Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 1

The Nightmare Begins

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 2001 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Everyone of the Ireken army are filing into the convention center when the Tallest will hand out the different jobs based upon the soldier's height. For most of it, everything goes well, until Zim suddenly shows up out of the crowd. Zim insists that he can handle the job of an invasion, but the Tallest say he will just ruin everything. Eventually, however, Zim won't stop annoying them, and they decide to give him a planet that no Ireken has ever heard of before. No one knows that it's earth, where Dib-an unpopular school kid whose is obsessed with aliens-lives. And no one also knows that Dib heard the entire plan to take over earth and is now warning his entire family-who don't believe a word he says. Meanwhile, back in space, the soliders are being handed out their robot slaves-the Sir. Zim is eager to get one, but he never recieves a normal one. Rather, the Tallest decide to give him a broken one with a brain made out of coins, shoelaces, and bubble gum. When they first hand it to Zim, it looks dead, but the Tallest lie and say that it's supposed to be that way. When the robot wakes up it says its name is Gir, although it has no idea what the G stands for. Immediately, it starts acting all silly, but Zim still thinks that he has an advanced robot slave. Directly after that, Gir and Zim are now sent on their journey to earth. Unfortunately, for the entire six months of their travel, all Gir does is sing the Doom song, driving Zim insane. By the time the song ends, they are already at earth. From there, Zim tells Gir to learn what humans consider normal. When they land, Zim is upset to learn that all Gir noticed was a squirrel. After that, Zim and Gir try on disguises. Zim's disguise is basically just black hair and blue eye lense caps. Gir is just a green dog's costume that's made out of velvet. Then Zim and Gir set up their house, which causes everyone in the neighborhood to wake up and notice. But Zim tries to act normal by walking Gir into his home, as though Gir were his pet. Once inside, Zim finds that a place to learn about earth is at Skool. There, Zim attempts to fit in-and does a good job, because the only one who notices how weird he looks is Dib. But for Dib, no one believes him and Zim claims that all that's weird about him-green skin and no ears- is a skin condition. Class is dismissed immediately after that, where Dib chases Zim across town, trying to prove that he is an alien. Finally, Dib gives up but swears that he will one day prove that Zim truly is an alien.