Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 1

The Most Horrible X-mas Ever

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 2002 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Goof: During one of the scenes, the giant clock has "X-Mass" written on it, though in the next scene, it changes to "X-Mas".

  • Quotes

    • Zim: Minimoose! How much have we collected?
      Minimoose: (squeak)
      Zim: (smells sandwich) Tuna? Tuna is worth nothing!

    • Kid: I don't get it! Why does he want to conquer the Earth so BADLY?! What does he have to gain, or to lose?! And the idea of this malfunctioning Santa suit completely ELUDES me!

    • Zim: Well, GIR, our evil plan was a success.
      Gir: No, it wasn't!
      Zim: Silence! And Merry Platypus, one and all!
      Gir: Yay! (falls over)
      Mini-Moose: Squeak!

    • Mall Santa: Notices Minimoose What is that?!
      Zim: Huh? Oh, that's Minimoose, my other sidekick! Yep, been with me the whole time...

    • Mr. Slushy: But Zim and Dib were wrong that day. Santa wasn't destroyed, Santa lives on…
      Small Child: In the hearts, and minds, of us all? (giggles)
      Mr. Slushy: No! In space! Gathering power! And every Christmas he returns to Earth, and that's why we all live in this protective dome! (alarm sounds) Looks like Santa's here! Raise the shields, children!

    • Young Prof. Membrane: Oh, boy! I asked Santa for twelve cases of Uranium 238. Yaaay!
      (Prof. Membrane opens a present. Tube socks shoot out from the present and fill the room.)
      Young Prof. Membrane: Nooo! Santa has let me down! I will turn my back on him and devote a portion of my life to destroying Santa!

    • Dib: Everyone, remember last year how you all thought that escaped gorilla was Santa?
      Random Guy: It wasn't? (screams and falls over)

    • Gir: (while directing the people to build the teleporter) Uhummm, (points to left) a little that way. No, (shakes hand; points to right) back. Good. (wags tail) Good!

    • Zim: Yes, Merry Platypus!

    • Dib: (talking through his computer) Gaz, I'm trapped in a frozen wasteland
      Gaz: Who isn't?
      Dib: And Zim's posing as Santa and he's gonna take over the world!
      Gaz: Yeah, that's great Dib. Look, I gotta go.
      Dib: Ok, Gaz, I think it's time I told you… The dog's innocent! I used Bitey in a teleportation experiment and switched his head onto a fly!
      (Gaz begins to twitch)
      Dib: So, if you wanna come beat me up, you're gonna have to rescue me first because…
      (Gaz arrives in Tak's ship)
      Gaz: Get in!
      Dib: Wow, Tak's ship! How did you…
      (Dib then gets pummelled by Gaz)

    • (When the Santa Suit was taking control of Zim)
      Zim: (to Gir) Ho ho ho! Little fellow, you're so cute!
      Gir: I am!

    • Zim: (referring to the men in Santa costumes) Who are these men who smell of ham and vomit!

    • Guy in audience: Will being teleported to our doom be fun and Christmasy?
      Zim: Ho ho ho! Of course it will, you hideous fool!

    • Gir: I wants me a barrel of flies. I wants me two balls of glue to be my friends! And I wants to go dancing naked! And I wants... (fades to a later time)... And a chair made of cheese and a table made of cheese and a...

    • Kid: I don't get it. Why does he want to take over the world so badly? What does he have to gain? Or to lose? And the mechanisms of his malfunctioning Santa suit completely elude me...
      (Sludgy stares at the kid, then picks him up by the head and slides him under the bed)
      Sludgy: As I was saying...

    • Man: I can't belive he's back!
      (Scene switches to a lady with some kids)
      Lady: My heart explodes with joy!
      (Lady's heart actually bursts and she falls over)

    • Zim: (pointing at Minimoose) You! Stop being so jolly!

    • Gir: We wish you a merry jingly, we wish you a merry jingly, we wish you…!

    • Zim: You! Watch my dog eat snow! Watch the snow eating!

    • Dib: Christmas is saved!
      Kap'n Claw: Christmas is ruined forever!

    • Little Kid: (mispronouncing the words) Pweze Santa, pweze!

    • Zim: (pretending to be Santa) Here's presents for all of you! And let's sing more songs! (moving across stage) I am Santa, I am Santa, I am Santa

    • Dib: How do we know this is the real Santa?!
      Zim: Uh, of course I'm Santa! I have robot elves!
      (Zim picks up the elves and they start blasting lasers)
      Guy: Robot elves! Just like in the stories!
      Dib: What stories have robot elves?

    • Zim: I am the Easter Platypus. There will be Easter shrimp for all, if you tackle the boy who destroyed Santa!

    • Zim: The Santa has won.

    • Crowd: We love you, Easter Platypus!

    • Zim's Santa Song: Bow down, bow down, before the power of Santa, or be crushed, be crushed, by his jolly boots of doom! (chorus repeats)

    • Little Kid: Before I teleport to my doom, can I have a hug?
      (Santa suit absorbs Zim)
      Santa Suit: Of course you can, you little Wookiee!

    • Zim: Well, my evil plan was a success!
      Gir: No it wasn't!
      Zim: Silence!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Santa Suit: Of course you can, you little Wookiee!

      This is a reference to the hairy bipeds in the Star Wars universe.