Invader ZIM

Season 1 Episode 1

The Nightmare Begins


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When the Irken Empire decides to execute Operation: Impending Doom II, the leaders, The Tallest, assign a planet to various soldiers for each of them to conquer. But an unexpected visitor arrives, Zim. Zim has been banished from Irk because of the "little incident" from Operation: Impending Doom I. He destroyed his own planet. He has now returned to be assigned to a new planet. The Tallest assign him a planet that "nobody has ever heard of." They do not know that a planet exists in this location. When Zim sets off with a cheap and malfunctioning robot aid, about well, a long time later, they reach the planet, Earth. But one little human child outcast is already expecting his arrival, and is planning to stop this horrible invasion.moreless
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for the child in you, giant robots, planetary explorers, Pre-Teens, for nerds