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  • Still great in 10 years

    I've just watched Invasion's one and only season and I must say it still looks GREAT. I'm absolutely serious about it. Totally love most of cancelled shows from that era, but Invasion is probably the best one. I have no idea, why it was cancelled, but it deserved at least the same attention as Lost or Supernatural got. Lost turned to complete crap, Supernatural's still airing and crap, but Invasion hasn't even been given a chance to turn into crap. Not fair!
  • Scould boycut all the damn tv networks

    Everytime you see a good tv serie it gets cancelled, one after another ive lost count on how many good series that you never see the ending on, iam amazed that the networks can keep going in this manor and people still support way they will never learn....
  • Best SciFy Drama Series

    This was a great series with William Fichtner of 24, Kari Machitt of Covert Affairs, and brief appearance of Director Vance from NCIS. GREAT STARS. Great Series. But as always great series CANCELLED!!! Look at Alcatraz, The Event, there are several others too. Thats why I don't watch TV. And then they do "Touch" what a stupid series. If they can't do anything right, bring back "24". This was an all time GREAT!!!! No more TV for me, I'll stick with Netflix!!!!!!!
  • Awesome show that was unjustly cancelled!

    Invasion had a really innovative and unconventional plot considering it's a show about alien invasion as the name suggests. At first I thought it was almost too unconventional since the aliens we're nowhere to be seen and frankly it just reminded me of a casual drama series. However as things started to roll I was hooked with all the subtle developments. It kept being interesting as the reality started slowly to dawn to the characters.

    The main characters of the show are basically these two families who are trying to make sense of their lives after the hurricane. The invasion was actually these lights falling the sky during the hurricane, which changed some people in some ways. Doesn't sound like much of a plot but despite this if you're a a science fiction fan I recommend you watch at least the first four episodes and decide for yourself.

    I must also say that most of the characters are fairly interesting for example Mariel who was "changed" by the lights in the first episode going through the changes and making sense of who she is right now. Still the best in my opinion is Sheriff Underlay, because it takes a long time to get a sense on which side he's on and what are his motives etc. Genuinely interesting character. I must also say that there are no clear bad or good guys in the show and that keeps things fresh. As to some negative things, the show did go with the "aliens, they look like us!" approach as so many others. I was bit disappointed to this conclusion.

    As the show goes on more of the changing cases begin to appear and more characters start to realize what's going on. In generally the things get more interesting towards the end, however I must warn you that if you don't like shows that don't have concrete ending than this is maybe not for you as some of the things are left quite open. The show was obviously sadly cancelled without a warning. You can really see it from the cliffhanger in the last episode that they really expected another season. In short it was a great show and it's a damn shame it got cancelled.
  • invasion was a great show it was one of a kind with all the right stuff added in it, what i wil miss most about this show is Underlay, he was just too cool, a little like Horatio but cooler

    whoever said invasion was a bad show obviously didnt bother to watch it. i admit it was a bit slow to start with but why would you want to stop watching it after hearing Rose telling her mother that she smells different or after seeing the wierd sheriff Underlay or even after Dave and Russell are attacked by the shiny yellow light in the water? why would anyone ever want ot stop watching after learning that the whole town has become wierd and that Sheriff Underlay is actually dead and that there is an army of hybrids out on some island waiting to take over the town with the help of a guy named Szura and that the army is in league with him? and why would anyone stop watching after seeing Underlay show up at the lake and ram that kid into the water so fast or after seeing him get shot and walk back on his feet in no time. plus lets not forget Russell and his not so optimistis behaviour as he tries to find answers for the towns problems and his families or Dave and his crazy ideas. and finally why would you evre not like this show after seeing the beautiful ending?
  • I miss this show and need closure. Maybe, it should be brought to the big screen for closure on the story line. It could last as long as Star Trek!

    I can hardly believe that they have canceled yet another show that is very entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat. My husband and I both enjoyed watching this show and would discuss what we thought would happen next. Is there anyone listening to what the viewers wants and not putting on more reality shows and silly sitcoms that make women look stupid. I would like to see how the characters evolve and handle their new lives as being hybrids. This story got shelved because of being so close to hurricane season and it needs another chance!

  • Was so excellent that I liked being invaded

    Good actors, no standard heroes, good background stories, just the right amount of mystery. I loved how the character of the sheriff revealed it's secrets as it developed from the suspicious may-be-alien to a almost normal person. The first few episodes were kind of slow as they built up the characters backgrounds and went for some chemistry and unfortunately that coupled with a lot of pre-empts from the network eroded the audience but for those who stayed it was well worth the time invested. "Invasion" inspires the imagination with a level of creativity that you rarely see on the network.
  • Please, return the Invasion!

    Please, return the Invasion! If you want to do this, nothing will stop you! Don't listen to anybody who don't like it! Hundreds of millions of fans around the world want to back the Invasion and if you will shoot the continued, they will watch it, believe me! I beg you about it on behalf of all who loves this show! We demand the continuation! It's time to give the Invasion one more chance. We miss Tom Underlay, Russel, Mariel, Larkin, Rose, Kira, Dave, Jesse, Lewis and others so much! You must to shoot the continuation, it couldn't be the end!
  • Make and give us a end!!

    Make and give us a end!!

    I loved the series and was disappointed the we were left with no acceptable end!!
    Invasion started slow and just when it became interesting it was cancelled!!
    What happened too Russel's and Larkin's baby, is Dr.Mariel is OK. ! Is Kira one of them. So please bring it back. To the American producers: I can understand that when the show doesn't run well in the States you cancel it , but with no worthy end, that I don't get!!!
    Also what with the European public???perhaps you should take in consideration that what American people don't like, European people do!!
    So continue to make great shows but with a proper end please Bring back invasion end give it a end!!!
  • this show was fantastic. bring this show back... and give us the ending we all need! its sad when such a great show fails, and crap like neighbours stays on year after year are ABC network execs that out of touch with what viewers wan

    this show was fantastic.
    i've watched every episode (which i was forced to download because one of our crappy free to air networks decided they werent gonna screen it, after advertising it and making it look so appealing) anyways. watched it. and loved every minute of it. how can they stop screening it. it showed such promise. it was thrilling and the last episode left us all hanging for the second season. all to no avail. bring this show back...
    and give us the ending we all need! its sad when such a great show fails, and crap like neighbours stays on year after year
    are ABC network execs that out of touch with what viewers want?
  • Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!

    The show was underated and not given enough publicity. Everybody I know was watching it... friends, relatives, and coworkers. I would have watched it become a five to ten year experience if it continued to develope like it did with each episode. They had the perfect writer, crew, and group of actors. I had this empty feeling when I first found out that it was canceled. I bought the complete series as fast as I could get my hands on it and watched all the eipisodes again within a week. The gag reel was great and it looked like everybody was having fun... but like all good things it had to end... well this shouldn't have though... not for several seasons. Thats my two cents...
  • Underappreciated!

    A very underappreciated show as I think that if ABC gave it another chance, it might had been a hit. But no the big wigs didn't want to see that as this was one of the sci-fi shows among "Surface" & "Threshold" to be cancelled as they were trying to bring back the sci-fi genre. As now a days, shows aren't given a chance to develop either in acting or writing. As they cancel them just as they are getting so good. William Fincher and Eddie Cibrian were awesome in the lead roles. Despite their so-called "feud", they meant well and their families bring in great support. Just sad that shows aren't given a chance to develop.
  • Bring it back!!!

    Bring it back! It's a very well builted sci-fi story. I love this tv-show. All the characters are so well builted and every actor is acting so good. Starting wih Eddie Cibrian (as Russ) and William Fitchner (as Tom), every actor it was choosen so good and act so well. I was so delighted to watch the first 22 episodes and i think it's necessary to continue the story, because after i saw the episode no22 which was very thrilling, i think it's very important to find out what's next. Thist tv-show it's a very has a very smart story and it's a MUST to bring it back and find out what's NEXT!!! You gotta make a very well builted END for a inteligent and good show like this!!!
  • Great show and plot twists! Bring it back!

    Invasion was a great show that was cancelled before it's time. It was a modern day invasion of the body snatchers movie but in TV form. First episode had it all aliens trying to take over from a small town in the hurricane. No one knew who was what and which poeople were the good guys. Dave one of the many characters who had so much potential if they brought it back knew what was happening to people and he was one of the many humans alive who was trying to save the human race and stop the invasion from happening. I believe the show could have had more viewers watching and more surprises like traitourus aliens or humans. It was sad to see it end and not know what was going to happen to Larkin was she going to live and become an alien or die? And who was the real force behind the Invasion.... we may never know.
  • Excellent Sci-fi, should have continued.

    A Brilliant series with Great Acting and Story lines, an absolute disgrace that it was shelved after One Series, considering some of the other rubbish pumped out season after season by various clongomerates, The characters and storylines were first class, which kept the viewer wanting more at the end of each episode, Shaun Cassidy certainly knows how to keep the viewer glued to his/ her seat, it had elements of a lot of other alien invasion story lines, but still felt unbelievably fresh, Its rumoured that ABC were forced to shelve the series by the US Government, because it was too close to true events.
  • I really enjoyed Invasion, i have seen every episode of Invasion on tv when it was aired, and have now bought the DVD. I am very upset and saddened to find out it have not returned to the screen. please bring it back to at least have a final conclusion.

    This was one of the best series around. It is far better than lost and prison break oh yeah and those crappy reality programmes. I feel that this show was never given a fair chance by ABC to reach the audience, with poor advertising, and long breaks between the airing of shows which led to the loss of viewers. Every time I think about it, I get mad at ABC. The fans are out there for this show. The message boards, fan sites for this show, and signers of this petition are all evidence of this. please bring it back!!
  • Great show, great actors, great plot. So why the hell did they cancel it?

    I really liked this show, was about these aliens who in a sense 'took over' peoples bodies when they went near the dreaded thing we all need to survive... WATER and well an invasion was happening in a rather quiet manner until the end but its complicated so you will have to watch as I cannot explain. I do however know this show was getting to be one of my favourites until they bloody well canceled the thing. It was so full of action and emotion that you really believed the actors. I really think this should have gotten another series at the very least, I was so peeved off at the end of series one. That was the biggest gaping whole from a series I have ever seen. Why oh why did they take this show off air? I guess I won't know what happens to her now, I can only imagine where this thing was going... I am afraid whoever watches this will love it only to realise it finishes on a much unneeded open ending (INSERT SECOND SERIES, oh wait there isn't one!)

  • Good sci fi all around

    ok ... so I finally watched the WHOLE season ... I was unable to watch it on air because I lost power for 2 1/2 weeks thanks to Hurricane Wilma. I recently bought it and watched it and LOVED IT! Sad though at the ending and how there is no closure!!! What happened with Larkin? And the baby? And Tom??? The town and family??? These kinds of things need to be resolved - like SURFACE - good up til then end and then it leaves you screaming COME ON!!! WHATS GOING ON??? WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Just one more episode please. ONE!
  • Nice show, too bad it ended so quickly.

    The overall idea of this show was great and the plot got me coming for more every week. I have to say that the first episodes tended to be a bit slow but, as the season progressed, things started to heat up. The characters were quite well played, actually some were fabulous! William Fichtner, as Sheriff Tom Underlay, kept the story alive and mysterious. Tyler Labine, as Dave, was the one who helped us put all the pieces together after every episode. Also, I have to say that I loved Ariel Grade, as Rose. For such a young girl, she did a superb job. Hope to see more of her in the future. The sad thing is the show was canceled and left us with a huge cliffhanger and plenty of questions. I believe it should be brought back! I am not a big fan of sci-fi, but this show and Jericho have made me closer to the genre.
  • What was that?

    The basis of this show is exactly what killed it. I will say the show had some decent acting, but I must say that it was all for nothing. Every time I saw this show, it made no sense. There was no sense of flow or buzz. It was always about surprise factor or scary moments. The one thing I actually thought was interesting was the previews and that says plenty. Maybe it would have been better had the show actually worked on character development rather than trying for cheap storylines and plots. Overall, I didn't like the show too well. Thank you.
  • A show interesting enough to overcome some minor issues with the storytelling.

    Invasion, as many other shows started in 2005 tried to ride the success of Lost. Lost started in 2004 and instantly became a hit despite it being serialized and consisting many sci-fi elements.

    Doesn't matter what year check, it always seems that serialized shows barely survive, so Lost's sudden break out was a surprise.

    Out of the big three(Invasion, Treshhold and Surface) it was Invasioon that managed to survive the longest , and in my opinion, it was easily the best.

    The characters:

    One thing is that unfortunately the main character (Russel) was the least interesting. That being said, Tom Underlay played by the amazing William Fichtner stole every scene he was in. He was the best character of the show with questionable morals. The rest of the cast - so so. We had the funny sidekick who was maybe a bit too curious, the usual teenagers with their drama and the wife and girlfriend.

    Just enough for a family drama - and true, there was alot of that. Sometiems it got annoying, but for the most, it gave the show a nice and unique feel.

    The plot was really good. The whole idea of a "silent" alien invasion was nice and very well executed. Loved how people who were "invaded" didn't actually change as far as personalities and presence go - that is how actually 2 of the main characters were inhuman.

    Surely that sounds cheesy but it wasn't. A very well thought out story with great writing. But the problem was.... well, it was slow. The first part of the first season excluding the pilot which was good, was just so slow that people started giving up on the show - already.

    Mysteries are good but if there is no progression then it becomes an annoyance. And there was no progression for a very long time. Not even new questions - just the same thing over and over again. These were the times when the writers tried to focus on the family drama but imagine the millions of people who were excepting a sci fi drama and got a family drama. This is why the show got cancelled. It has lost way too many viewers because the writers didn't really write a well defined show.

    The second half, though, especially the last 6 or so episodes weere absolutely fantastic, almost unbelivable good. High quality, and highly intriguing.

    Shame, there won't be a 2nd season. OR, in fact, a proper ending. We're left with a huge cliffhanger... but still, I thank for the cast and crew for providing me 22x42 minutes of entertainment:it was worth it.
  • Better then i thought it would be

    I'm mad!! ABC please rethink this dumb move to cancel Invasion. It is one of the most clever, cool and mysterious shows on right now. I wonder why the massive Lost fans hasn't taken on Invasion , heck it comes on right after Lost on Weds nights. I i'm guessing it was losing out to CSI NY or Law Order but I don't think thats much competition anyway. I don't know what it is with sci-fi shows and their relatively short life on network TV. At the very least this show would work excellently on the Sc-Fi network on cable & satellite. Please, some one start a website and demand more INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its weird how nearly all the sci-fi shows that came on last fall are all gone. Surface, the show that was on CBS and now Invasion. ABC needs to give Invasion more time. It has a nice cast led by Fitchner.
  • Seems like it is good to have an alien influenced show after the X Files.

    Has a good story line which evolves around people acting differently after a hurricane. Those survivors are having difficulties in adjusting with their previous routine. Mean while some people have encountered a strange specie that glitters in the waters. They were also seen showering down on that region during the hurricane. One man among them believes that they are extra terrestrial or in short ALIENS, who are trying to take over the Earth. The survivors feel really strange towards water. They think they have been given a new chance towards life. So all of them have made a survivor community so they may share their experiences.
  • An underappreciated, serial, "sci-fi"-ish drama that had interesting plots and strong potential. Sadly, it was cancelled before reaching a conclusion and left the fans with no answers.

    Invasion was one of the first 'LOST' type shows to try to capitalize on the success of an series long, serialized mystery. They did a lot of things right (interesting blend of character development and mythology) but also something things wrong (trying to slow down the mythology in the beginning). The plot involving the aquatic "alien" species and what its purpose was, what it was, and who was behind it was very intriguing but, sadly, the series ended on a cliffhanger that will never get resolved most likley.

    Just when we thought we'd get answers, ABC decided that it wasn't a big enough hit so they killed it. Had they realized that their decision to drag things out early on drove a large majority of the fan base away only to have some return at the end (though apparently no enough) was a bad decision, they could have salvaged the show and got things back on track.

    I want to recommend this show to people because when it was good it was great but with no resolution in the end it would be a hard sell. If you want to get into a show that offers an intriguing premise but leaves everything unresolved in the end, watch it, but just don't be upset with the ending. Maybe someday soon we'll get a TV-movie that gives us closure. Right...
  • This was one of the greats. Are ABC exec's High or what? put this wonderful show back on the air now! I still can't believe they took it off the air.

    A great new twist to the invasion story. Some of the best actors and actresses. The story was full of twist and turns and it always has you wondering what can happen next. The story was fun and innovative. Everyone I know that has watched the show just loved it. The only problem I see was that on a weekday it's hard to stay-up late to watch a tv show. This show could have been placed on a better time slot and I'm sure it would have done a lot better in the ratings. I hope someone in ABC really brings this show back.
  • I have watched all the episodes of Invasion in about 4 days. My family and I loved this show. Please bring it back!!!!!!!! The last episode left us hanging. And for God's sake please offer the same actors the same parts!!!

    This show puts you on the edge of your seat. The actors that play in this show are wonderful! The writers knew what they were doing!! If you want to watch a show that will keep you involved and interested, go to your local video store and rent the DVD's (approx. 6 of them). After you watch them you will see why everyone wants this show to return to television. It is unfortunate that the networks take shows off that are good family enterainment and put on shows in my opinion that haven't any value. Please again reconsider putting this show back on the air.
  • PLEASE bring it back we love to watch those and its make u watch it whole thing and still want more to watch~!

    Champ tv series, must watch it, its very great show was so upset that it not come back as 2nd season, i want know how homestead people doing,what about larkin? will she have human baby as hybrid or her baby become hybrid?? how it works?! how russell deal with tom after what he done? how children rose and jesse and kira handling that they not THEM, how Dave doing? is Dave still blogging about aliens ebe its so interesting and i hate hate hate hate hate hate its over. no explain what happened.. its sucks! :( its one of the best tv series! :D
  • Please bring it back I can't wait to find out what happened. We never missed an epi. Thanks!

    We loved the show sooo much. This was my hubby's favorite. We got into watching it together and never missed an epi. You never knew what was going to happen. We never got to find out if everyone got out OK. If Russel's and Larkin's baby made it into the world OK. We never got to find out if Dr.Mariel is OK. If all the kids are OK! If Kira happens to be one of them. So please bring it back. So, maybe you can answer all of our questions as to what happens next and if everyone is OK. Thanks!!!
  • A year later!

    A year. A whole year and I still want to see what happen to Larkin and her baby! I was soo Mad when they left the show like that and then it got CANCELED! I mean come on! PLEASE PLEASE bring it back! I really want to see what happened.
  • Over a year later, I am still waiting to see what happened after the storm in Homestead, Florida.

    I loved the mysteriousness of Invasion. The story lines were great. Every week I looked forward to trying to figure out what was going on! I could not believe ABC cancelled the show. This show is very similar to respect to not really knowing. I wanted to discover the truth!
    I loved all of the characters...Mariel was my favorite. I was glad to see she has a role in the new Heartland series and I will definately give that show a try.
    Maybe we will get lucky and we will get another similar show from Shawn Cassidy!
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