Season 1 Episode 16

The Fittest

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • Another great episode.

    the action is in high gear, we're really treated with a very good plotline. the tension is rising with this episode. in this episode, we explore the characters of christina again. she's pregnant and might be giving birth soon. russel and tom hunts down christina and stevie through the woods. they find some illegal immigrants hiding within the everglades, some of them have changed into hybrids. christina is really losing it on this one, the acting is superb, we see teens making irrational decisions that messes the world around them. The writers made another great episode, I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • finally we are looking a good storie plot

    this is by far the best episode i have seen from this siries. In this episode we strsat to see what are the intnetion of the invaders. I hope that the writers and directors speed up the info so we do not get borard like i did in the begening of this series. Also this show is in need of sdome guest actors to fill with intrige like the x-files did when they were on the air.
  • A slower episode than usual which feels long and drawn out. But it does reveal more about key aspects of the plot.

    This episode is good but to me feels as though it was stretched a little too thinly over the 45 minutes.
    The storyline was revealing not only to us but to the key characters as Mariel expains to her family exactly what happened to her on the night of the hurricane.
    It is the reaction to this by Jesse which was one of the frustrations of the episode for me. His childish sulking seems to be his only reaction upon finding out something he wasn't aware ofand felt he should have been told sooner. Your Mother's been permanently changed by aliens get over yourself!
    Another annoyance was the Christina/Derek situation. Although it revealed more about what the hybrids have actually done to their victims, with the implantation of the eggs and the glowing lights, the way it was done with these characters was just stupid. Both of them believing it was a baby was tiresome and the simpering of Derek when Christina wanted to kill it was equally tiresome.
    The only right move she's has made so far is that of shooting Derek right at the end.
    One redeeming factor of the episode was when Szura's identity was revealed. It was quite shocking given that he'd already appeared in the episode under another alias. But what was more shocking is that it's Paul Raines from season four of 24 back from the dead. Spooky!
  • Great episode to get back into things.

    This series is getting more interesting that's for sure. I did't expect Christina to shoot her man.I know that Derek seemed to be in her way at times but that wasn't expected. That thing in her is really starting to make me wonder.I keep thinking that maybe she is going to give birth to something like what Russel found in that alligator in an earlier episode. Oh yeah and why wasn't Kira affected by the orange light, she was abducted or so it seemed unless I am missing something.Then there are the kids that seemed to take the news better than any children I know would have when Mariel had her moment with them. I am glad to see the show again ABC needs to keep it on weekly and it might just be a more popular choice if it can be counted on. It really seems like it is going somewhere
  • The Pregnancy

    Obviously, this pregnancy is really important to understanding of the 'aliens'. Although, apparently no one wants to call them that. I'll be interested to see what happens with Muriel's 'ovary'. I cannot wait to find out what the ultrasound reveals on Christina.

    I absolutely love this show, and this episode was sooo good. Obviously, Derek cared about Christina, she doesn't seem to care about anything or anyone however. It was pretty cool to see that the 'baby' was obviously protecting itself within her. I can't wait to see what happens when it's born.

    Again, great great episode from these writers, job well done!!!
  • This show just seems to get on my better list. (spoilers)

    The last handful of episodes have really impressed me so much that it has changed from very ify to something I look forward to now, and its potential keeps growing. Though it may be a fluke I like to hope they are just making better storylines and character arcs on purpose. They way they are including the whole family in the ‘secret’ was a pleasant surprise compared to how other shows (such as Lost) don’t really move much. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but it seems like their getting ready to set us up for a huge cliff-hanger. OH, and I got a real kick out of the girls kid(s) fighting back when she tried to abort it.
  • great

    this show just keeps on getting better and Better,I loved this episode, somethings answered, more question asked, I can not wait for the Baby to be born,this is one of the best shows of its kind, maybe one of the best period, it will be a huge injustice if does not get season two..
  • The series continues to improve as the metaphor really kicks in...

    It feels like forever since “Invasion” was on the air, and that’s a good thing. It’s good because the series hasn’t been gone for all that long, but the story has improved dramatically enough that any extended wait is difficult to handle. This episode begins with the same level of tension that dominated the previous installment and lets it evolve in some disturbing directions.

    Now that the season arc has turned to the “resolution” phase with this mini-arc involving Christina and her child, the revelations and implications continue to pile up, making a lot of the groundwork from earlier in the season a lot more tolerable. I wouldn’t say that the slower pace was absolutely necessary or that every detail from earlier episodes connects to the present, but we wouldn’t care about the characters if the relationships and personalities hadn’t been explored.

    For instance, Larkin’s adventure on the military base earlier in the season finally pays off in this episode with the delivery of very important information for Russell and his allies. He now has solid evidence on how badly Underlay’s plans have spiraled out of control, and more than a little reason to suspect that Underlay and Szura are working together.

    Underlay speaks to the question of survival, which seems to suggest that he has learned something about the past history of the “aliens” from Szura. Still, he knows just enough to understand how much is being kept from him, and that his version of survival may not align with the more primal impulses of the hybrid mentality. The migrant workers looked like a school of very focused sharks, intent on living in their own way within their territory and eliminating any threat to that way of life. It reminded me of a National Geographic special, and I mean that in a good way.

    Christina’s plot thread is not quite as strong, though it slips into serious and disturbing directions with relative ease. The writers seem to confirm that Christina is particularly nuts, not just more aware of her hybrid nature, and Elisabeth Moss does a great job of shifting moods. She moves from terrified to serene to domineering to seductive as if the transitions were perfectly normal. Russell’s idea, about how the hybrids might be a bridging species to something else, may not be far from the truth. It’s also quite possible that the aliens are dying and need to create hybrids to breed (which is a far more disturbing concept).

    The heart of the episode, however, must be the awkward decision for Mariel to explain, in very general terms, how she has changed to her children. Just as it’s important for Russell and Underlay to come to terms and find common ground, if the “family” metaphor is going to work, it’s equally important for Mariel and Larkin to work together. The central conflict is really taking shape: the desire for everyone to find a way to live together facing off against the desire for two species to see to their own survival. Apply that to the families in general, and the metaphor is coming along nicely!