Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 3

Walk of Doom

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Walk of Doom
When Zim gets annoyed by Gir’s inept nature for the last time, he finally gets around to upgrading Gir’s guidance technology and he wishes to test its capability. Initial tests look good so Zim wants to take Gir into the city to test and see if Gir can get them safely back to their headquarters. However, when Gir forgets to bring the new guidance chip with him, Zim and Gir must find a way to get back home, despite the fact that they have very little understanding of the way the city functions.moreless

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  • To make room for the cupcake!!!

    Zim is sick of Gir and decides to test out his new guidance system out on him. This episode is great, as it's nice to have a Zim and Gir episode WITHOUT Dib ( Although I do like Dib), as it's more funny without Dib trying to prove Zim's an alien with.... SOMETHING. I just like it better is all. Plus all the quotes in this walk of doom made me Roll On the Floor Laughing. So, this episode is a true classic.

    10/10 A+ This episode is the best out there, so... Enough said, I Guess...

    See You Next Time!moreless
  • Zim upgrades Gir's navagational chip. They go far awayto see it worked and when Zim asks Gir to show him home he points to the sky. Gir replaced the chip with a cupcake. They try to take the bus but have no money a guy gave them some. Trouble happens.moreless

    This was my personal favorite episode so i had to watch it all the time. Wish they would bring it back the episode was so funny I always watched the show. This episode Gir

    was so funny!!! Gir totally rocks i love the cupcake and tuna part the best probably
  • Zim upgrades Gir’s Guidance System, and decides to take it for a test out in the city. When Zim wants to go home, Gir tells him that he left his chip at home so he’d have room for… a cupcake. They then work on trying to find their way home.moreless

    Walk of Doom is a great episode that I’ve seen many times. Gir is hilarious as always and starts off the episode by just running around. Zim claims that he has just improved the guidance chip, but since Gir isn’t a normal robot it makes you wonder if Zim may have just made the chip normal.

    This episode has a ton of cameos (cartoons that are based on real people). It would have made the episode even better if Jhonen had included himself. I saw several people, but mostly Roman Dirge who is the author of Lenore and other comics.

    I loved the park scene, where you had that guy just standing there screaming holding up a sign that says “Will stop screaming for food.” Then there was that guy with the bees on his face, which looked painful.

    This was just a great episode. It was well drawn and funny, and the ending rocked!

  • One of the funniest episodes of Invader Zim

    When Zim upgrades GIR's navigation chip, he decides to go into the city and get lost on purpose, using GIR's chip to get home again. It doesn't quite work out like that...

    GIR has taken the chip out to "make room for the cupcake", thus they are lost in the middle of "enemy territory" with no way of knowing which way the home base is.

    Zim's anger really heats up here, with lines like "How did you run out of fuel so fast?" after falling from the top of a bank into a dumpster. GIR "To make room for the tuna" It really is a classic episode of Invader Zim. Check it out now.moreless
  • "Had to make room for the cupcake!!"

    it was great i just loved it! thats all i can say it was so awesome i loved it, packed with action, gir is hilarious, and a must see for zim fans! see it and you wll want to see it again (this is on volume 1) you must see it
S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Maurice Morgan / Policeman

Guest Star

Kerri Kenney

Kerri Kenney

Bus Driver / Clown / Bank Teller

Guest Star

Rosearik Rikki Simons

Rosearik Rikki Simons

Cab Driver

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