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Season 1 Episode 14

All God's Creatures

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Russell, Larkin and Dave find out the identity of one of the creatures. Meanwhile, Underlay tries to find out who shot him and Kira begins to wonder what really happened to her dad.

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  • Awesome!

    The first few minutes of this episode is horror, the director cleverly made it look scary as we are shown something moving really really fast. Some kind of monster is inside Russel's house, it moves fast and quite big. We learn later that it's a hybrid that didn't come out quite right. It changes pace as we learn that the monster is just an unfinished Dave hybrid. Russell examines the creature after Dave shot it with a tranquilizer dart. It's a pretty good episode, it's something we would expect from this show, I really had a good time watching this episode.moreless
  • still a slow show and sometimes boring to see

    this show has so much information but i think that the way that has been written has made it slow to deliver the info to us the viewrs. I think that a twists in the actora will make a good change to us. This episode still does not deliver the intension of the aliens
  • Things are just moving along in this episode - and must be nice to recover from gunshot wounds in hours, as opposed to weeks...

    The meetings at the church are getting a little more open, I see - talking about the changes the "survivors" have undergone. They must be pretty sure that they don't have any spies in their midst. I noticed the signboard out the front of the church - Church of Eternal Life - We Are Not Alone - lol... Tom has found out that Scanlon has been keeping quiet about Lewis's whereabouts, and in fact is the one who shot Tom, and now he is sending him to "the Island". Tom knows Zura (sp?) - who runs the Island of the Misfit Toys - something about this arrangement sets off massive alarm bells in my head. I just can't think that this collaboration is a good thing, considering that the information that Russell has is that this Zura guy is vastly dangerous.

    What other abilities are the hybrids going to display? So far we have superior self-healing (the gunshot wounds), the ability to stay underwater for more than thirty minutes at a time - I can't remember if there were any more... When Lewis was cloned/copied/changed, his arm was replaced - how come it didn't grow back after Tom made him cut it off again? Do they all have different abilities? Are there any that they all share?

    I realise Dave is supposed to be the hacker/slacker/conspiracy guy, but please, could the wardrobe and hair department make him just a little less of a slob? The hair is particularly bad this week - and I mean the "real" Dave, not the freaky one, although who's to say which one is real now, and which is a copy. They both have awful hair anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter which one I'm talking about... lol

    Kira is getting really curious about what is going on with her father and Mariel, and what's happened to them. It seems she is feeling left out of the excitement, which of course means she will go do something stupid, as is evidenced by the scene of her venturing into the water at the end of the episode. Her attitude is that of a typical teenager - that the world revolves around her, and if she is not the center of the action, then obviously she must recapture that attention. She doesn't seem to consider that neither Jesse nor Rose has been "changed" either, yet their mother was - as was her father, so perhaps she is not the only one who isn't "good enough".

    I am glad that they seem to be speeding up some of the storylines in this show, although compared to the previous pacing it seems to be almost too fast. I'm a patient person, I can wait for the story to come together - I would just like it to happen in a cohesive manner.

    Have to go find the next episode now - forgot to set the vcr properly and so missed it - going to have to hunt for it.moreless
  • Too good a show to be on the bubble!

    Apparently things have gone sour for this series in a very short period of time. That’s unfortunate, but not too surprising. The major networks have had a terrible track record with genre shows, and even in the post-“Lost” world where dramas with touches of SF are more acceptable, it still comes down to the numbers.

    “Invasion” gets good ratings when taken in isolation, but the real kicker is the ratings drop between “Lost” and “Invasion”, which is significant. ABC is looking for a series that will retain more of the “Lost” audience, and right now, “Invasion” isn’t doing that. Then again, I’m of the opinion that any series is going to lose a huge chunk of the “Lost” audience. “Lost” is a massive hit with a huge following, but that wasn’t a given when the series started. It’s going to be equally rare to find another series, so soon after the fact, with the same level of support on the same night.

    It’s the same kind of idiot logic that FOX has maintained regarding Friday nights. They constantly point to “X-Files” as the standard bearer for successful shows on Friday nights, but they also forget two very important factors: “X-Files” wasn’t a major ratings hit until it moved to Sunday nights, and “X-Files” was also a unique situation like “Lost”, a show with a relatively large initial fan base.

    As far as I’m concerned, the series was in trouble from the moment that the network pushed the producers to ramp up the pacing. I’m not one to bash on network suits for offering suggestions, since they can be useful in some circumstances, but it’s typically not a good sign if the network is asking for changes to the fundamental nature of the show.

    All that said, I thought this was a great episode that carries forward tons of plot and character threads. I think it’s about time that Little Minx Kira finally started wondering what’s in the water and why she’s not good enough for the changes. Talk about taking the “effects of divorce on the extended family” metaphor to new levels. Kira is playing up the “I’m the neglected old family” thing to the hilt.

    I was also completely shocked to discover that Underlay was pulling together his little army with the ex-CIA guy who Russell was warned about, which just screams “trouble” in the worst way. So the two people who managed to survive the “replacement” process intact are working together, and Underlay may or may not know what his ally’s ultimate goals are. Yeah, that’s not a recipe for disaster!

    I also found the Dave-creature to be incredibly creepy. I’m not one for being freaked out by conventional horror elements, but this was well done! For all that the pacing has been increased, the writers are taking the time to explore some of the less obvious aspects of the premise. With the possible exception of the scenes between Russell and Larkin, which just aren’t as interesting, this was a solid episode that points to some massive plot twists as the season shifts into the “resolution” phase…if the network doesn’t pull the series in a fit of stupidity.

  • Tom recovering in mere hours not days....Kira growing up too fast...and which one was Dave? Please read on...

    I agree this was a very good episode, and leaves me with plenty of questions. Maybe I am going way too the dark side, but my theory is how do "we" know which creature was Dave? None of the others seem to have "Clones". And if the others did have a clone that we do not know about which is the clone and which is the person? I am just wondering if the one that died wasn't really Dave and the clone is the one left with Russel. I know I am stretching it. And just how far along is Larkin? Supposedly its only been a month since the hurricane and she was barely pregnant then. And Kira, she is about to take a step she can't turn back from. And if being whatever Tom is, is not suppose to be a bad thing why wouldn't he want his daughter to be one? And if he knows about this island of the misfit and that they are about to take back whatever was there's, is he helping the enenmy of his own? Just some pondering thoughts, like I said this episode left alot to want to know.

    till next week....moreless
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