Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 8

The Voting of the Doomed

Aired Unknown Jul 22, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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The Voting of the Doomed
It’s time for the class elections at skool, in which Zim decides to participate in because he figures that if he wins the election, he’ll be one step closer to ruling the world. Dib wants to stop him but he knows that nobody would vote for him, so when Willy is nominated to compete against Zim, Dib decides to help Willy out in hopes that he’ll manage to defeat Zim in the polls. However, will Willy be able to do what Dib tells him, and even if he does, would he be able to prevent Zim from winning the election?moreless

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  • How Can I Watch A Show On This Site

    I' m kinda new at all of this and want to know how to watch my favorite TV shows on this site. If anyone can help me out here I would be very greatful.

    P. S. Zim is awesome so he automatically gets a 10
  • Vote for Zim or ill Destroy you!

    Good Episodde, I like Willy because of the Fact that hes a Brain Dead Idiot and Funny. This is one of the Funniest episodes which will lead you to think Why did they cancel this show? I saw this episode along with many others back in March of this Year, when I got my IZ DVD's which to tell you the truth I havent seen alot of episodes until I bought the DVD's, after buying them, Zim was officially my favorite show, I must say the fact that Nick never saw the funny side of this show makes me very Angry!moreless
  • "IZ for president"

    Well our insane Invader ZIM is trying to stick it to....Ms. Bitters? anyway this is an amazingly funny epsiode with SALTED NUTS! Yay! Salted nuts...Its really funny how Dib acually saves ZIM from becoming a brainwashed skool president drone. While Gaz eats GIR's salted nuts brains....This is a perfect example of a great ZIM epsoide. Although in the awkard silence portion of the debate ZIM didn't have his eye lens on....ahh well, everyone makes mistakes. It doesn't matter, or effect the greatness of the epsoide in anyway. Nothing can change all of the hard work and funniness put into the epsoide.moreless
  • I love this episode. Zim runs for president and Dib tries to stop him.

    This episode was so funny. Especially the part where Dib gets gagged bye the flying robots. Wow, that sounds strange. This episode was very dark. The Skool is actually corrupt and run by an evil principle. This episode hints that Mrs. Ditchers may be an alien. She says that she cannot survive long in the sun. In the episode "Lice," she and Zim are the only ones who don't get lice, probably because of their skin. I loved the part where Billy was on stage debating and he kept getting electricuted by the headset. This was a very good episode.moreless
  • Salted nuts!

    I didn't like this one very much. I actually wanted it to die. The best part was when GIR yelled "Salted nuts!" and spewed salted nuts at everyone. Then later Gaz was eating the salted nuts out of his head. Skool is stupid, and I hate what they do to the person they select as president.
Andy Berman

Andy Berman


Guest Star

Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig


Guest Star

Kathryn Fiore

Kathryn Fiore

Skool President/Cheerleader

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    • Dib: Miss Bitters, he's threatening the voters! He's disqualified, right?!
      Ms. Bitters: The child shrieks like a fruit bat!

    • Zim: Vote for Zim, or I'll destroy you.

    • Student President: Isn't our school just great? Our greatness is greater than all other greatnesses of all the other skools combined! And it's that greatness that makes us great! But I would like to say one thing, maybe, um, about the dirty bathrooms, they...
      (A collar on the student president shocks her. She falls to the ground and the Skool security team takes her away)
      Administration Droid: Do not be alarmed. The student president has experienced a failure in spirit. A new election will be held immediately. Volunteers? Volunteer?
      Zim: Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! Pick Zim! Zim is me! Zim is me! Zim shall rule! Pick Zim! Zim! Me! I am Zim!
      Administration Droid: Zim. Analysis: moron. Suitable. Canditate 2 needed. Volunteers?
      Dib: But Zim's criminally insane! That's not good!
      Administration Droid: Dib. Analysis: annoying.
      (The administration droid slams a muzzle on Dib's head)

    • Child: I like gold!
      Morla: I like my head!

    • Gir: Salted nuts!

    • Ms. Bitters: (wearing a hooded robe) Be quick, I can only survive so long in the sun!

    • Ms. Bitters: The candidates will now speak. And then be quiet! And then I go away from you all.
      Zim: As president, I will ensure that all mankind has its legs sawed off... (Zim sees the reaction of the crowd) ...and um replaced with pure gold! And I will grant you the power to fire lasers from your head!

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