Invasion America

Season 1 Episode 1

The Legend

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 08, 1998 on The WB
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The Legend
The first half of this episode starts off with the Tyrusian king Cale-Oosha making the trip down to Earth, expecting to begin peaceful relations with the humans. His uncle, the Dragit, however, had set up a secret underground base in the Utah desert with he plan to conquer Earth. Cale-Oosha forbids such a plan and barely manages to escape with his life and his friend and bodyguard Rafe. He is rescued by Rita Carter, a human who just happened to wandering the desert in her Jeep that night. While they are resting in a cave, they are attacked by a mangler- a Tyrusian species that looks a bit like a small, vicious dinosaur. Cale strangles it/breaks its neck; shortly thereafter, Rafe finds them. Rita takes them in as they have no where else to turn.

A few years later, Rita and Cale are living in a small town in Massachusetts named Glenport. They are still together and have managed to have a little boy, David. Cale however is called off to lead the fight against the Dragit. He orders Rafe to stay behind to protect Rita and David.

Seventeen years later, David is in high school with a rebellious teenage attitude and is unaware of his heritage. In this time, Rafe has become sheriff of Glenport. One day on a field trip to the Museum of Boston, Daivd encounters the hybrid twins Sonia and Simon who are on a mission to capture David. He narrowly manages to escape to the bus as it's leaving.

In the meantime, an article has appeared on the National Inquirer about the bones of an alien species found in a cave in the Utah desert. Rafe and Rita realize that it's the remains of the mangler Cale killed and it's possible for them to be tracked down.

Later, David tells his mother what happened at the museum and his moment of sci-fi when they started to pull him towards them with their minds. It's at this time Rafe drives a confused David a few miles from the house and begins tutoring him on the telekinetic powers standard to Tyrusians. Shortly into the practice, though, several of the Ga'lim (bounty hunters) show up to take their turn at trying to catch David. Rafe tries dealing with them while David runs back to his house.

When he gets there, he finds Rita at gunpoint in the custody of more Ga'lim. He unwittingly uses his own powers to pull the gun away, which Rita then turns against the Ga'lim to keep them away. She throws David some keys and her locket from Cale and tells him to go outside and start the car. Once David is outside, the small glass orb in the living room (another momento of Cale) starts to glow. Rita paces over to it and sees Cale inside. She lifts it over her head as it glows brighter, eventually imploding the house, leaving no trace of her or the Ga'lim.

As David stares at the gaping hole where his home once was, Rafe comes up behind him and leads David off to try to get him to safety.moreless

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    Leonard Nimoy

    Leonard Nimoy

    the voice of General Konrad

    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

    the voice of Major Lomack

    Tony Jay

    Tony Jay

    the voice of Dragit

    Kristy McNichol

    Kristy McNichol

    voice of Sergeant Angie Romar

    Lorenzo Lamas

    Lorenzo Lamas

    voice of Cale Oosha

    Edward Albert

    Edward Albert

    the voice of Rafe

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