Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 4

ZIM Eats Waffles

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • An extremely funny episode

    It's just so cool.
  • It's an okay episode...

    I am bothered by how undeveloped the plot is, though. The plot involves Dib hiding a camera inside of Zim's base, in an attempt to spy on him. But the plot is really flat and contains a stupid storyline. I mean episodes like Germs and NanoZIM actually had a plot with a problem, a proper setting. This episode is mainly just Dib watching GIR, Zim, and Nick have waffles for breakfast and the monitor being watched a majority of the time.

    I do like some of the stupid-related jokes, as I love dumb humor.
  • Guess who made WAFFLES!!!!!!

    So, Dib finally gets a video camera inside Zim's house, but all Zim is doing is lying eating waffles that Gir makes for him. And worst of all, whenever Dib is calling the Swollen Eyebal network to show them Zim's plan, it always turns out he's a second too late. This episode is very funny, as well as a classic for the show. Any true Invader Zim fan will watch this episode, the entire episode, and record it so they can watch it more often.

    10/10 A+ Certainly an automatic, without a doubt, a simple classic that will get a laugh out of you every second of the episode.

    See You Next Time!
  • Ah, man this shows great!

    Even though I haven't seen this episode in a while, I still love it. GIR keeps bringing Zim waffles and, a squid attacks! Dib keeps convincing attacking people that Zim is an alien. I like how that everything bad happens while they eat waffles! For me, I like GIR in his doggey suit than his robot body. Nick, why did they call him Nick? Oh! I know why... to show that they're on nick! ;) I also like the main title they show the whole title... ZIM eats...waffles! A queston, why was Zim exacly wearing his descise? One more thing to say... Everyone on this show is stupid!

    This episode was both frustrating and slow in some places, but it was saved by GIR and waffles being a funny combination. GIR coming up with seemingly different waffle recipes and throwing a tantrum when ZIM would not partake of them. I wish we could've seen more of what was going on at ZIM's because we were only limited to what Dib could see through the spy camera which he'd given to GIR.
  • One of the most unusual episodes of the series. Actually, THE most unusual episode of the series.

    We never really get to be where ZIM is... only through the eyes of Dib's spycam are we allowed to see ZIM this episode, thanks to GIR who kindly implants the device in the "kitchen" at Dib's kind request. The structure I find lends itself to a more calm feeling on ZIM's part, as we are only allowed to see from exactly one angle, so when ZIM isn't at the table (i.e. fight Zombies, etc.) we get a much better feeling for what it's like for Dib, not just during this episode but his frustrations that he endures of camera, basically every episode. This is the epitome of his frustration however, since it is so condensed into a real-time (as far as the timeline of the episode goes) 20 minute painfest as the Swollen Eye members pick up the transmission just too late every-single-time, furthermore damaging Dib's credibility! Wow, shows us how a show's unconventional episodes can be really good, especially if the show is already amazingly brilliant, definitely not a "throw away" episode like some shows have when they try to step outside their normal perspectives, or they often get an "oh, yeah, that was a kinda interesting one." Nope, not IZ, this episode is sweet sauce all over my eyeballs! Sugar Syrup and Waffles, DELICIOUS!
  • As gir said: Looks like you need waffles! Whoo..Hoo..Hoo!

    Zim Eats Waffles is my favorite episodes of Invader Zim. It starts when Dib get Gir to put a spying device in Zim's house. The Dib starts spying on zim. When Zim trys to plot his next evil plan, Gir starts making waflles!!!! And Zim has to eat them because Gir crys and screams when his doesn't. Gir keeps making more and more waffles and eventually makes a stack with peanuts and soap in them. And "The Flesh Eating Squid" keeps geting loose. Oh, such humor. And Zim TRYS to test his plan on the test subject Nick. (note: I said TRYS!) This is probaly the funniest Invader Zim there is. Recommend you watch it. (for those who don't know, the show's on channel 108.)
  • It is weird how such a simple episode can be so good.

    The episode is so different from the rest of the episodes because it takes place in one place, Dib's chair. Dib gives a spying camara to Gir to put it somewhere where it could spy on Zim so Dib could find out his next evil plan. With the camara Dib had it link to his computer. When Dib trys to record Zim's plan for the Swollow Eyeball Network the record drives didn't work. Everytime, Zim begins to talk about his plan Dib calls the Swollow Eyeball. When they answer Zim is eatting waffles. Through out the day Dib calls, so the begin not to believe him. Truly this a funny and great episode. If you haven't seen it you should watch it.
  • This episode was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it was so freakin funny with the squid thing attackin him..

    I luved every part of it and i was laughing like mad when zim got attacked by that was funny when Gir started wailing on the floor because Zim said he wouldn't eat his waffles...i luved it..i also loved how eerytime something happened Dib got the eyeball people to come and when they looked wat had already happened was over.. then at the end the FBI was comining for Dib and then he got atacked by the giant squid...this episdeo finally premiered on nicktoons network and i was happy to finally see an episode i hadnt seen because ive seen all of the old ones like a million times...I think this is the best episode ever..
  • So simple, and yet so brilliant.

    Dib finally manages to get a video camera inside Zim's base - all he had to do was ask Gir to do it. Unfortunately, all Zim does in front of the camera, is eat Gir's waffles. Whenever something slightly more exciting occurs, like say, the giant demon flesh eating squid escapes, it either happens out of camera range, or just when the secret agents Dib is desperately trying to impress aren't watching.

    The characters are all at their best in this episode:
    Gir is typically insane, nonsensical, and adorable.
    Zim is characteristically insane, uber-dramatic, and easily distracted.
    and Dib is his pitifully obsessive, luckless self.
  • Zim eats Waffles...totally hilarious! You can't be a Zim fan and you haven't watch this episode and love it! Highly recommended!

    This episode is priceless! Dib is trying to show that Zim is an alien but everytime that he gets the attention of the interney community, Zim is only eating waffles! But in the meantime that the internet community happens a zillion of stuff! And when the community gets back...Zim is eating waffles only!!! It's priceless! Even the ending is funny when Dib takes a mood of what the heck. Even the factor that Zim isn't enjoying to eat the waffles! It's a totally crazy episode! I think that this one is one my very favorite episodes of Zim. Along with Backseat Drivers.
  • HAHA! One of my favorite episodes.

    The title says it all. I love how Gir loves waffles. And he gives some to ZIM. My favorite lines in this episode were:

    Zim: Hey, these aren't bad! What's in 'em?
    Gir: There's waffle in 'em!
    Zim: YOU'RE LYING! (edit)

    Dib: Hey, would you mind putting this spy camera inside Zim's house so I can... spy on his evil and stuff?
    Gir: Okey Dokey!
    Dib: I should have tried this a long time ago.

    I just can't stop laughing at this episode.
  • A perfect example of the reason why Invader Zim is appreciated by many.

    TV: $5000
    DVD player: $20
    Invader Zim DVD Volume 3-Horrible Holiday Cheer: $17.95
    12 minutes of just Zim eating waffles: Priceless

    This episode is amazing. Also, the opening credits of this episode are unique considering that the producers took the time to make a zoom in from outer space all the way to Zim\'s home where Gir walks in with a paper bag. I also enjoyed when the horrible mutant giant squid poked his head into the scene, exited, and then crashed in eating Zim. Very funny. Too bad this episode was never aired and only able to be viewed on DVD.
  • Zim eats waffles. Pretty much sums it up.

    This was an awesome episode. The vast majority of it is literally Zim eating waffles on a video camera that Dib got Gir to plant for him in the kitchen. Not many shows can film a whole episode with only two views, one of Zim from the kitchen spy cam, and one of Dib watching from his room. This show drives it home with great success. The whole episode had me rolling with laughter. I just wish that Nickelodeon would give someone, anyone, the rights to produce DVD\'s or air re-runs, especially if they\'re not going to (on anything other than digital cable). I could see this show as an excellent addition to Cartoon Networks\' Adult Swin lineup.
  • Unoriginal, just the way it should be.

    This, my people of the world, is my most favorite episode, and it has my favorite charcter Nick, who I call 'Happy Nick' who, as it is, happy through all the events that happen. You must see this episode, go buy the dvd just to see this and all the other great ones
  • This episodes got peanuts and soap in it

    I dod so enjoy this episode. I've watched this episode over and over and over again and I crack up every time. SOme the most random and funny things are said in this episode, which for Invader ZIM isn't easy to top others. But this episode did, I love it. This is the best episode of them all.
  • i would be happy to do a review for this really great episode.

    this episode is hilarios! it has no point, it's just zim eating waffles for 7 minuits. then he get's atacked by mutant squid. and finally he just kills them and get's sick in a bucket. it seems stupid, but it's so funny. this just shows how stupid dib is, i'd wanna help zim on his mission, not destroy it. go zim!