Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 4

ZIM Eats Waffles

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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ZIM Eats Waffles
When Dib finally manages to get a spy camera inside Zim’s house, he plans to exploit the moment to show the Swollen Eyeball Network the truth about Zim’s nature. Unfortunately for Dib, Zim is more concerned with Gir’s waffles than his next evil plan, which causes Dib some complications as there is nothing special about waffles. However, when something out of the ordinary does occur, Dib believes he may just have a chance to succeed in his plans.moreless

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  • An extremely funny episode

    It's just so cool.
  • It's an okay episode...

    I am bothered by how undeveloped the plot is, though. The plot involves Dib hiding a camera inside of Zim's base, in an attempt to spy on him. But the plot is really flat and contains a stupid storyline. I mean episodes like Germs and NanoZIM actually had a plot with a problem, a proper setting. This episode is mainly just Dib watching GIR, Zim, and Nick have waffles for breakfast and the monitor being watched a majority of the time.

    I do like some of the stupid-related jokes, as I love dumb humor.moreless
  • Guess who made WAFFLES!!!!!!

    So, Dib finally gets a video camera inside Zim's house, but all Zim is doing is lying eating waffles that Gir makes for him. And worst of all, whenever Dib is calling the Swollen Eyebal network to show them Zim's plan, it always turns out he's a second too late. This episode is very funny, as well as a classic for the show. Any true Invader Zim fan will watch this episode, the entire episode, and record it so they can watch it more often.

    10/10 A+ Certainly an automatic, without a doubt, a simple classic that will get a laugh out of you every second of the episode.

    See You Next Time!moreless
  • Ah, man this shows great!

    Even though I haven't seen this episode in a while, I still love it. GIR keeps bringing Zim waffles and, a squid attacks! Dib keeps convincing attacking people that Zim is an alien. I like how that everything bad happens while they eat waffles! For me, I like GIR in his doggey suit than his robot body. Nick, why did they call him Nick? Oh! I know why... to show that they're on nick! ;) I also like the main title they show the whole title... ZIM eats...waffles! A queston, why was Zim exacly wearing his descise? One more thing to say... Everyone on this show is stupid!moreless

    This episode was both frustrating and slow in some places, but it was saved by GIR and waffles being a funny combination. GIR coming up with seemingly different waffle recipes and throwing a tantrum when ZIM would not partake of them. I wish we could've seen more of what was going on at ZIM's because we were only limited to what Dib could see through the spy camera which he'd given to GIR.moreless

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    • (As Zim eats waffles)
      Zim: For this plan I will create a.. Hey, these aren't bad, what's in em?
      Gir: There's waffle in em!
      Zim: YOU'RE LYING!

    • Gir: (serious face) INTRUDER!
      (He hums and eats a cookie)

    • Zim: Hey, do you know who came by today?
      Gir: Hm?
      Zim: That ugly neighbor lady. She was wearing this horrible…
      (An evil looking squid pokes his head into the kitchen. Zim looks and it quickly leaves)
      Zim: Huh?
      (The squid leaps onto Zim's head and thrashes him about)
      Zim: Oh mighty dung! The giant flesh-eating demon squid has escaped!!

    • Zim: Yes! Time to work on my evil plan! To cripple the humans by destroying-
      Gir: Guess who made waffles!!!
      Zim: I'm not going to eat that!
      (Gir screams uncontrollably)
      Zim: Enough! I will try some already.

    • Zim: Gir your waffles have sickened me - Fetch me the bucket!

    • Nick: I never want to leave this magical place again!

    • Zim: GIR, I need a break from the talking of my new plan - let's have a silence, huh?

    • Greg: Hello! Thank you for calling the FBI, my name is Greg, how may I help you?
      Dib: I have an emergency! There's a kid who's...
      Greg: (Laughs) Hey, you're Dib, right? Did you ever get that ninja ghost out of your toilet?
      Dib: Yes! No thanks to you! There's a kid in trouble!
      (Shows Zim and Nick eating waffles)
      Nick: (Chokes on the waffles) It's good!
      (Goes back to Greg and Dib)
      Greg: Man! That kid sure loves his waffles! Stay right there, we're sending someone to beat you up for playing jokes on the FBI!
      Dib: But look at the brain probe!
      Greg: Oh, alright! We'll send someone to investigate... When we get around to it!

    • Zim: (While reading a newspaper) Hey, look! They're gonna start making artificial beavers!

    • Dib: Hey, would you mind putting this spy camera inside Zim's house so I can... spy on his evil and stuff?
      Gir: Okey Dokey!
      Dib: I should have tried this a long time ago.

    • Gir: You look like you need some waffles, boo-hoo-who!

    • Agent Darkbootie: Hmmm... Agent Mothman, once I tied Bigfoot's toe hairs together. It was very funny, until his insane fit of howling rage ended in tragedy for a family of campers. My point is, jokes do not have a place in the Swollen Eyeball network. Call back when you're serious.

    • Gir: These got peanuts and soap in 'em!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This was a throwaway episode so the staff could use the money they had to make bigger episodes that were going to come, such as 'The Trial'.