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Official Submission Guidelines - Please Read Before Submitting...

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    First off I would like to thank sesho2022 for compiling the best submission guidelines out there.

    AIR DATES are preset as 1/1/2007 until an air date has been released.

    DO NOT SUBMIT A SYNOPSIS BEFORE A SHOW HAS AIRED, unless the synopsis is missing. Same goes for Trivia, Notes and Recaps. Any contributions made before this airing will be automatically rejected.
    Thank you for your patience.
    Once again, I am posting some guidelines, so people know how to make a submission that I will take.

    What is Trivia?
    --Something that happens onscreen--you can see it when you watch the show, like a little detail that you might not notice, watching for the first time.

    --It's not obvious, if you don't watch closely. If it's really obvious, it's not good trivia.

    --A goof. Something that you think is a mistake in the show.

    What is a Note?
    --Something that happens offscreen, like the music that is played, something about the writer or production, when it was aired, etc.

    --If you can see it when you watch the show, it's not a note, it's trivia.

    "Eddie Cibrian is does not appear in this episode" is Trivia, not a Note.

    What is an allusion?
    Something that refers to another show, movie, book, or a cultural reference.

    "Tom tells Russell that he better Shock the Monkey. Shock the Monkey is a 1982 song by Peter Gabriel.

    What is a recap?
    --A recap has the WHOLE plot, it tells you everything that happened in that episode.

    --It has spoilers. (If you see plot spoilers in a summary, it's a recap in disguise and you can rewrite the summary and submit the one with spoilers, if there is NO recap for that episode).

    What goes in a summary?
    No plot spoilers!.
    But if it's in the preview in the previous episode, it's ok (just point that out in your comment).

    --It's usually short and a teaser and doesn't give away too much of the plot. One to three sentences is good.

    --It's written in your own words.
    If you find it on another website, use a thesaurus and rewrite it a little. Change the order of the words, use a synonym, correct the spelling, etc.

    --Don't just change one word, unless it's misspelled, because I will reject those.

    Spelling corrections, even for one word is a good edit that will be accepted. Please write which word you changed in the comment box.

    --It should have good spelling.
    Use spellcheck or write it in Microsoft Word and paste it into the box. I'll fix minor mistakes, but if there are too many, I will send it back.

    --If you see a recap in the summary box, paste it into the recap box and submit it, with or without a summary.

    --If you see a summary or recap that is plagiarized (copied word for word from another website) you can submit it to be deleted.

    (Remember you get a lot of points for fixing any of these).

    What do I love to get as a submission?
    --Corrected spelling
    --Corrected grammar
    --Corrected format

    Make sure you mention what you are correcting, or I might think it's a duplicate quote if I'm not paying attention.

    If you are correcting something long, like a recap, paste some of your changes into the comment box, because it's really hard to see what you've changed in those tiny submission boxes.

    How do I put the line spaces in a quote?
    The preview is broken, and doesn't show the spaces that you put in from pressing the enter key on your keyboard. When you submit it, it shows up
    correctly on the page.

    When you put in < p> or < br> tags, the quote ends up with an extra line space. So just press the enter key after one character talks and start out with a new line and that works. See the html in the example at the end of this blog.

    What makes a good quote?
    --It should be interesting
    This is an example of a bad quote:

    Russell: Nice weather we're having!
    Larkin: Yep, it's a lovely day.

    --It shouldn't be a whole scene. It should be short. It could even be one line long, but probably shouldn't be more than 6 lines.

    --It needs to have the correct format and spelling, or I will return it to you to fix and re-submit. See the official format by Missribs below:


    Quotes are specific dialogue between characters. Quotes submitted should always be specific to the episode, not the show, and should be formatted as follows:
    here is an example:

    Brooke: So that’s the boy that beat Nathan?
    (Peyton nods)
    Brooke: Well, he's good from behind.

    Here is the html:

    < b>Brooke: So that’s the boy that beat Nathan?
    < i>(Peyton nods)
    < b>Brooke: Well, he's good from behind.

    Please do NOT use any quotation marks.

    Please do not use < p > or < br > tags.

    Please put html tags for italics around any "action" (as shown above),
    using < i > and < /i > tags.

    Please put the colon OUTSIDE of the < /b > html tags.

    Edited on 03/02/2006 10:56am
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