Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2006 on ABC
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Knowing that Larkin and her unborn child’s life is on the line, Russell must stop her from reporting what she knows. Sheriff Underlay is injured and drifts between memories of the past and his present situation.

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  • Snoooooooooooooozer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apart from the fact that the whole episode was a snoooooozer . . . all I have to say right now is that I HATE this Larkin character! I want her to die a violent and slow death. She annoys the hell out of me more and more in EVERY episode! PLEASE kill the ***** Kill her ´cause she is killing the show! The little girl is also obnoxious. Why on earth am I watching this I wonder? It reminds me of Lost more and more and NOT in a good way! >_< Well it HAS potential I guess. But what’s with the bad actors?moreless
  • Awesome!

    This is perhaps one of the best episodes. It's revealing, we see something how Tom became a hybrid. He starts getting hallucinations of the past, we get to see a glimpse of what took place in the past. It's a really well written episode. Seeing flashbacks are cool for a sci fi show. It works well for this show. Russell realizes that Tom's role in the community is important and he has to stop Larkin from reporting the truth about him or someone might kill her. This episode is so riveting. It's a little bit fast paced, well it's a cool episode.moreless
  • Tom is shot by an unknown intruder while at home. While he is unconscious, he flashes back to the plane crash that changed his life nine years ago. Russell tries to convince Larkin not to go public with the truth about Tom and the rest of the town.moreless

    This episode I felt is the best of the series so far. People need to remember that the show isn't 100% sci-fi. Family bonds are crucial to understanding the dynamics of the show and how the plot moves. This episode was great, with the background music and emotional performances from Kari Matchett and William Fichtner in the flashbacks to the pond where they bonded for the first time. I still find many elements of the show intriguing and at points creepy. It was nice to see the characters before they all became dysfunctional, and the early relationship of Mariel and Tom. This episode was the best so far.moreless
  • Taking a cue from "Lost", and gaining strength in the sharing...

    The writers for “Invasion” must have been taking lessons from the writing staff from “Lost”, because they certainly found an interesting way to reveal some of Underlay’s secrets. As it turns out, it wasn’t so much an alien secret as it was something completely and perfectly human. The writers pull off an interesting philosophical trick in revealing one possible reason why Underlay’s conversion didn’t result in violence: Underlay had his newfound hope in Mariel to keep him focused.

    All right, I don’t completely buy it either, but at least they were going for something worthy in the process. One thing I liked about the episode, even as it continued to show too many people being far too calm about the invasion, was how well it took everything revealed to this point and gave it a clear direction.

    In essence, Russell now has a mission: to figure out what made the “alien” invasion so successful and how to keep it from spreading. Apparently the military knows all about the “aliens”, and they have their own reasons for letting the process continue in a limited capacity. Of course, that explains why Underlay has been working with the military. And there’s someone else out there who has survived about as long as Underlay, but he’s turned into a killer.

    Other interesting items are put on the table. If the human is sick in some way, the “alien” process doesn’t take. That doesn’t account for mental instability, but it does give Russell something to work with. What if a human were to purposefully infect themselves with a disease in order to become immune to the process?

    The writers are trying very hard to suggest that Lewis was the one who shot Underlay, but I’m thinking it was Missouri, or whatever the hell Mr. Ex-CIA called him. I think this represents a power struggle between Underlay’s more balanced approach and a the self-destructive and aggressive version of the “hybrids”. But it does reinforce one thing: if the converted human believes in something strongly enough, that can override the self-destruct part of the process.

    Which makes me think that Underlay’s plan for an “alien” army is actually meant to be one of defense, not offense. If he expects the military to turn on him and his people, he may be looking to defend his turf and create a mini-nation of his own. It all comes down to protecting family, which is one of the themes of the series. It’s remarkable how the writers continually place Russell and Underlay in opposite corners, only to bring them into common cause when it comes to protecting the ones they love.

    I’m baring scratching the surface on this episode, which is the sign of a strong and dense plot structure. Sure, some of the exposition doesn’t quite click, and Larkin continues to be a bit annoying in some of her scenes, but overall, this was a solid episode that kept my interest throughout. If the writers can keep this up, this series could end up being stronger than anyone had anticipated.

  • Fichtner keeps the show rolling, and the plot is starting to unfold in interesting directions

    Contrary to the other reviews I thought this was great episode on par with ER for opening gurney pushing excitement. Another superb performance from Fichtner, sliding between good and bad and back again. Just when you think you have him fixed in your mind he changes alignment once again.

    The reveal of the "closet" was a nice surprise which furher blurred the lines of Fichtner's character. As was the casual conversation about super powers by Mariel and Underlay.

    The actual invasion gets further elaboration and by the end whose side the heroes are on might not be quite as clear cut as you would think.

    The momentum of the past few weeks is still going (unlike Lost which stopped the plot development dead this week) and the ridiculous nature of the chainsaw incident is actually making sense in the context of recent episodes.

    So, good stuff.moreless
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    • Dave: Hell, I mean, Kira could be one of them.
      Russell: One of what? What are we talking about here?
      Dave: What?
      Russell: Come on Dave. Yeah, fine, these people have changed, OK. But what have they done? Until I know for sure that they're a threat to us, I'm not gonna start hanging everybody.

    • Russell: Please, Mariel, even--even if I'm wrong, until we know more about this, then you have to do everything you can to save his life.
      Mariel: He's my husband, Russell. What else would I do?

    • Russell: They don't take you when you're sick.
      Healy: Survival of the fittest.

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    • When the only thing in the padlocked closet is a small box, and later Tom asks Mariel what she found, she answers, hope. It's reminiscent to Pandora's Box, in that after everything awful escaped there was a little light left when asked what it was, it or Pandora called it Hope.