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Man has searched the skies for centuries and has never come up with conclusive evidence to prove the existence of other forms of intelligent life. What if we have been looking in the wrong place? What if there were other forms of intelligent life already living among us? What if perceived natural disasters were really diversions created to conceal clandestine alien activities? What if is no longer an if. When a small town at the edge of the Florida Everglades is threatened by a raging hurricane, U.S. Park Ranger Russell Varon must go to great lengths to protect the small community and his family safe. During the storm his young daughter claims to have seen mysterious lights, seemingly unaffected by the gale-force winds, floating near the water. Varon dismisses the sighting, but begins to wonder if there really was some truth to the story after his missing ex-wife turns up naked and her memory of the storm is completely gone. While the community begins to clean up after the storm and piece their lives back together, Varon begins to investigate the strange happenings as he tries to make sense of what is happening. Something is happening something that will change the fate everyone.moreless


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    Fan Reviews (359)

    • Still great in 10 years

      I've just watched Invasion's one and only season and I must say it still looks GREAT. I'm absolutely serious about it. Totally love most of cancelled shows from that era, but Invasion is probably the best one. I have no idea, why it was cancelled, but it deserved at least the same attention as Lost or Supernatural got. Lost turned to complete crap, Supernatural's still airing and crap, but Invasion hasn't even been given a chance to turn into crap. Not fair!moreless
    • Scould boycut all the damn tv networks

      Everytime you see a good tv serie it gets cancelled, one after another ive lost count on how many good series that you never see the ending on, iam amazed that the networks can keep going in this manor and people still support way they will never learn....
    • Best SciFy Drama Series

      This was a great series with William Fichtner of 24, Kari Machitt of Covert Affairs, and brief appearance of Director Vance from NCIS. GREAT STARS. Great Series. But as always great series CANCELLED!!! Look at Alcatraz, The Event, there are several others too. Thats why I don't watch TV. And then they do "Touch" what a stupid series. If they can't do anything right, bring back "24". This was an all time GREAT!!!! No more TV for me, I'll stick with Netflix!!!!!!!moreless
    • Awesome show that was unjustly cancelled!

      Invasion had a really innovative and unconventional plot considering it's a show about alien invasion as the name suggests. At first I thought it was almost too unconventional since the aliens we're nowhere to be seen and frankly it just reminded me of a casual drama series. However as things started to roll I was hooked with all the subtle developments. It kept being interesting as the reality started slowly to dawn to the characters.

      The main characters of the show are basically these two families who are trying to make sense of their lives after the hurricane. The invasion was actually these lights falling the sky during the hurricane, which changed some people in some ways. Doesn't sound like much of a plot but despite this if you're a a science fiction fan I recommend you watch at least the first four episodes and decide for yourself.

      I must also say that most of the characters are fairly interesting for example Mariel who was "changed" by the lights in the first episode going through the changes and making sense of who she is right now. Still the best in my opinion is Sheriff Underlay, because it takes a long time to get a sense on which side he's on and what are his motives etc. Genuinely interesting character. I must also say that there are no clear bad or good guys in the show and that keeps things fresh. As to some negative things, the show did go with the "aliens, they look like us!" approach as so many others. I was bit disappointed to this conclusion.

      As the show goes on more of the changing cases begin to appear and more characters start to realize what's going on. In generally the things get more interesting towards the end, however I must warn you that if you don't like shows that don't have concrete ending than this is maybe not for you as some of the things are left quite open. The show was obviously sadly cancelled without a warning. You can really see it from the cliffhanger in the last episode that they really expected another season. In short it was a great show and it's a damn shame it got cancelled.moreless
    • invasion was a great show it was one of a kind with all the right stuff added in it, what i wil miss most about this show is Underlay, he was just too cool, a little like Horatio but coolermoreless

      whoever said invasion was a bad show obviously didnt bother to watch it. i admit it was a bit slow to start with but why would you want to stop watching it after hearing Rose telling her mother that she smells different or after seeing the wierd sheriff Underlay or even after Dave and Russell are attacked by the shiny yellow light in the water? why would anyone ever want ot stop watching after learning that the whole town has become wierd and that Sheriff Underlay is actually dead and that there is an army of hybrids out on some island waiting to take over the town with the help of a guy named Szura and that the army is in league with him? and why would anyone stop watching after seeing Underlay show up at the lake and ram that kid into the water so fast or after seeing him get shot and walk back on his feet in no time. plus lets not forget Russell and his not so optimistis behaviour as he tries to find answers for the towns problems and his families or Dave and his crazy ideas. and finally why would you evre not like this show after seeing the beautiful ending?moreless

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