Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 29

The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

Aired Unknown Apr 12, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot
When Professor Membrane invites some of his colleagues over to the house, they insult and mock Dib because of his hobby of paranormal investigation. Matters become even worse for Dib when Mysterious Mysteries begins to show a segment on Chickenfoot, a being that is obviously a guy in a suit. Dib decides to go on a crusade to prove Chickenfoot is a fraud in order to establish the fact that paranormal investigation also disproves the frauds along with proving the real mysteries, though will Dib be able to find the elusive Chickenfoot and even if he does, how will he manage to get the suit off of him?moreless

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  • It is a ok episode

    Another episode with only Dib. Most people know what I think of Dib and I try to not let my opinion get in the way of a review. Unlike Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom (with mostly Dib) I don't like the episode. And I will say it again the reason I don't like this episode is not because it has only Dib. I real reason is because it has a annoying (which is weird Dib didn't annoy me in that episode) character. It also isn't as well written as other episodes. But still I will watch it it but not as much as other episodes.moreless
  • Kinda stupid

    "You're not a freak, you're just stupid!" Truer words have not been spoken. Okay so he's a freak too. This episode was really pretty stupid but I commend Dib for defending his love of paranormal studies. Oooh, Taco Man! Taco taco taco!! TACOS!!! :P It was a good Dib ep even though he's not my favorite character (I like GIR and Gaz and Skoodge).
  • Fork-haunting, Chicken-thirsting, Slaw-wanting, Zipper-sticking, awesome, awesome episode. (by the by, what the hell does "jumps the shark" mean? I picked it because it involves sharks and something they can't do)

    The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot is Jhonen Vasquez's attempt to show the world how dangerous it can be to be thirsty for chicken.

    Not really.

    After beginning with the mystery of the haunted fork, we are launched into the tale of Chickenfoot, who used to work at Mr. Chicky-Licky until the deadly combination of bad potatoes, a stupid person, a defective microwave, and his chicken suit transformed him into a hideous fusion of man and chicken. Dib must then prove to the world that Chickenfoot is not real, so all other paranormal sightings will be called into question. Wait...

    Just freakin' hilarious. If you have a friend who does not like this show, make them watch this episode. Tie them to a chair if you have to. Then duct tape their mouths. Then bolt the chair to the floor. Then, when the episode is over, ask them 1) if they now like Invader Zim and 2) if you two can work past what just happened and still be pals. Or just persuade them to watch it (only 11 minutes! You waste all that time sleeping, eating, and breathing anyway!).

    I guess that's all I have to say.

    You can go now.

    Jeez, just leave already!

    Stop staring at me!

    This is starting to freak me out!


    I want my slaw!moreless
Kathryn Fiore

Kathryn Fiore

Maria / Doctor

Guest Star

John Garry

John Garry

Mysterious Mysteries Anchor / Reporter #2

Guest Star

David Herman

David Herman

Chuy Rodriguez (Chickenfoot)

Guest Star

Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Professor Membrane

Recurring Role

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    • Nurse: (sighing to Chickenfoot) Okay, let's go through this again; this is the chicken suit. This is you inside the chicken suit, looking out through the hole in the mouth.

    • Professor Membrane: I'm giving these world leaders a tour of our home!
      (several screens of people swarm about the room, looking at various things until one comes up to Dib)
      Asian Leader: Who is this big headed boy?
      Professor Membrane: This is my son, Dib. The future of the Membrane empire.
      Dib: Actually, I'm a paranormal investigator.
      Asian Leader: (seeing Mysterious Mysteries on the TV) Your boy is one of them? Is everyone in this country crazy like your boy?

    • Reporter 1: You mean Chickenfoot was a fraud ALL ALONG!!??
      Dib: This just proves that paranormal studies isn't a bunch of crazies believing in anything! We also disprove the frauds!
      Reporter 2: I'll bet this means Bigfoot is a fraud too!
      Reporter 1: And UFOs!
      Reporter 2: And hobos!
      Dib: No wait! Those are real! Except the hobos. Wait, no. They're real. I... I guess. But- what's wrong with you people!?!

    • Chickenfoot: You speak madness, boy! Everyday that goes by I become more grotesque!
      Dib: That's because you don't bathe!

    • Dib: The mass of chickeny evil has an apartment?

    • Mr. Chicky Licky Manager: The Chicky meal! It comes with a dirty chicken toy! The head comes off and can be used like a little grappling hook.
      Dib: That's a... weird thing for a chicken to do.

    • Turkeyneck: I thought you were one of the kids that are after my lucky neck-meats. They're always after me lucky neck-meats!
      (Turkeyneck begins to gobble like a turkey, Dib silently walks away with a disturbed look on his face)

    • Dib: It's really hard to wanna chase somebody who smells that bad.

    • Maria: We've lose three chicken cookers since that Chickenfoot came 'round.
      Dib: Chickenfoot ate them?
      Maria: No, they got better jobs. But leave now! Leave before you get a better job too!

    • Dib: Chickenfoot, come back! You're not a freak, you're just stupid!

    • Dib: Now, what's the secret of Chickenfoot?
      Eric: Ask the Dirty Chicken toy!
      Dib: What's the secret... Dirty... Chicken?
      Eric: (hearing the squeaky toy) Chickenfoot is a mass of chickeny evil!

    • Chewy: I was once a man, just like you. I worked in a chicken restaurant, just like you.
      Dib: But, I don't work in a chicken restaurant.
      Chewy: Don't look at me!
      Dib: But I wasn't... Oh, just go on.

    • Hobo: I want my slaw!
      Eric: You have your slaw, sir!
      Hobo: I want my slaw!
      Eric: You have your slaw, sir!
      Hobo: I want my slaw!
      Maria: Would you like fries with that?
      Eric: You have your slaw, sir!

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