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What would have happened to Larkin?

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    What would have happened to Larkin if there had been a seson 2?

    The end of season 1 was so exciting, they never should have cancelled it.

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    Larkin was going to be presumed dead if Season Two had happened. Tyler Labine had an interview with TV Guide in August of 2006, and he said where the show would have gone had there been a second season. You can find everything he said on the Wikipedia page for the show.
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    They say that she would be presumed dead but I doubt a little. I figure it be a few weeks after the incident at the beach and have the entire flash backs to fill in the gaps. After that Russell and Dave would make it there goal to ruin Tom.

    At the end of the episode they would have Larken come out either fully clothed in the same clothes she was wearing or she would be foundnaked. THe last possibility is the military finds Larkin's body and subjects her to all sorts of tests to make sure she was human or one of the lifeforms. Once they find she is human they subject her to more tests to determine why she wasn't turned. If she another lifeform they'll subject her different tests and keep her forever until she escapes.

    The last alternative is human Larkin is found by military and Larkin copy finds her way to Russell. I think this one would be best for plot twists.

    I don't think the lifeforms would know what to do because they hit the stomach as well and they would have two different sets of DNA to do stuff with. So I'm inclined to believe that she gets captured by military and they findshe'shumanafter thiswe find out that Tom's first wife is leading the military. Then season 2 unravels.

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