Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 10

The Frycook What Came from All that Space

Aired Unknown Aug 19, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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When Sizz-Lorr, the owner of a restaurant on Foodcourtia, captures Zim and takes him back to Foodcourtia to continue his banishment, Zim must find a way to escape Sizz-Lorr’s wrath. While Zim managed to escape once by going out the door, the restaurant has been upgraded with new security features that will make him explode if he attempts to leave. The Great Foodening is also about to begin, so if Zim doesn’t escape before it occurs, he’ll be locked on Foodcourtia for twenty years; will Zim manage to find a way out, despite the fact that Sizz-Lorr is quite confident in his ability to make Zim suffer?moreless

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  • invader zim

    Lo quito ver
  • I guess Zim toke his last bow after all, but I think this episode was an excellent way to end the series.

    This is the final episode of Invader Zim. Don't forget, the network left the show unfinished with 23 episodes and a planned TV movie unaired. And because of the second cancellation of the series, the season finale-turned-series finale has aired. In this episode, Zim has been kidnapped by his former boss, Sizz-Lorr, and was being returned to Foodcourtia (a planet Zim has been banished to, according to The Tallest from the first episode). But at the end of the episode (and show), when the Tallest were watching Zim and Dib chasing each other, they turned the screen off, which means that the series is over. So obviously (or allegedly), this episode was the series finale of the show. And I think that's good. But besides all that, Invader Zim has been one of the greatest Nick shows to ever be aired. I don't care what anyone say, I think that episode was a good way to end the series. I mean think about it, no invasion on earth, and no secrets were revealed. A very good series finale, with a perfect end.moreless
  • This is how Invader Zim ended?

    A lot of great shows end too quickly,and some of them end with cliffhangers. This is an example. This episode starts with Dib trying to explain the class that Zim is an alien,but no one believes him. He then has a big seizure which was hilrailous. Then,Zim gets taken by someone unknown. It's then revealed that the person that kidnaps him is Sizz-Lord,the owner of Food-Courtia. Zim doesn't remember him,but then he remembers everything he did with him. He was punished to be a worker there,but it's hell in there. Zim then sees on tv that the aliens are celebrating with nachos,and escapes the place to go there. Now,he's working there again,but he can't escape because the place has a security. Gir doesn't do anything at all to help him. He just sits at home playing with Dib. Zim tries to escape by being in a person's food because he is told that the only way to go through is to be in disguise. So he's in the customer's stomach and escapes. After a chase scene through space,Sizz-Lord now has to take care of Food-Courtia and Zim escapes. He sees Dib and Gir playing around,Zim chases Dib,and the Almighty Tallest turn off their camera where they are warching Zim. And believe it or not,that was it. Are you kidding me? How can a great show have a cliffhanger like that? We never saw Zim finally ruling the Earth or anything,that was it. I did laugh at that pointing baby,Gir stealing Dib's soda and Dib's seizure,but that was it. I can't believe that's how the show ended. Shame on you,Nickelodeon. They should bring this back and make a good ending to the show. It's just a huge cliffhanger for Invader Zim.moreless
  • Pure Hilarity

    In this episode of Invader Zim, Zim is kiddnaped by an alien whom he used to work for on Foodcourta (I think that's how it's spelled) but Zim escaped right before the 20 year food rush, to go rejoin them. However, when Zim is capture he has a sensor on him, that can be detected by the door so he can't escape there. Unfortunately the 20 year rush is very soon, and if Zim plans to escape, he needs to do it soon. Will he make it? This is one of the funniest of the series for sure, I never stopped laughing, never stopped wowing, never got sick of this episode. 10/10 A+moreless
  • The best episode.

    This is what really shows how Invader Zim is a great television show. This is my favorite episode. Even that Gir doesn't appear in it a lot, it's still pretty funny. Especially because of that purple baby that always was in shock and knew everything. The best thing that made me laugh was when Zim put himself inside of the fat guys meal. He wanted to get out of their really bad that he was risked being cut in half. When I say the fat guy pick up his knife and fork and get ready to eat, he just threw down the knife and fork and ate the meal whole. Overall I give the best Invader Zim episode a 9.8.moreless
Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert

Alien Customer #2 / Taxi Station Announcer

Guest Star

Rosearik Rikki Simons

Rosearik Rikki Simons


Guest Star

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Conventia Announcer / Customer / Control Brain

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Schloogorgh's a fine place to explode:

      One of the signs seen orbiting planet Foodcourtia. Schloogorghs is the restaurant owned by Sizz-Lorr and where Zim is sentenced to work.

    • Aside from the Resisty, the Planet Jackers from the episode "Planet Jackers", and some of the privates from the episode "Hobo 13" are in Sizz-Lorr's restaurant.

    • Goof: On Sizz-Lorr's shoulders is the Irken Invader symbol, despite the fact that he isn't an Invader.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Zim: (jumps into food) Gaawww-So painful!... And delicious!

    • Zim: (to a fish-like alien) I hate this place! And the mission, my precious mission! What about that, huh?

    • Zim: (to a fish-like alien) Give me some of those! (grabs some fries and eats them) So, I said: "You want some of this?!" And she says, she says right back at me, she says-
      Fish Alien: -Who are you and why are you talking to me?

    • (Zim collapses from exhaustion face first into his cleaning bucket)
      Sizz-Lorr: Break's over, Zim! Go man the register!
      (Zim groans and lifts his head)
      Sizz-Lorr: The register! Gashloog is taking his break! Now move it!
      (Gashloog skips gleefully out the door)
      Zim: Gashloog gets to take a break without exploding! Why not me?
      Sizz-Lorr: Because I hired him! You're here as punishment for almost annihilating our civilization!
      Zim: Am I the only one who is impressed by that?

    • (Gir is talking with the Tallest through a video communicator)
      Gir: ...and then my master flew to the moon on a rocket of flamin' cheese! I like cheese!
      (Dib shoves Gir out of the way)
      Dib: Can I ask you something? What are your species' main weaknesses? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
      Tallest Purple: Who's that large-headed kid?
      Tallest Red: I don't know, but his head is large.
      Dib: Excuse me, alien scum? Gimme your planet's coordinates!

    • Dib: Um, I noticed Zim's been gone for three days. Do you know where he is?
      Gir: Oh, yeeaahhh... I's 'sposed to call the Tallest for him. He in trouble! Woo!
      Dib: Call his leaders? Can I watch?
      Gir: Okey Dokey!

    • Zim: (right after he comes back from Foodcourtia) Home. A sweet victory for Zim. It is good to be back. Good to be Zim. (sees Dib and Gir dancing; to Dib) Hey! Get out of my house! Get out! Get out of the house of Zim! Leave! (they start chasing each other) This is my house! Get--- (the Tallest cut the transmission)

    • Zim: Gashlouge gets to take a break without exploding! Why not me?!
      Sizz-Lorr: Because I hired him. You're here as punishment for almost annihilating our civilization!
      Zim: Am I the only one impressed by that?

    • Zim: Laugh now Sizz-Lor! But you'll know not to mess with Invader Zim!
      Sizz-Lorr: I wasn't laughing.
      (They both stay quiet for several seconds)

    • Control Brain: Irken Invader Zim, for single handedly ruining Operation Impending Doom...
      Zim: Ruined? I blew up more than any other Invader!
      Tallest Red: You blew up all the other Invaders!

    • Sizz-Lorr: After your escape, The Great Foodening began, Foodcourtia's most horrible food rush that lasts twenty years. The gravitational pull from all that snacking makes it impossible for anything to leave the planet. I was trapped, alone, without help!
      Zim: Twenty years? But I haven't been gone that long.
      Sizz-Lorr: But, there's a time-warp thing involved. Uh, er, I dunno.

    • Sizz-Lorr: How can you remember something I said if you weren't there?

    • Zim: Me, me! Can you believe that? Of course you can't, I hate this place! And the mission, my precious mission, what about that, huh? Gimme some of those!
      (Zim grabs a handful of fries from the random customer's food tray)
      Zim: So I said 'you want some of this' and she says, she says right back at me, she says…
      Random Customer: Who are you and why are you talking to me?

    • Sizz-Lorr: I've got a surprise for you, Zim.
      Zim: You're giving me a robot death monkey?
      Sizz-Lorr: What? No!

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