Season 1 Episode 10

Origin of Species

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2005 on ABC
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After a couple reads his blogs, they abduct Dave to find out what he knows about the hurricane's aftermath. Sheriff Underlay and Sirk discover the identity of the woman in the bay. Sirk gets a close glimpse of the orange lights.

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  • What was this?!?

    This episode had tons of potential. Maybe that's why I am so bothered by how it ended up. What kind of logic was that? God wanted you to loose you arm so now He has given you a test to see if you'll follow his will. That is only one (extremely skewed) way to view the events surrounding the arm. It comes across as insulting to those who hold strong religious views.

    And this is without discussing the ridiculousness of using a *chain saw* to remove the arm again. Seriously? I can buy not wanting to involve too many people. By why couldn't the sheriff do it? I just cannot imaging the person who could use a *chain saw* *one handed* on their *own arm*. The guy who removed his own hand while trapped in Utah took *days* to come to that conclusion and then used a much more appropriate tool.

    And this is without talking about the illogical couple who kidnapped Dave. A few *simple* explanations up front and *both* sides gain a valuable ally. The only redeeming stuff was the full revelation about the lights in the water and what they do. The ending blew the whole episode for me... not that it was doing great before that.moreless
  • Another great episode.

    Someone abducts Dave, Russel tracks him down to an abandoned navy base. We learn for the very first time that Tom Underlay is really a hybrid. This explains his creepyness. We're not sure yet about that until this point, it makes us wonder if he is a hybrid, is he good or bad. It's a nice twist. A recurring character Healy is introduced in this episode, he reveals certain details about the lights in the water. It turns out it's been happening for years. This episode is well made, the mystery is given more substance. It makes the next episode a must see.moreless
  • The best episode yet, and a clear example of what Invasion can do! Blew me away, and had me screaming at the TV for having to wait a week to see the next episode!moreless

    For all those people who have criticised 'Invasion', I hope this has shut you up, because if you are still not satisfied after this episode, I cant imagine what else you can ask for. Where do I start?!

    First of all, Dave's kidnapping is a surprise. I mean, being my least favourite character, I wasnt so much concerned for his well-being, as intrigued to see what would happen, and why he was taken. These scenes were played out excellently, with the lingering question of 'should he trust them or shouldnt he?' ever present in our minds.

    Dave's dilemma was interesting enough, but this episode gives us a whole lot more. When Sirk starts to investigate the body found in the bay, Tom decides to take drastic measures and lets him be taken by one of the light-creatures. This scene was breath-taking as we finally get to see the creatures up close. There was no hint of disappointment in this scene which you might expect after waiting so long to see them. My theory is, that the creatures take in all the DNA and genetic data through the pincer like leg's that they attach to the person's temples, abdomen and chest. They then create a duplicate of the person in the womb-like structure inside them, and leave the original copy to die. This is what was implied in this episode. I was so pleased that they actually showed us this happening, rather than just explain it.

    When Sirk resurfaces, arm intact, it was a real shock-horror moment! We can clearly see now, that Tom doesnt know everything that is going on, as he obviously didnt plan on this happening. The scene where he convinces Sirk to remove his own arm again, is harrowing and very chilling, and I felt really sorry for Sirk.

    The revelations keep coming in this episode as it is revealled by Dave's captors that the invasion has been happening all over the world, but it is only here that the effects of the take over have worked. All around the world the duplicates have turned violent and killed themselves and others. It is great to be given a little more backstory and gives the show a lot more scope and realism.

    The most exciting part of the episode was in the final moments, when after being shot by an unknown shooter, Pria reveals that it was her who stole the skeleton from way back in the pilot, and she has reconstruced the face on the skull. Before dying, she tells Russell and Dave where it is, and they go and look at it, and discover that it was Tom's skull! Completely unexpected and such a great plot-twist! Of course we knew that Tom must be a duplicate too, but it had never crossed my mind that the skull was him!

    This episode answers a lot of questions, but again poses a lot more. Such as, who shot Pria? What will Russell and Dave do now that they know about Tom? And just what makes the Everglades so special a place for the invasion to occur? This is definitely the best episode yet, and had me gripped all the way through. I think it's clear that things are going to heat up from now on, and that the Invasion has definitely begun!moreless
  • finnally is getting better

    the bad part of this show isa that the wqriters take to long to deliver us the clues for us to find out the truth, but in this episode we had a delivery of a substancial amount of info. With the adding of to actors thaty play the couple and put more spice to the story
  • Hmmm... so... is this what to expect?

    Well, loads happens, but I was almost ready to stop watching... and when even I\'m ready to stop watching, you can tell a show has sunk very low.

    Can we expect 9 episodes when nothin much happens, then a massively revealing episode and a cliffhanger ending.

    Still, a much better episode than I was expecting going on what's happened so far this half of the season.
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  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The couple that abducts Dave shows him newspaper cut-outs about what happened when a hurricane hit Brazil, Cuba and Argentina. In fact, the newspaper articles are written in Dutch and tell about a musical band, computers and anti virus software.

    • Sirk's missing arm had obviously been surgically amputated. When it comes back as a full arm and he decides to do a 'home' amputation, he uses an unsterilised chainsaw and we hear his screams, whilst Tom Underlay is outside. That kind of self mutilation would lead to an incredible amount of blood loss- it's even doubtful he could have sustained the chainsaw hacking through the arm without passing out. No doctor was in the immediate vicinity. He should have bled out and died within a few minutes.

    • The light-beings attack people by attaching tentacles to their abdomen, neck, and temple.

    • Lewis' arm is intact after his contact with the light-being. This implies that the creatures do not create copies based on a person's features, but on DNA or some other inherent method.

    • Nitpick: The person that abducts Dave puts a band around his arm to find a vein, then obviously jabs the needle in his arm without looking for the vein.

    • The book that Dave had been reading in bed the night he was abducted is "UFO Abductions in Gulf Breeze" by Ed and Frances Walters. The book purports to tell the first-hand account of a Gulf Breeze, Fla., UFO abductee's experiences.

    • We learn in this episode that the alien lights were seen in Brazil, Cuba and Argentina. Everyone who had seen the lights or had shown up naked after the hurricanes all killed themselves and others.

    • This episode marks the first time we see the process that the aliens use to take over a human.

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    • The gruesome final scene is very similar to the real-life fate of Daniel Rudolph. He is the brother of the infamous "Olympic bomber," Eric Rudolph who pled guilty to bombing abortion clinics, a gay nightclub and the Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. When Eric was a fugitive from the FBI, Daniel videotaped himself as he cut off his own hand with an electric saw. The hand was later reattached. This episode puts an interesting twist on the tale. Eric Rudolph opposed the authority of the government. Tom Underlay is the symbol of authority in Homestead as the sheriff.

    • The title of the episode references the famous and influential book by British naturalist Charles Darwin, "The Origin of Species." In the book, Darwin lays out his proof for the theory of evolution through natural selection. The full title of the book is "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life."

    • Dave refers to talking like Yoda in this episode. Yoda is the Jedi Master in the Star Wars movies who talks in riddles.