Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 1

The Nightmare Begins

Aired Unknown Mar 30, 2001 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • On the way to the site where Zim would create his base, a radio station called "WTFU" appears. This is a combination of "W.T.F." and "F.U."

    • Richard Horvitz adlibbed the line "Invader's blood marches through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants!" The original line in the script was "radioactive ants."

    • How would Gir know what a mongoose is, and Zim know what a dog is, if they don't have them on their home planet?

    • Why would Gir's costume come out differently than the computer screen showed? After all, Zim's costume came out identical to the one on the computer.

    • Watch carefully: The two first disguises Zim doesn't pick (contact lenses and wig are the third one) have the appearance of, respectively, Jhonen Vasquez-the shows' creator, and Steve Ressel-the director.

    • Zim was banished from ruining impending doom 1, but quit, and you can't quit being banished, but Zim isn't taken away due to the fact that the tallests are going to send him very far away to Earth.

    • Goof: The second time Tallest Purple is hit in the eye with the laser, his legs are green instead of black.

    • Goof: When Zim is picking his disguise, the one he chooses is looking straight ahead, when he steps in, it is seen looking to the right, when he steps out, it is seen looking to the left.

    • "Wiggle your antenna in salute" is likely the Irken equivalent of clapping or cheering.

    • Goof: When Zim lands his voot cruiser, it has the one eyed Irken symbol on it, but when Gir hops off, it switches to the two-eyed Irken symbol.

    • Goof: When Zim gets his disguise, the legs of his pants keep changing color throughout the majority of this episode, though more frequently in the second half of the episode.

    • Goof: When Dib approaches Zim after skool and comments on his poor disguise, his legs are missing.

    • Goof: When Zim makes a comment on Gir's intelligence, his legs vanish temporarily.

  • Quotes

    • Gir: Master?! Master?! Where did you go, master? Where do you go?
      Zim: I'm right here, Gir!

    • Tallest Red: You will be assigned to a planet so mysterious that no one has even heard of it.
      Tallest Purple: And those that have heard of it dare not speak it's name.
      Zim: What's it called?
      Tallest Purple: Oh I dare not speak it!

    • Mrs. Bitters: Zim, if you have anything to say, say it now. Because for the rest of the year, I don't want to hear another sound out of you!

    • (Zim lands on the windshield of an ice cream truck)
      Ice cream truck speaker: You like ice cream... you like ice cream. You love it. You cannot resist ice cream. To resist is hopeless. Your existence is meaningless without ice cream.

    • Ms. Bitters: Class, I would like to introduce the newest, hopeless appendage to the student body. His name is... Zim.

    • Gir: (after Zim gets his disguise on) Master! Where'd you go? Where are you?
      Zim: I'm right here, Gir! It's me! And keep it down! You wanna wake up the whole planet?
      Gir: I do...

    • Zim: Hurry, Gir! What did you learn?
      Gir: I saw a squirrel. It was goin' like this. (imitates squirrel)

    • Zim: Okay, Gir. Our mission begins now. Let us rain of doom down upon the filthy heads of our doomed enemies!

    • Dib: Dad! They're coming! I heard them! I actually heard them! I was up on the roof and I heard this transmission was coming through...
      Dib's Dad: Not now, son. I'm making...(blue flash of lightning) ... Toast!

    • Tallest Purple: And last... Invader Skooge!
      Tallest Red: (looks at him) Oh now that's just sad. (says fast) You will be assigned to Bloorch, home of the slaughtering rat people, thank you.
      (Skooge starts crying).

    • (Irken audience starts cheering)
      Tallest Red: See? Told you they'd love the lasers.
      Tallest Purple: Everything is lasers with you. I'm telling you, smoke machines are what the people... (gets hit in the eye with a laser, and yells in pain).

    • Zim: Gir.. .will you please stop singing...?

    • Gir: Gir...reporting for duty.
      Zim: Gir? What does the G stand for?
      Gir: (silly) I don't know.

    • Zim: (about Gir) Is it supposed to be stupid?

    • Tallest Red: As a show of gratitude for your services in the past, uh, here's a sandwich.

    • Zim: You can't have an invasion without me! I was in Operation Impending Doom 1! Don't you remember?
      Tallest Purple: Oh yes. We remember…
      Zim: (in giant robot destroying a city) AH HA HA HA HA HA HA!
      Pilot: But sir, we're still on our own planet!
      Zim: Silence! Twist those knobs! Twist those knobs! You! Pull some levers! Pull some levers!
      (end of flashback)
      Zim: I put the fires out.
      Tallest Red: You made them worse!
      Zim: Worse… or better?

    • Tallest Red: These superior ones...
      Tallest Purple: (points at themselves) ... Not as superior as us, of course...
      Tallest Red: ... Pft, duh. These less superior than us but still quite superior soldiers will each be assigned to an enemy planet!

    • Tallest Purple: Step forward, Invader Larb!
      Tallest Red: Ahh, you seem to have grown since last you stood before us, soldier.
      Tallest Purple: You've been assigned to Blorch, Home of the Slaughtering Rat People...
      (A hologram appears behind the which shows Larb being attacked by rat people).
      Larb: (beginning to cry) Why would you draw that?
      Tallest Red: However, because of your increased height, we've decided to give you the planet Vort, Home of the Universe's Most Comfortable Couch!
      (The hologram changes to one of Larb relaxing on an oversized sofa).
      Larb: Yessssss!

    • Tallest Red: Welcome mighty Irken soldiers! You are the finest examples of military training the Irken army has to offer! Good for you. Standing behind us, however, are the soldiers we've chosen for roles in one of the most crucial parts in Operation Impending Doom II! [mockingly] You in the audience just get to sit and watch.
      Tallest Purple: You should have tried harder!

    • Tallest Purple: Weren't you banished to Foodcourtia? Shouldn't you be frying something?
      Zim: Oh, I quit when I heard about this.
      Tallest Purple: You quit being banished?

    • Zim: Ha! See ya, Dib!

    • Professor Membrane (seriously): Not now son, I'm making… (Professor Membrane stands up and pulls out a slice of bread, showing Dib) Toast!

    • Tallest Red: As a show of gratitude for your services in the past, uh, here's a sandwich.

    • Tallest Red: Zim, you're alive?
      Zim: Yes, so very alive and full of goo, mission goo.

    • Conventia Announcer: Be sure to visit the gift shop for all kinds of cheap, useless stuff!

    • Zim: Yeah, he's always saying stuff. I remember that one time when-
      Dib: Hey! You just got here! . . .

    • The Letter M: What's the matter with you? All you ever talk about is aliens and ghosts and seeing Bigfoot in your garage!
      Dib: He was using the belt sander...

    • Gaz: Dib drank the last soda...he will pay!

    • Gir (eyes glowing red): Gir, reporting for duty!
      Zim: Gir? What does the G stand for?
      Gir (eyes turn blue): I don't know.

    • Tallest Purple: Invader Skooge!
      Tallest Red: Oh, now that's just sad.
      Tallest Purple: Could you get any shorter?!

    • Zim: Hello, friends! I am a perfectly normal human worm-baby! You have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear from me. Just pay no attention to me and we will get along just fine.

    • Dib: Am I the only one here who sees the alien sitting in class?
      (Class looks around)

    • Tallest Purple: And no Invader has ever been... so very small. You're very small, Zim, you're a tiny thing.

    • Zim: Okay Gir, our mission begins now. Let us rain some doom down upon the filthy heads of our doomed enemies.
      Gir: I'm gonna sing the doom song now! Doom, doom, doom doom, doom, do doom, doom doom doom! Doom do doom…
      (Caption: 6 months later..)
      Zim: Please, Gir... Stop singing.

    • Zim: Concentrate Gir, it's time for disguises.
      Gir: I want to be a mongoose!
      (after Zim selects his disguise)
      Zim: For you, I'm thinking, maybe, a dog.
      Gir: Can I be a mongoose dog?

    • Gir: I saw a squirrel... it was doin' like this!
      (Gir acts like a squirrel.)

    • Dib: What about his horrible green head?!
      Zim: Insolent fool boy, it's a skin condition!
      Dib: Well, what about how he, has no ears! Is that a part of your skin condition, Zim? No ears?
      Zim (sadly): Yes...

    • (Zim is talking about Dib's anti-alien handcuffs)
      Zim: How do you know they'll work if you've never found an alien before?
      Dib: I'm gonna find out right now!
      (Zim starts to run, Dib gives chase)

    • Ms. Bitters: Doom, Doom, Doooom, doom, doom!

    • Tallest Red: See? I told you they'd like the lasers.
      Tallest Purple: Everything is lasers with you. I'm telling you smoke machines are what the people really (gets hit in the eyes with a laser) Argh!

    • Dib: I've been preparing for this day for a long time.
      (Zim's garden gnome shoots a laser that vaporizes Dib's handcuffs)
      Dib: Okay, I'm going to go home and prepare some more.

    • (When Zim's GIR unit is acting up)
      Zim: Umm, is it supposed to be stupid?
      Tallest Purple: It's not stupid, it's advanced!

    • Zim: Leave me alone! I just wanna go home and be all normal!

    • (In reference to Dib's accusations about Zim)
      Kid: Well, he does look pretty weird.
      Other Kid: Yeah, and he is sitting!

    • Tallest Purple: What is... Earth?

    • Zim: And be quiet, do you want to wake up the whole planet?
      Gir: I do.

    • Zim: But, Invader's blood marches through my veins, like giant radioactive rubber pants! The pants command me, do not ignore my veins!

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