Season 1 Episode 6

The Hunt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2005 on ABC
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A family of Cuban refugees tries to make their way to Miami. After they notice the lights in the water, their escape from Cuba is cut short. The next morning Russell encounters one of the Cuban survivors. Meanwhile, Mariel attends a support group and Larkin realizes that someone is following her.moreless

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  • i has become a silly show

    with us the viewers not knowing much abour the plot of the storie and the director that not develops the storie line (to slow) is has become a silly show. I do think that the y can have a great show for us to see if the events are shown faster in the episodes every week. The actors are doing a good job by i would like to see some old actors to do a guest start in the showmoreless
  • Another great episode from Invasion.

    More is revealed about the mystery surrounding the town of Homestead after the hurricane. In this episode, we see Russel on a hunting trip with Dave and Jesse along the florida everglades. This is one good episode, I get to love the show even more when i watch it each week. The writer focus on making an adventure show that has a subtle tone but contain a strong impact. The serialized format is a very good idea in telling the story of invasion. It's a really fun show to watch. This week was another cool episode, I just can't wait to see the next episode. ABC should stop the re-runs, their destroying the shows pacing. Invasion Rocks.moreless
  • Getting better

    I was very amused by \"The Boys\" going out in a dingy THAT small.

    It became very obvious very quickly that:

    a) the dingly was overloaded with three of them in it - particularly when on one side

    b) that if they expected to net the alien and get it anywhere, they would need a tug-boat - well certainly something larger than they had.

    I think the scene with the swamp-folk and the tracking signal pointing firmly at the son who appeared to be mentally retarded, was a little dissappointing - I\'m sure that more could have been made from it.

    It is however improving and as the bits fit together and people realise what is going on, it has good potential.

  • Really enjoyed this one

    I really liked this one as it focused on Sheriff Underlay and his wife. Underlay just chews up the screen whenever he is on and is better at being the anti-hero than Russell is at being the hero.

    I thought that the whole teenage obsession with Mariel was amusing in spots, creepy in others. I think one of the neat things about this show is that the "creatures" are not fully otherwordly. The kid acts a lot like the Natasha Henstridge character from Species, revved up as he is on teenage sex hormones and supposed creature instinct but Mariel reacts to him in the flustered, amused and slightly flattered way that any 35 year old might to the obvious crush of such a young guy.

    And at first you think Sheriff Underlay is just being the jealous husband - with the benefit of sharing some of the kids hormonal and instinctual drives. I thought that he might kill the teen - but instead at the last minute he is fatherly or big brotherly and we get the bonus of finding out even more about what the mysterious sheriff knows.

    Nice viewing...moreless
  • Although perhaps not as enthralling as the last few episodes I don't want to be negative here because I know I already have very high quality standards for this show. That said, there was a lot of small things that made The Hunt a totally solid episode.moreless

    There are some good moments in this episode but overall it’s hardly as enthralling as the last few episodes. I’m not trying to be negative ‘cause this episode was very good, but I suppose I already have very high standards set for the quality of episodes. That said, there was a lot of small things that made The Hunt a totally solid episode.

    Derek was great in this episode hitting on Mariel. It was creepy, and effective. Maybe he will be more in tune with his new ‘abilities’ than others still being a teenager.

    We learned some interesting facts in this episode too like how Russell’s parents sent him on a boat from Cuba when he was 10 and never followed him. This seems to me a great potential set-up for a future storyline. Maybe they tried to follow but got caught up in the crazy lights…

    We also get a bit better glimpse of the sea creature glowing light thingy, which looks like a bright yellow manta ray or something. And in the climax we are teased with the characters coming face to face as it were with a hybrid, alien human. If there’s one slightly frustrating part about the slow pacing with this show it’s that the characters take such a long time to get to where I am (or at least think I am) with the overall story arc. They are however picking up the pace. And in an episode or two we should probably all be on the same page. Also, I really wouldn’t find it believable if the characters acknowledged the sci-fi clichés happening around them. After seeing these glowing creatures at work I’m also wondering if perhaps they are not aliens at all, maybe its like in The Abyss and they’re just creatures who live below the sea and have always been there. Then again maybe The Abyss creatures were actually space aliens, not sure that was really ever very clear.

    Larkin might be getting herself into a more interesting storyline with this episode too. She is being aggressively followed, probably by the government, and will find out more in the next episode. Just have to wait until Wednesday to find out I suppose.

    I’m really digging where the show seems to be going. The story is getting to a point where the action will soon be able to theoretically move a bit faster. Also I think it should be noted that the entire storyline so far has taken place over what, maybe two weeks or so. In the character’s lives this is all relatively new. I’m looking forward to things happening at a quicker pace, but I’m also still enjoying the ride along with them.moreless
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Matt Ross

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Sylva Kelegian

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    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: July 21, 2008 on Veronica

    • Russell tells his son Jesse that he came over from Havana by himself on a boat in 1980, when he was 10 years old. His parents were supposed to join him on the next boat, but they never did.


    • Derek calls Kira and Jesse as Marcia & Greg. This is in reference to step-siblings on the infamous Brady Bunch.

    • Dave refers to the 1972 movie Deliverance in two separate scenes. In the swamp near the site where Kira's mother died in 1996 (her father Sheriff Underlay was the only survivor on the plane), Dave begins mimicking the Duelling Banjos song from Deliverance.

      Later at the campsite, Dave tells Jesse and Russell "This is just like Deliverance."

      In the movie Deliverance, four urban men go on a rafting trip down a backwoods river where they encounter hostile country folk. The movie received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture and John Boorman was nominated for Best Director.