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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2005 on ABC
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A hurricane is quickly approaching a small town in Florida leaving the residents little time to prepare. When the hurricane finally hits, many of the residents' lives are in peril. Rose, one of the town’s smallest residents notices some mysterious lights in the heart of the hurricane. Meanwhile, after the storm, Dave discovers some mysterious skeletal remains.moreless

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  • Good characters, cast and direction ; great production and refreshing universe ; intriguing story with plenty of twisted events to enjoy

    Body Snatchers is one my favorite science-fiction film so when I read Invasion's synopsis I quickly checked my neck for a Puppet Master. Its pilot should both appeal to newcomers and die hard sci-fi fans. Most of the ingredients of a good sci-fi production are there.

    First the characters are smoothly introduced in the very first minutes and you quickly understand their complex relationships. Eddie Cibrian as Russell Varon is really the perfect ranger next door. Beautiful Lisa Sheridan plays her wife, Larkin Groves. Even if I found her character lacked charisma and that she looked too much like the perfect girlfriend, her job as a news reporter is quite interesting as her scenes make the story more dynamic and believable. There's also Kari Matchett (Cube 2 : Hypercube) as Doctor Mariel Underlay. Her blonde hair sort of mirror Larkin's one and the smoking purity that emanates from Kari's acting makes her character quite intriguing. Tyler Labine as Dave Groves did also a decent job even if I found his lines weren't original. It's like if he already knew what will happen when he's not supposed to. But I still think he's a good supporting character and should appeal to most geeks, conspiracy theorists or alien hunters. The only characters who didn't really convince me are the children but as I already watched the whole season back in 2006 I already know their profiles are not as boring as they seem. In fact there's one special scene I strongly recommend you to pay attention to, the one between the girl and Larkin about the news. Last but not least after all these years I still remember how amazed I was when I saw William Fichtner as Sheriff Tom Underlay. The actor's charisma is very impressive and confirmed the first great impression I had in Prison Break as Alexander Mahone. Moreover his character is definitely the most intriguing one of the story.

    Beside the casting and characters I also really enjoyed the direction and production. For example some of the Sheriff scenes are filmed in a way which makes the character even more mysterious. Eddie and Lisa also makes the perfect couple and I'm sure they had a great chemistry on the set. Moreover there're numerous settings so you'll definitely feel like if you were there. In fact I found there little town of Florida quite homey and I specially liked the outdoor scenes in the wild. And the very first minutes you definitely feel a hurricane is on its way as most people are running like little ants in the rain. The wind blows, objects are flying everywhere and most visual effects are good. My only complain would be that some scenes are too short and I wish the editing had been smoother.

    As for the story I found it intriguing but not fascinating because I have already seen films and read novels about the topics covered : Alien invasion, conspiracy theory… Otherwise even the first time I saw it I remember that I really wanted to know what would happen. Many questions were asked and most events should definitely invite you to pursue the experience further. For example I remember laughing at the Sheriff because I noticed something funny about him, it would definitely make a good trivia. An other scene really scared me as I wasn't expecting it. Of course it's still too family friendly for my taste but the universe is heterogeneous enough to appeal most viewers. Everyone should also find numerous references to their favorite cultural works so there're many rock solid elements to enjoy. Or should I have written water liquid instead ?moreless
  • i just loved the pilot...

    its been a while but i remembered i loved the pilot of this great tv show. you can say it was love with first sigth :) after i watched the pilot i was eager to see what would come of this tv show. so when it started i was clued to the screen instantly. it had everything going for it, the mysterious alien, the body snatching and let us not for get the great actors that sucked you into this great story straigth away. at the last episode of the season one i was high into everything called invasion. but then it ended shuddently and left us at a cliffhang, and there we still are today. its really sad this show had everything going for it. i still hope for another season and a worthy ending of this great show.moreless
  • Intriguing Start.

    I`m not much of a Sci-fi fan, but i`m a big William Fitchner fan (mainly because of his involvement in Prison Break), so I check this show mainly because of him. Well, it was a pleasant surprise.

    Lots of character introduction of course, it looks like the characters won`t take much time to grow on me. The whole alien mystery was very well written into the story and that intriguing character changes after the hurricane is also pretty good.

    Fitchner plays Tom and it looks like he is a guy with some mysteries around. I`m quite interested here, it was a pleasant pilot, the series could turn out to be great.moreless
  • This could be a very intriguing series, I look forward to seeing where they take this.

    Some have commented that the pilot was slow moving. They’re not wrong but it was because they were making sure they had a solid foundation from which to continue. There are a lot of characters and a lot going on so I enjoyed the depth and detail of this introduction. By the end of it, you knew exactly what was going on, who's related to who etc. So many shows take several episodes to fill in details which can be really annoying. With this pilot, you knew everything up front, means it can move faster later because intro character detail is no longer necessary, they can just add what is relevant as they go.

    The hurricane was very cool and beautifully done. An excellent concept too, aliens using the impressive distraction to invade. And this is how an invasion should be done – subtle, sneaky, more infiltration that outright invasion. It’s the way I’d do it. The aliens themselves are beautiful… but mean.

    Taking Mariel is a good choice – she’s a community leader, respected and will obviously have a say in health related issues, like the quarantine. She still seems to be herself so this looks like a form of possession. It will be interesting to see how much control they have over her or will it just make her suggestible?

    Liked little Rose, she’s at the right age to know something is wrong with her mother. The adults will just dismiss it as a reaction to her… abduction? or whatever they did to her.

    The skeleton Dave found is cool, raises new questions. Are there different types of aliens or just different things they can do? Mariel got changed but Dave got attacked. Definitely want another look at that skeleton.

    I was very impressed by the pilot which is why I was so surprised to find it had been cancelled. Typical television execs, cancel the decent shows and keep the low-class garbage like Jerry Springer.moreless
  • A good start to an adventure show.

    This show starts with the c-130 in the air. a nifty cgi sequence and then the lights in the water hits the plane, and the lights fall close to homestead. then the following day things around town have changed. it's a very compelling introduction to this show, the pacing was written properly so that it connects to the other episodes, the writers did a good job. we are introduced to the ensemble cast. the characters are really interesting, this is a story about 2 families that are finding ways to live together, and it's a smart hook. you just want this 2 families to turn out fine in the end.moreless

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