Invasion of the Hidden Cameras

FOX (ended 2002)


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Invasion of the Hidden Cameras

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Exploring the hidden camera genre in new and unexpected ways, INVASION OF THE HIDDEN CAMERAS shows what can happen when talented improv comedians, dedicated to blurring the line of good taste, descend upon an unsuspecting public. Comedian Doug Stanhope poses as a pet owner who visits a veterinarian and requests a sex change operation for his dog. He also plays a patient who enters a bar dressed in a hospital gown, complete with an IV stand, and asks for a cocktail in order to test out his new liver. Comedian Jeff Norman solicits people to stab his friend - who is posing as a paraplegic in a wheel chair -- in the leg with a sharp object for a dollar. No one is safe from the INVASION OF THE HIDDEN CAMERAS. So the next time you go into a pawnshop and the proprietor offers you $35 for your pants, or $50 for your soul, you might want to be a little wary.moreless