Season 1 Episode 7

Fish Story

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2005 on ABC
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Larkin barely survives a car crash and the fate of her unborn baby is unknown. Larkin gets picked up by a stranger in a pick-up but she soon becomes suspicious of his motives. Meanwhile, Mariel tries to reconnect with Jesse.

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  • 7 episodes gone (that is, 7 weeks!!) and *n*o*t*h*i*n*g* has happened... is this a series about some sort of E.T.-fish, or a psycho-drama about some people somewhere after a hurricane??? HUGE script-errors, if this series pretends to be serious.moreless

    1. Larkin is trapped in the car and she hears HER radio twice, she even tries to reach it before getting out of the car. Yet, she leaves the car and \"FORGETS\" the radio?? Her only mean to contact her family and she \"forgets\" it??? I don\'t buy that. Script error no X.

    2. Not happy yet, instead of going BACK to the road she left, she thinks it will be easier to find help getting further into nowehere... If the answer is that she was escaping from the army... no kidding, they would have been able to kill her already if they were still looking for her. Script error no X+1.

    3. She\'s in pain, in someone else\'s car, and they decide that it\'s best to stop and find some sort of nasty restrooms than just getting some clean fresh air right there where they already are... I mean, if someone is buying that they really need to stop the car cause she\'s in pain, I really cannot understand how these people can also buy that she\'s much better hidden in the nasty restrooms than just getting fresh air and not be out of the sight of other possible cars passing by. Script error X+2.

    4. Russel is together with his brother in law (Larkin\'s brother) looking for Larking, quite desperately already since they know for a fact that she\'s lost. Yet, they start some sort of cheap-chat about their lives... for god\'s sake, have you guys been seriously looking for someone and after 1 hour of search you start talking about your feelings and other silly stuff??? Not buying that either. Script error X+3.

    5. And who cares about the psycho-drama between Jessie and his mother? Seriously, we got the idea: Jessie does not trust her, let\'s leave the transparent details for the forum. Script error X+4.

    And so on... I started with the \"script error\" no. X because there were quite some within the first 6 episodes. I\'m a series fun, I like them, from \"Lost\" to \"Desperate Women\", from \"House\" to \"Gray\'s Anatomy\", and \"Invasion\" looked like a good one, the idea is good, or so it seemed, but I\'m not sure I\'m waiting any longer... for nothing.

    Ugh, I thought this was to be *this* year\'s series. I was wrong.moreless
  • Just as i thought invasion was getting good...

    this episode was a load of bull****. it only revealed one thing, what the alien looked like.(squidlike,how original)The main plot being larkin after the car crash was slow and boring. The subplot with jesse and his mom was slow and overdramatic if you ask me. This episode was a dissapointment after the exciting previous episode and i hope that the rest of the season doesn't carry on in this trend. Overall, it was a poor episode with a poor plot. Is it me or does invasion not seem like a science fiction show? this is segarules signing out. Goodbye !moreless
  • Awesome.

    In this episode Larkin's life is in trouble. Larkin gets a ride with a guy who is pretending to be a foreigner. This is a little slow episode, but you don't mind that it is, the characters are so rich and they populate this rich universe. So much is invested with the characters' inner battles, Russel and Tom are fighting each other. They don't know what the other might be up to, Larkin's been caught in between that battle. There's a battle between those that were changed by the hurricane and those that survived it. That conflict is starting to take shape here and we're beginning to see its face.moreless
  • larkin barely survives the car crash and is picked up by a stranger whose motives are questioned

    very gud episode i was on edge of my seat and dint get up once. i have one thing to say why does everybody have a problem with the character larkin maybe shes undeveloped for a reason she may have something big to hide i hope this episode proved she is needed in the show so boo to all of u who think she shud be cut ur wrong , shes sooo much more enjoyable to watch then mariel tahts for sure and her and russel make a sweet couple u lot are jus jealousmoreless
  • fianlly a good episode

    i have waited many episode to see if this storie line impproves to a better storie teller. In this episode we still do not know what are the intension of the aliens and the writers and directos i think do not make a good job on conecting frame to frame. Some of the frame and scenes take to long ot develop and when you see it the hour has gone by alreadymoreless

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    • Goof: Larkin questions Gerard about the age of his son by stating that President Clinton sent troops into Haiti in 1994, so therefore his son ought to be 11 years old. Gerard quickly agrees. The troops arrived on September 19, 1994 and Gerard stated that his wife was still carrying their son (i.e. he was not born yet). Assuming the son was born in 1995, the most he would have to be is 10 years old if he already had his birthday this year. He couldn't be 11 yet unless he was born in late September, October or early November of 1994 (assuming that time on the show is passing as quickly as it is in real life and that the hurricane occurred on 09-21-05 when the pilot aired).

    • Goof: When Larkin crashes, the headlights of her SUV are on. But when they show the same vehicle from behind, the tail lights are not on although the headlights are still on in shots from the front.

    • Goof: This takes place in the scene where Sheriff Underlay arrives at Larkin's overturned car where Russel and Dave are looking for her.

      As Russell and Dave leave the area to search further, the camera focuses on Underlay with the swamp behind him. About center of the very right edge of the screen I saw what appeared to be a person become visible in the distance and bending over as if to pick something up.

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    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: July 28, 2008 on Veronica

    • Why didn't Larkin take the radio with her when she freed herself from the van? It would have saved her all that trouble. Clearly it was working because she was trying to reach it when Russell was radioing her. But then again, if she had taken it, there would be no episode of them trying to find her, so then why mention the radio in the first place?