like Dib said. A horribly disguised, disgusting, horrible one.
      Zim: Nonsense! Despite his huge head, the Dib-monkey is quite stupid!
      Dib: My head's not big!

    • (Using her mind control ability)
      Tak: It's not nice to embarass people! You should apologize and eat your eraser!
      Sara: Yes, Tak, I'm sorry, Zim. (Sara eats her eraser)

    • Tak: (reading her Poem to Zim) For longer I can remember, I have been looking for someone like you. Someone with a head like yours and a torso too. Birds sing and you're going to pay! The end! Here is some meat covered in barbeque sauce!
      (Tak throws the meat on Zim and he begins to burn and scream)

    • Tak: All they see is another faceless corporate venture, not a plan for world conquest!
      Dib: Wait, is there really a difference?

    • Zim: It's over, Tak! The Earth is mine to devastate and I've already promised the moon to Gir!
      Gir: MOON!!!

    • Zim: As soon as we destroy Tak, I'm going to feed your brians to my robot!
      Dib: Deal.
      Gir: Yay, brains!

    • Zim: (to Tak) You're a worse pilot than I am! Wait…

    • (Dib runs back and forth on the screen, while peforming various tasks such as diving and eating ice cream. He stops, turns towards the screen and walks forward, only to see a huge on/off switch, he hits the button)
      Dib: How did I miss that?

    • Ms. Bitters: (answering the phone) Another one? (to the class) To celebrate overcrowding in school, a new student will be joining the class.

    • Dib: Ms. Bitters? I read that long ago people used to give out cards and candy on Valentine's Day. How did the whole meat thing get started?
      Ms. Bitters: You don't wanna know.

    • Zim: Weenies, schmeenies! Zim needs no meats!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac:
      Tak's human disguise looks a lot like the apparrel of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, one of Jhonen Vasquez's, the creator of Invader ZIM, more famous creations.

    • Ghost in the Shell

      When Tak makes her exit from Zim's house, she turns herself invisible from the neck down by merely waving her hand in front of her face. This is in reference to the anime film Ghost in the Shell, where Major Motoko Kusanagi did such in the scenes right before the opening title.