Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 1

The Most Horrible X-mas Ever

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • Kinda funny, but that Christmas episode was sickening

    That's all I could say. And also, this episode caused Nickelodeon to receive about 103 complaints from viewers that their children was disturbed by the mutated Santa. (which is one of the reasons why Invader Zim was cancelled with this episode)
  • Not the Best Invader Zim episode out there

    This episode is better than that awful Future Dib episode (which was just so terrible, it makes me want to puke). Although, the story didn't contain any virtues about Christmas, that being the main problem to me. Basically, the cast made fun of the entire Christmas spirit and made it like The Nightmare Before Christmas. I also don't like how the series ended on this episode, given that the end had Dib beaten by a ton of people at the end. That is not a way to end a series. To end a series, you must do it like you do with Danny Phantom (Phantom Planet).

    I wish that this episode could've been better, because I seriously did not enjoy it that much. If you want a better (fanfiction, non-canon) story of an Invader Zim-related Christams, click on the link to read this story which is better than this episode: 492504/1/The-Gift.

    I'm also three months short on reviewing this, sorry :P. I'm also a newbie at reviewing.
  • Very funny and cool episode

    It was a very cool episode very funny, i like the song about Zim Santa,i had almost thought that Zim would win at last but he didn't like always, his plans don't work at the end i am sad that invader Zim is over because i loved this series it was an amazing series. At first when i saw the first episode i thought that it was a stupid program nothing funny, then i started to understand the program and i start liking it, when it was over i got very sad because it didn't even have an ending like he conquered earth or they make peace or something.
  • One of the wierdest and greatest Christmas specials I have ever seen....

    This is probably I have got to say the most "unique" Christmas specials I have ever seen. The basic perpose of the whole thing is to make you laugh ( which is pretty much the basic reason for all the episodes ). And what's even worse for Dib is even after he saves the planet he tries to make everyone realize what Christmas is really all about, and Zim comes back as the "Easter Platypus" and has everyone attack him. I don't think there will ever be another Christmas special like this like this one. You have to give it to Jhonen Vasquez, he is one for creativity.
  • Do Not Ignore Me!!!!

    I love this episode it has the best battle scene in the whole series, where mega-santa suit vs. anti-santa suit.

    and i love it how dib infultrates zims santa hide out wearing only a beard and elf ears. i think it was a wonderful idea to make the santa suit fulty and how he acts like santa when he introduced to a bit of holiday spirit.

    as far as i know this is the first time minimoose appears. ( minimoose being a tiny foalting moose of course )

    it was about time they made a christmas special too !_!

    I Will Not Be Silenced!!!!
  • Only Invader Zim could make X-Mas so diabolical...

    The Plot - Zim learns about X-Mas and also Santa and Earth's love of him, thus he fashions an amorphous Santa suit to rule Earth with a Christmassy fist.
    This episode is hilarious, from Gir telling Santa what he wants for Chirstmas, right down to the framing device which is Sludgey the snowrobot. The voice acing as usual is fantastic and the plotline is as wierd as it is epic, suffice to say this one is brilliant.
  • I've never seen this episode before, until a few days ago..and now I'm watching it every single night lol..I love X-Mas

    Now, at first I thought the Halloween episode was crazy but when I saw this I was like "woah!" there both crazy episodes, and they are so much funny...Dib and Zim help out each other once again, but betray each other at the end of the episode, lol..Invader Zim is awsome, the poor tallest..getting spooked by a toy, and poor Zim..when he got locked in the Santa suit he seemed so helpless, and he was so bad we only get to see minimoose once, ah well...even though they show re-runs Invader Zim will live on forever, I'll even tell my children about joking, but I won't forget it.
  • Christmas!

    this episode is about a snowman named mr. sludgie telling a few kids a story of the most horrible x-mas ever. It's about Zim seeing santas everywhere with kids on their laps so he sends Girr over to one and almost reveals they are aliens. So, he holds that santa hostage trying to figure out what he is. So, Zim acts like santa and a guy trys to destroy him. Then Zim really turns into the really real Santa Clause and gets stuck in the suit and has to get out quick. This episode is really really really really really really funny and adventurous.
  • Greatest episode ever

    I watched this with two of my friends and at the end they were like "I'm scared now" and "Santa's gonna eat me!" GIR is just at his cutest in this ep and Gaz's characterization is perfect. The ending was just perfect as well (the whole future thing was kinda stupid but I meant the ending as far as the present day characters) starting with Dib's takeaway message and ZIM, GIR, and Minimoose.
  • This is one of the best epiosodes of ANY show.

    I really like this episode. You get to see how ZIM acts being all nice, and it has the right name, too. Christmas '02 WAS The Most Horrible Christmas Ever, because this is the last episode. But if you can get past that, this is really one of the best episodes. My favorite part is the song."Bow down, bow dowwwn, before the power of Santa, or be crushed, byyyy... his jolly boots of DOOM!!!" That is my favorite song sung on a TV show. I usually don't like singing on TV shows, but this is one I can make an exception for. I really wish they hadn't cancelled it.
  • Thank you CheeseDemon! That was awesome....and if you dont mind me saying, nick SUCKS for taking it off air

    It was very good. It is classic Zim and his crazy mishaps, and as always, phsycotic gir and all his glory.Like said, it great and interesting, and very fun. Christmas gets alot attention, so this is good because it gives a more, comedic side to christmas, and gives laughs that keep going.

    At Christmas, Zim decides to do some research into the season and Santa. Basically, he then tries to take over the world by disguising himself as Santa and making everyone build a machine for him. Unfortuneately, matters are complicated when Prof. Membrane vows revenge on Santa and Zim's suit keeps malfunctioning.

    This truly was one of the funniest episodes of the series, with classic moments such as the 'sing-along', and Prof. Membrane's flashback with the socks. Oh, and Minimoose was fairly amusing.

    I actually liked the way they made it festive enough for the holiday season, yet retained the Zim spirit. I thought using the snowman telling a story as bookends was a good idea, as it relentlessly mocked more classic Christmas specials. The ending was well-done, with the 'Easter Platypus' and the 'Santa lives on' thing.

    Overall, great episode, delivering the demented humour I expect from this show while putting e in the Christmas spirit.
  • The most horrible Christmas ever, but one of Zim's best

    It was a painful wait for this episode. I'd picked up the final Zim DVD at least a month before and watched all of them... except this one. I was saving it for Christmas, you see. Finally, after having some friends over for a four-course Christmas dinner (featuring a balsamic-glazed leg of lamb and mandarin oranges soaked in Grand Marnier and wrapped in proscuitto... yes, I can cook, thank you, thank you) we settled in with the last of the wine and watched this episode.

    I won't give away too much (although the recap gives away most of it), but suffice to say that it was worth the wait. As the end credits played I reflected on the transience of all things. It's a sadness that Zim had to come to an end, but it's a happiness that it ever was. Thank you, Jhonen.
  • Ahh, yes! Christmas! This is a holiday season must. The only Creepy Christmas Cartoon Episode that MAY give small children nightmares! Amazing Zim episode.

    My whole family watches this episode on Christmas Eve and then pray that a giant space Santa doesn't attack their house. If you've always wanted to see a cartoon go creepy on a Christmas Episode, this is a must. Zim, disguised as Santa is Finnaly beggining to take over the planet. Includes the only Singalong on the Nick Channel. (Bow Down!)
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