Season 1 Episode 17

The Key

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • an awesome episode.

    this time christina holds mariel hostage. the writers did a good episode for christina, she's as crazy as ever, this episode really justifies her role. mariel is also seen here, she's also the center of this episode. mariel outsmarts christina, getting tom to come to her rescue. christina's reign of terror ends in this episode. she's one of the best characters in this show, but her part ends here. eli szura makes an appearance here, he was on the last episode, but he actually has a big part here. we get to see that his the worst of the hybrids. szura is like the hitler of the hybrids.
  • once again this show does not deliver to the viewrs

    in this episode we come back to the begging were there directors and writes are slow in delivering some info for un to understand why the aliens are here in earth. The episodes almost are ending for the first season and we still do not have substantial info regarding the aliens. I also think that the wirters and directors need to bring some heavy weight actors as guest start to spice up the story line.
  • Best cliffhanger I ever saw.

    The best bit about this episode has to be the ending, really dramatic and unexpected, Szura shoots Derek and Cristina, I really didn't expect that plus I was slightly disapointed as I really wanted to see what would happen if and when Cristina gave birth, but the final shot and cliffhanger showed that not even her death would stop it. Really looking forward to the next one...
  • William Fichtner is the reason I watch this show, as he\'s THE best actor I\'ve ever seen, bar none. All the actors are great, though Larkin isn\'t my favorite...she\'s becoming nicer to watch though, now that she\'s not acting like a spoiled, insecure ki

    William Fichtner is without a doubt the best actor I\'ve ever seen, & he\'s under-rated. He is amazing in this role, & I\'m really glad that he is turning out to be the stablizing force in Homestead\'s situation. I don\'t like to think of him being the bad guy. All of these actors are great, but the sole reason that I watch the show faithfully, & tape it each week, is for Fichtner. That guy should be nominated for an Oscar, Emmy, whichever fits his latest projects!

    The show is very interesting. I like sci-fi, & this type of story line is good. I\'d like to see the hybrids turn out to be good people, but doesn\'t much look like this will happen, at least not 100%.
  • Character development of offing 2 characters....

    In my wildest imagination I can\\\'t fathom where all this is going. Well, I imagine that it\\\'s going to take over southern Florida, and then continue on up the country. Even the kids in school realize that something strange is going on. How long will it be until the city is completely divided, and one side tries to take over the other? We all know that humans have no tolerence of differences. These \\\"new hybrids\\\" are doomed from the start. Or whatever the women are growing. Next episode will be quite a mess with Christina\\\'s litter exploding through her stomach.

    Do you think the aliens will make it....or will we?
  • The pacing is a little slower, but it still packs a punch

    I actually felt like this episode slipped on the pacing a little. It wasn’t as atmospheric and menacing as the previous episode had been, but on the whole, it delivered the goods. There was the usual metaphor within the troubled extended family, the discussion on survival of the fittest, plot progression, and even a twist at the end.

    The only thing I didn’t really like was the subplot at the school, even though I recognize what it was meant to achieve. I guess cavorting with the naked hybrid a while back wasn’t enough to overcome Jesse’s natural (and completely justified) concerns about the whole inter-species cooperation thing. Jesse looks to be gearing up as an anti-hybrid soldier, if I read the signs right, but I can’t tell if that’s supposed to factor into the end of the season or serve as a potential plot thread for the (hopefully) second season.

    I’ve always liked Christina as a character, to the point where I was beginning to feel terrible about the fact that she was probably going to die. It didn’t happen the way I expected, which is probably for everyone’s benefit. Did we need to see Christina’s torso explode, killing her in the process? No, we didn’t, so the writers found a way to let it happen while achieving another purpose with her death. We get to see how focused Szura is on the survival of the hybrid species, which is better communicated in that moment than any amount of exposition.

    All that said, Christina’s experience brings up a disturbing point. The male hybrids seem to be a bit too aggressive with the male dominance, and it makes one wonder if Szura knew that the pregnancy would likely be terminal for Christina. It doesn’t sound like he cares about women overly much. It also makes it sound like the hybrids are a means of reproduction for the “aliens”, with the human victims being the cost of survival. Of course, we haven’t seen the final product yet, so it could be something completely different, like the next stage in the “alien” evolution.

    I continue to love the interplay between Russell and Underlay. I was initially under the impression that Russell would be the main character, but the series has evolved so that the entire world of “Invasion” is guided by those two characters and their struggles within and without. They act as two magnetic poles: equal and opposite, yet undeniably linked. To be honest, however, Underlay makes it all come together for me.

    Larkin’s purpose in the story is now a bit more clear. Russell, through Larkin, has something that Underlay will never have, because Mariel refuses to become the kind of victim that Christina obviously was. Mariel already feels as though choices were made for her (and they were), and she refuses to go along with Underlay’s desire for children. Thus Russell, for all his humanity, has something in Larkin that Underlay will not have in Mariel. That sets up another layer of tension in the narrative.

    It’s a little hard to imagine that the hybrids missed the sound of the loud engine used by Russell and Dave, but since they didn’t leave the unidentified key yet, there’s still time to correct that plot contrivance. The important part is that the strengths of the episode more than compensated for the minor issues along the way.
  • good episode

    I think this was the best yet they keep geting better, Christina having a litter growing inside her, The kids going back to school and Jesse realizing so many of them are changed, the end was great, and has me on pins and needles till April , I expected Tzura to kill Chris felt bad for Derek.. great one
  • WARNING-WARNING those below me post a bunch of spoilers in their summaries, why? I don't know. (spoilers)

    This episode has, like the last few, really pulled my interest in the show. When the season started, of the new Sci-Fi shows: Threshold, Surface, and Invasion, this was my least favorite by about 4 billion light years. That said, though Threshold still is my favorite, canceled or not, Invasions writing is done well enough that at the moment I’m looking forward to more Invasion that Surface. For me anyway, they have really turned this story around and given it a lot of potential, looking forward to the next episode.
  • Muriel decides not to have any children with Tom after discovering Chrstina has 5 or 6...things growing in her womb.


    After the events of last week's ep I was very interested in finding out where Christina went off to when she escaped Tom's custody. It turns out her descision may ultimately have been her undoing.

    First she visits Muriel at the hosptial and finds out a "litter" is growing inside her. Muriel is so freaked out she later tells Tom they won't be having any children.

    When Tom finally catches up to her and brings her back to the island (with Derek), she is shot dead (presumably, anyway) along with Derek. The episode ended with the camera closing in on Christina's belly. It begins to expand and glow, reacting to the injury she'd just receieved...
  • Russel and Dave find the island and see Christina being brought back to the island by Derek and Zura. They watch Zura kill Christina and Derek. It ends with her womb about to hatch. Jesse notices the changed kids at school especially the basketball team.

    I hate to see Christina and Derek die.........or are they dead?.......I guess they are cuz he said it was the consequences. It is nice to see that our main characters have it figured out now. It will be interesting to see how it goes on from here. Muriel realizes there is something different after she sees what is growing in Christina. It is a litter. She tells Tom she wants no kids. Kiera is recovering from her encounter. She seems to be taking her dads side and accepting the aliens. I hope in the future that ring will come back to Kiera. The one with the message on it that matched the back of the wedding photo. That hasnt come back up since like the third episode. What an awesome show this is!!