Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2006 on ABC
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After a visit to Mariel, Russell finds that Tom has taken the children on a vacation without asking permission. Someone is hiding outside of Mariel’s house and is discovered by Russell. Larkin is suspicious of Russell’s intentions towards Mariel.

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  • Still not quite enough, since the promos are more exciting than the execution

    The promos for this episode made it seem a lot more exciting than it was. The whole episode was indeed devoted to a message that Underlay needed to send to Mariel and Russell, but the manner in which that message was delivered was a lot less interesting than I had been expecting. The very end promises a more explosive confrontation in the future, however, and that sparks my interest.

    The triangle between Russell, Mariel, and Larkin is getting rather interesting, and not just because the truth about the “aliens” is out on the table. The writers continue to use the “alien” situation as an effective commentary on extended family dynamics. Mariel is in the middle, and Russell is her connection to her old life (her human side). Underlay makes it very clear that the children are the prize, the pieces in play.

    Underlay is actually very smart about it. He doesn’t do anything overtly threatening to the children, and his excuse is about as airtight as it can get. But he delivers a clear message by showing Russell and Mariel how easily he can turn their world upside-down. His offer at the end of the episode is very interesting move. He give Russell what he wants, further reminding him of what he stands to lose. And Mariel gets to see what it’s like to be without the children, thus pushing her to accept her new reality.

    This is what makes Underlay a compelling character. He’s something of a villain, especially since he’s preparing his “alien” brothers and sisters for a revolution, but he’s also got a point. The only way that things will go well is if both sides learn to live together and find common ground. Whether or not that’s possible is the key point in the conflict. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and that possibly remains with this family.

    So Underlay all but ensured that Russell and Mariel would be placed in a compromised situation in terms of what they know and how they react. But it also seems as if Underlay has some problems of his own, beyond Jesse’s curiosity and Kira’s petulance. There’s the threatening phone calls, which at this point, could mean anything. That means that there are still some complications left to introduce between now and, say, episodes 14-15, when the season usually begins ramping up to the resolution of a season arc.

  • A nice episode.

    Tom takes Jesse and Rose to a vacation house without Russel's permission. We see a little bit of Christina. Russel confronts someone at Tom's backyard. Jesse starts to be suspicious of Tom. This is a good episode, just like the other episodes. It's exciting and intriguing. We get to see something about Tom, what's he up to, is he on our side or the side of the aliens. We get to see Mariel dealing with Russel's suspicion of her. Even though they are alien hybrids, somehow they seem human in spirit, but we also see the other hybrids who are acting strangely.moreless
  • very good show, i enjoy the plot of this show.

    this is a 10. I have watch this series for a long time now and everytime I cant wait for wednesdays I hope they can continue this show for a long time. I enjoy the acting and the mysteries of the aliens. I can't wait till they come out with their hostile take over.
  • Finally getting good things happening. Now for the viewers that thought it was boring may get back into it for the action.

    I really enjoyed this episode. We are finally getting to the good stuff. I thought for sure when they had found Tom had taken the children, that was going to be it. I wasn't sure what he had in the bag since we had missed the previous episode. I knew the other officers were the ones that had attacked Russell. I sure hope that he doesn't mess it up between himself and Larkin. I like her. He needed to let her know before what was going on and simply ask her to keep it out of the press until he tells her its Ok. That's what having a wife is supposed to be about.moreless
  • I was very worried that Tom would put the kids in the water...

    I am not sure that Jesse hasnt already been infected or whatever they go through. I dont really want Larkin and Russel to be split up over the ex and her husband. I dont like thinking that Tom blackmailed her into giving the kids to Russel like she did and I think is should have been discussed with Larkin. And this island of \"misfit toys\" are they creaturs or wounded people? Are they the victim or the \"unsub\" these questions are why I keep watching but I just hope I am not disappointed with the answers. Plus I think \"Rose\" is the cutest actress and I hope she goes far in tis show and any other show that she does.moreless
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