Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 9

The Wettening

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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The Wettening
When it begins to rain one day, Zim becomes worried because he’s never experienced rain before. Dib takes notice of his fear and he coaxes Zim into stepping into the rain, only to discover that the Irken race has an innate weakness to water, which causes a burning sensation upon impact. Dib decides to exploit this new fact to create the ultimate weapon to stop Zim once and for all, but Zim himself attempts to find a way to protect himself from this new found weakness, which all leads up to a confrontation that neither of them would have expected.moreless

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  • Amazim episode (I know bad pun)

    For some reason and instant favorite... I love how Zim is clueless to how things work on earth. Most alien shows are pretty stupid about this. In fact, the way everyone talks in the show is interesting. The stupidity of human kind is certainly different than most shows. I love that so much. Anyways... for some reason, this episode is an instant favorite of anyone who watches it, me included. I can't quite place my finger on it, but there's something about this episode that makes me giggle insanely and watch it over as many times as I can. Its wonderful.moreless
  • Dib and Zim have a water balloon war, but Zim wins.

    This is such a great episode. Dib discovers that Zim is allergic to water, and challanges him to a water balloon fight on Monday. Zim, using this newly discovered water balloon technology, creates an ENORMOUS water balloon. He then launches it at earth and destroys everyone within a hundred mile radius. Pretty typical of Zim. I think Zim dies in his toilet in this episode. The best part was definitely when you see Dib's face as the balloon approaches. This is the closest Zim ever got to conquering Earth. I don't know what to say now. Um. It was a good episode.moreless
  • Great ep

    I like the way GIR said "Hello" at the end of this ep. Apparently water burns ZIM's skin and paste protects him, just like when germs were supposed to affect him and he covered himself in "space meat." Gaz had a lot of great lines in this ep, like threatening ZIM and Dib. And I liked when she dropped that last water balloon on Dib at the end.
  • A true classic

    When Zim finds out that he starts smouldering and burning whenever he gets wet, he tries everything to find protection. He ends up covering himself in a protective coating of PVA glue.

    He then sets about getting revenge on Dib for soaking him. He builds a giant water balloon, using water from the Earth to fill it. Meanwhile, Dib also builds a device for throwing water balloons. They agree to settle things "like children".

    When the time comes, Dib fires at a hologram of Zim, while Zim targets Dib from a space station and drops the huge balloon.

    The really funny part is seeing the huge balloon burst on the Skool flagpole, flooding the immediate area and washing people away.

    This episode is definately one of the funniest as far as physical humour goes and it's nice to see Dib get washed away in the water. A must see for any Invader Zim fan.moreless
  • We, oh, such rain we had! It was delicious!

    I remember watching this episode over and over again. I couldn't go a day without quoting it or singing, "Rain rain rain! We love rain! Fun fun fun!" and cracking up at the idea of schoolchildren flying around in the rain and singing merrily. When I realized that the aliens in "Signs" had an allergy to water, I immediately thought, "Shyamalan got that from ZIM!" Well, who wouldn't want to take inspiration from a show as great as Zim? Unfortunately, Zim's water allergy didn't seem to hold. In later episodes he can be seen being splashed with water, and nothing happens.moreless

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