Invader ZIM

Season 2 Episode 4

ZIM Eats Waffles

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2006 on Nickelodeon



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    • (As Zim eats waffles)
      Zim: For this plan I will create a.. Hey, these aren't bad, what's in em?
      Gir: There's waffle in em!
      Zim: YOU'RE LYING!

    • Gir: (serious face) INTRUDER!
      (He hums and eats a cookie)

    • Zim: Hey, do you know who came by today?
      Gir: Hm?
      Zim: That ugly neighbor lady. She was wearing this horrible…
      (An evil looking squid pokes his head into the kitchen. Zim looks and it quickly leaves)
      Zim: Huh?
      (The squid leaps onto Zim's head and thrashes him about)
      Zim: Oh mighty dung! The giant flesh-eating demon squid has escaped!!

    • Zim: Yes! Time to work on my evil plan! To cripple the humans by destroying-
      Gir: Guess who made waffles!!!
      Zim: I'm not going to eat that!
      (Gir screams uncontrollably)
      Zim: Enough! I will try some already.

    • Zim: Gir your waffles have sickened me - Fetch me the bucket!

    • Nick: I never want to leave this magical place again!

    • Zim: GIR, I need a break from the talking of my new plan - let's have a silence, huh?

    • Greg: Hello! Thank you for calling the FBI, my name is Greg, how may I help you?
      Dib: I have an emergency! There's a kid who's...
      Greg: (Laughs) Hey, you're Dib, right? Did you ever get that ninja ghost out of your toilet?
      Dib: Yes! No thanks to you! There's a kid in trouble!
      (Shows Zim and Nick eating waffles)
      Nick: (Chokes on the waffles) It's good!
      (Goes back to Greg and Dib)
      Greg: Man! That kid sure loves his waffles! Stay right there, we're sending someone to beat you up for playing jokes on the FBI!
      Dib: But look at the brain probe!
      Greg: Oh, alright! We'll send someone to investigate... When we get around to it!

    • Zim: (While reading a newspaper) Hey, look! They're gonna start making artificial beavers!

    • Dib: Hey, would you mind putting this spy camera inside Zim's house so I can... spy on his evil and stuff?
      Gir: Okey Dokey!
      Dib: I should have tried this a long time ago.

    • Gir: You look like you need some waffles, boo-hoo-who!

    • Agent Darkbootie: Hmmm... Agent Mothman, once I tied Bigfoot's toe hairs together. It was very funny, until his insane fit of howling rage ended in tragedy for a family of campers. My point is, jokes do not have a place in the Swollen Eyeball network. Call back when you're serious.

    • Gir: These got peanuts and soap in 'em!

  • Notes

    • This was a throwaway episode so the staff could use the money they had to make bigger episodes that were going to come, such as 'The Trial'.

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