Season 1 Episode 22

The Last Wave Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 17, 2006 on ABC
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In the middle of the hurricane chaos, Underlay and Russell mount a rescue of the humans who are being round up by the hybrids. Meanwhile, two humans who suspect that Underlay is the cause of the chaos take Larkin, Dave, Jesse and Rose as hostages.

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  • A great finale

    I cant believe that abc has cancelled this great series i absolutly loved invasion it had great actor characters and a brilliant mystery and im so sad that we wont be getting a series 2 epsecially considering the huge cliffhanger that we got at the end of this episode, now we will never know what happennd to larkin :(
  • The last wave Goodbye

    Well that's rotten! Its taken me 2 years and finally catching it on the Chiller channel to just be left hanging with Larkin in the sea.. What are they thinking get us hooked then leave us out to dry.. Makes me wonder why any of us watch a series if they can just cancel and not care about the loyal fans who did love it and watch every week. It was cut from ABC then cut from the SciFi channel and I caught it by chance flicking through channels with Chiller showing back to back I was in Heaven till they dumped again with a silly ending..Grrrrmoreless
  • where is the rest of the show?

    this episode was one of the best and intense episodes of invasion so far. but they have left us hanging on a cliffhang without knowing nothing of what will happen next. so i ask where is the rest?, are they gonna continue this great tv show, that is loved by so many?. keeping us on this cliffhang for years seems pretty unfair to us all. they did a great job at ending the tv show jericho, so why not invasion. its a shame that they cant give this great show an ending that it is worthy of. a second season with a proper should be done, so we can finally get a ending to this great tv show.moreless
  • This show was getting so good I cant belive they canceled it. I dont watch much tv snd this show had me coming back for more each week. While it lives on via netflix I still would love to see a real ending for the cliffhanger.moreless

    Awesome - they really need to bring back this show someday. I mean their was great sceens of people pushing non infexted people into the water to be cloned off and killed. women and children screeming and being tossed into hurricane sea with lights everywhere. Some great shows... lets say x-files kinda stayed on too long, they should of known where to end the story and move on but this show really needed to keep going. Perhaps sci fi network can pick up this show at some point or they can make a one time movie.

    really awesome show but too many unanswered questions.moreless
  • "Invasion" is simply one of the most engrossing tv shows I've ever seen.

    What were they thinking when they cancelled this? This show has it all: amazing characters with lots of development, strong plotlines and tons of creepy suspense. This (last? NOOOO!) installment was fantastic as ever. While the hybrid version of the National Garde starts pushing the trapped people into the water, Tom and Russel come to the rescue. In the end they manage to take out Szura, who had taken Mariel hostage. Russel and Mariel take care of the five pregnant hybrid-women we met in the previous episode and Tom returns home only to discover that all the kids and Lewis are held at gunpoint by Jesse's friend Brett and another young man. Tom struggles to disarm the latter but can't stop the gun from going off once.

    A few frightening seconds later we discover that Larkin was the one who took the blow! When Tom realizes that nothing can save her except for the water, he goes to the shore and throws her nearly lifeless body into the waves. Russel and Mariel meet up with him and the screen goes dark after Russel calls out: "What happened?" Somehow I feel that while they left us with a major cliffhanger, I feel that we've also seen quite enough to figure things out for ourselves. When I first heard that the show got cancelled and ended on a cliffhanger I thought they'd let much bigger issues be unresolved - the hurricane revolution pt. 2, for example! The writers could've just left it there at the wharf, with Szura taking Mariel with him. I'm really glad to know they haven't done that.

    But nonetheless: "Invasion" deserves at least one more season! And William Fichtner: you might be able to squeeze this in between shootings for "Prison Break", won't you? Pleeeaaase? Bring it on, people!moreless

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