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  • invasion was a great show it was one of a kind with all the right stuff added in it, what i wil miss most about this show is Underlay, he was just too cool, a little like Horatio but cooler

    whoever said invasion was a bad show obviously didnt bother to watch it. i admit it was a bit slow to start with but why would you want to stop watching it after hearing Rose telling her mother that she smells different or after seeing the wierd sheriff Underlay or even after Dave and Russell are attacked by the shiny yellow light in the water? why would anyone ever want ot stop watching after learning that the whole town has become wierd and that Sheriff Underlay is actually dead and that there is an army of hybrids out on some island waiting to take over the town with the help of a guy named Szura and that the army is in league with him? and why would anyone stop watching after seeing Underlay show up at the lake and ram that kid into the water so fast or after seeing him get shot and walk back on his feet in no time. plus lets not forget Russell and his not so optimistis behaviour as he tries to find answers for the towns problems and his families or Dave and his crazy ideas. and finally why would you evre not like this show after seeing the beautiful ending?