Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 1

The Nightmare Begins

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • one of the best first episodes hooray for zim

    The nightmare begins is an excellent starter episode for a series. Most of the shows these days are stale, washed up trash and are all the same but invader zim stuck out from the crowd. The nightmare begins grabbed the attention of the masses and made invader zim into the great success that it is today. Personally it is one of my most favorite episodes of invader zim ever made though almost all of them are equally great. The reason it is so great is because it is the first episode excellent and most of the time first episodes kind of suck.

    \M/ (>_
  • The best start possible.

    When the Irken Empire decides to execute Operation: Impending Doom II, the leaders, The Tallest, assign a planet to various soldiers for each of them to conquer. But an unexpected visitor arrives, Zim. Zim has been banished from Irk because of the "little incident" from Operation: Impending Doom I. He destroyed his own planet. He has now returned to be assigned to a new planet. The Tallest assign him a planet that "nobody has ever heard of." They do not know that a planet exists in this location. When Zim sets off with a cheap and malfunctioning robot aid, about well, a long time later, they reach the planet, Earth. But one little human child outcast is already expecting his arrival, and is planning to stop this horrible invasion.

    This episode is the first of INVADER ZIM. There would be many, many other good ones in the future but I loved this one just the same.
  • Zim is an unsuccessful invader, who gets an super secret mission. So secret that nobody knows what it includes. He also get his "advanced" robot -Gir.

    Well, generally, this episode is jsut brilliant. Funny. Great and awesome. It just includes everything in it and it's a great opening to a great series.

    The characters are just great and their personallity makes them very funny. The story itself is great. From watching the first episode you just want to continue watching and it's very attracting.
    All the characters in this series seem to be funny and suitable to the story.

    Gir seems to be the most funny character in this episode. He talks and acts like an idiot and he was brilliant in this episode. Zim's teacher was also very funny. Such an old and pessimistic, the kind of teacher that wants to kill her students.

    So - Doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom!
  • When Invader Zim arrives to be given a planet to take over, he accepts, not knowing his robot aid Gir is junk and the Tallest were trying to fool him with a fake planet. When Zim arrives on Earth, he finds out Dib's trying to stop him. Great episode.

    When Invader Zim arrives to be given a planet to take over, he accepts, not knowing his robot aid Gir is junk and the Tallest were trying to fool him with a fake planet. When Zim arrives on Earth, he finds out Dib's trying to stop him. Great episode. Invader Zim: The Nightmare Begins is a great first episode with lots of fun, action, and lots of funny and humorous Gir moments. If there was an award for the best cartoon first episode, I believe this would take home the bacon. This episode is one worth seeing and worth dying for.
  • Zim is established as a laughingstock of his race and sent to a faroff unknown planet called Earth to "conquer" it. Dib, his human rival, is established as a laughingstock of his peers as an alien-obsessed loser kid.

    Despite the Zim backlash the community surrounding me has brought forth, the series still holds up as one of the funniest cartoons, if not shows, ever. The jokes are as odd and biting as ever. The premiere episode is great, though it feels like it's not as developed as later episodes. That could have something to do with the fact that it's developing everything, but whatever. I decided to lower my rating of this episode, because compared to other episodes, this one is a little stale, and some of GIR's most obnoxious quotables come from this one. That being said, I appreciate the half-hour length, because at some points the 11-min runtime of other episodes makes some of them a little rushed.
  • funny

    A funny frist episode for zim. Operation Impending Doom 2
    Irken ivaders taking to take over plants zim is sent to earth with Gir is sirbot. funny lines. and the frist Zim and Dib face off. this episode has it all. Red and Purple try to get zim off ther hair and finish his banishment.
    Dib tryies to get the class to know that Zim it an alien, becaues he is green. Gir and his funny antics. Earth get ready for some doom and cazy and fun destrin, becaues zim is takeing ove the world one TV at a time. One Good episod and tons of more
  • Great way to start the show off.

    This was a great first episode for a great show. Actually this is my favorite Invader Zim episode. It does an awesome job of introducing the main characters. Also the assignment to Irken soldiers is pretty funny, they even use lasers you have to love those lasers. It even shows you how insane (and right) that Dib is at the very first moment that you see him. And of course this episode includes the song that is loved by all, The Doom Song! Nothing better than seeing Zim flying through space with GIR annoying him singing the Doom Song, good stuff. Like I said it did an amazing job of starting off this wonderful show.
  • Such a good episode to begin a great show!

    When the Irken race starts to assign missions to their Invaders, to get their imformation of that planet. The leader, the Almoighty Tallest Red and Purple, are almost done with the assignments, when Zim comes along to the meeting. But he was banished from the empire, do to a mistake invadtion of their own planet, and demands an assignment now. SO they decide to send him to a planet that the think that no one is on. They also give Zim a cheap robot, Gir, instead of a good one like all the other Invaders. It takes him six months to get there, and finds a good location. Zim tries to fit in by having him pretend to be a little school boy, and Gir to be a dog. Meanwhile, Dib is a boy who knows what he really is, and knows why he's here. His main takse is to prevent Zim from his assignment. But lucky for Zim, no one believes Dib. Zim and Dib become instant enemies that day.
  • The first episode I believe was a good opener.

    This episode was just there to tell you why to watch the series basically. this episode introduced the main characters; the plot, and the objectives Zim has to complete in order to take over Earth. I can't really say much about this episode as not much took place really. The episode was just there to tell how everything lead to the awesome series Zim was. I gave this pilot episode an 8, as many of the episodes after this episode were really well done,a dn this series deserves a lot of credit. The onyl word I can think of is revealing, as the episode reveals what is to come forth in the story.
  • This is where it all began

    GIR's creation, the Doom Song, GIR seeing a squirrel, Dib drinking Gaz's soda, ZIM with a sandwich....okay now I'm just reaching. But anyway, this was a good episode as it is the starting point for everything in the series (as opposed to the pilot which only summarises for time). Was Bigfoot really using the belt sander in Dib's garage? His character is set up like the boy who cried wolf.
  • A brilliant way to begin a series - there's just so many original, funny little moments or quotes that jump out at me!

    This episode was the first I ever watched from this series, and while that gives it a very special place in my heart, the introduction of GIR thoroughly eclipses that as a reason!
    GIR is by far and away my favourite character on the show, mainly for the fact that he contributes so much to the quirky little "huh?" moments that make this series so special :)
    The whole dynamic of the episode is excellent, it introduces the main characters (as well as the inconsequential ones :D) and gets a good start going - plus, of course, it's thoroughly hilarious.
    Man, I love it.
  • Invasion of the Irken Armada

    Invader ZIM is a cool show to watch, and is everyone's favorite character Gir? Oh well, this is a funny way to start off the series, Zim gets assigned to invade a mystery planet, Earth. It takes him 6 Months to get there of course with Gir singing the "Doom" song. This episode had a lot of funny moments, well that's what it is, comedy isn't it? Dib, a kid who discovers Zim is an alien tries to capture him. How will Zim escape from Dib? The answer is on this episode of a great and really funny series on Nickelodeon.
  • A funny start to the series.

    As the first offical episode of Invader Zim this episode had to be good and it did it well. First off of the bat the animation and look of the episode was done well and looked really susprising with the size of some of the objects and how hard that would have been to animate is another thing. Alot of the things that made me like th look of the episode was that the way the characters moved and acted. Another great thing about this episode was that the voice acting was done great and the animation and this run together great. The best thing of about this episode has to be that Gir was born in this episode. Gir has to be the best character in this episode espically since of the Doom Song which is funny to listen to plus helps the feel of the episode. but this was a great episode to kick off the series.
  • Best episode.

    Zim is not very well liked Irken because of him ruining Impending Doom I. He killed half the Invaders and destroyed his own planet. When Zim comes for Impending Doom II after being banished the Tallest are not pleased. Zim begs for another chance to prove himself. To get rid of him the Tallest gave Zim a fake mission far away. When the Tallest were giving out Sirs Zim couldn't wait to get one. The Tallest didn't want to waste a robot, so they gave him trash which came to life and made Gir. Zim went to his planet that took 6 months to get to and he made his base and disguise. To learn about the planet's weakness he went to the Skool. Zim didn't think he would find a smart kid named Dib which could see though his disguise. Luckly for Zim all the kids think he is crazy. Dib chases Zim but with Gir's help Zim gets away.
    I think this is the best episode and it is very well written. It is Great!
  • Help!!!!

    Yes, this episode is amazing and spectacular and the best and this show is my all time 1st favorite!!!! But, I need to know what episode Zim said " I'm going to study giant mutant weasel peoples!" Mail me if you know the episode! Thank you for those who know!!!!
  • The pilot episode of Invaider ZIM

    This episode, in one word: hilarious. This episode made me laugh more than any other TV show would. This also has to be the best animated pilot episode I have ever seen. It explained all of the questions about the characters and everything we would need to know for the rest of the series. This is my favorite Invaider ZIM episode and, in my opinion, the rest of the series just lurks in this episode's shadow.
  • I love this episode because it was the first and it was kind of better then the future episodes well I think that.

    I love this episode which I thought was cool and kind of better then the other ones and im not sayong that the other ones were bad. I just kind of liked this episode a little more and it was good and it had this fresh and funny feeling to it that is what I say. I really like how they told everything and not just rush things along then all the sudden there is some stuff going on. I love how they just explain eveythwing and such and I love the series but too bad its gone and I am pretty sad but this episode is the best no matter what.
  • One of the best episodes of Invader Zim

    This first episode really explains all about the main characters. After convening on Conventia, the Irken Tallest explain about their next plan Operation Impending Doom II.
    After the invaders have been asigned, Zim shows up, and the Tallest send him to Earth to get him away from them, after ruining Impending Doom I in the past.
    They give him a SIIR unit made from bits in a trash can, which is totally insane called GIR (he doesn't know what the G stands for).

    They head for Earth and set up base, unknowing that Dib, a sci-fi geek with a big head has been listening to the transmissions and prepares.
    After Zim and GIR get their disguises, Zim goes to the Skool, where he meets Dib for the first time. Dib immediately sees that Zim is an alien, but nobody will believe him. He chases Zim home, who rides GIR and they go into the base.

    GIR's ranting and raving are so funny in this episode, as is Richard Horvitz's performance. A must see for all Zim fans.
  • Great episode. Love it. Can't quite say there was anything wrong with this one. Definitely not boring. Jhonen Vasquez is an infinite genius.

    I memorized most of this episode when it came out. I have alwaysed love this characters voice. Richard Horvitz, I think is his name. I like how he makes characters out to be. Great thinking by Jhonen Vasquez not to pick Billy West as this character. I love him in Futurama, but I don't think he was right for this role. I really prefer to hear the voice of Daggit from The Angry Beavers. Great episode. Love it. Can't quite say there was anything wrong with this one. Definitely not boring. Jhonen Vasquez is an infinite genius in my book.
  • Invader Zim, truely the greatest cartoon series ever...

    Invader Zim, truely the greatest cartoon series ever... it upset me so much to see it go off the air. I could dedicate a thick magazine sized book to writing about this series alone. All the missing episodes, what was said in commentary, random cameos, goofs I've noticed and my own personal thoughts on the series. The first episode demonstrated terrific animation and extremely likeable characters. It really twisted things around making an alien trying to take over the Earth INTERESTING! I never really liked the thought of aliens taking over Earth because people usually gave no good reason and, honestly, the aliens were usually low-tech and unimpressive. The Irkens are adorable and firghtening at the same time. Zim thinks he's assigned this planet to take over and you immediately fall in love with him. The machinery is well thought out and so is all the background information. Character designs have only changed ever so slightly, but they can keep plots from past episodes in check much unlike Fairly Oddparents or other shows of the sort. Invader Zim was pure genius, but its questionable whether young children would appreciate this amazing display of character, story and art.
  • The funnyest.

    A very clever episode proubly the best.I love the part when the tallest red said:Oh that's just sad to the small ailen.I thought that they should have more episods like that one i say it's next Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron in comdy wise and very well done indeed i say.