Season 1 Episode 15

The Nest

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • A nerve-wracking episode! While Russel decides to perform some medical tests on Mariel, Kira gets in with the wrong (alien) crowd.

    A thrilling episode in many ways. The whole plotline about Kira joining Christina and Derek (who have freshly returned from "The Camp") for the day was just so intensely creepy. When they broke into Christina's former boss' house, you just knew there would be a death. And lo and behold, the episode ends with Kira in the water at the beach and her getting caught by an orange light. Tom and Louis however tracked the three kids down to see Kira lying on the shore. I'm wondering if she was spit out (maybe she has some disease we don't know about? Remember, the aliens only choose healthy people!) or if she's really become an alien now. The circular wounds in her neck point us to the latter but I could be wrong.

    Then the little clues about alien "pregnancy"...Mariel finding out about the dozens of eggs in her stomach was positively frightening. Add to that the shots they gave us of Christina's aching belly and we have a recipe for disaster. Can't wait to watch the next episode!
  • Really Awesome.

    We get to see christina again, elizabeth moss acts out her role so well, she looks so convincingly psychotic on screen. This time we actually see christina murdering someone. This episode centers around Kira Underlay, she's like a hybrid social climber, she wants to become one of them. She's a teen confused and does dumb things. She almost gets herself killed hanging out with Christina and Stevie. Tom and Lewis searches for Kira. Lewis is now a regular part of the show, from this point, we're satisfied that he is on the good side. This episode is really awesome, I had a great time watching it.
  • getting better but slow

    still slow in delivering some of the facts of the invasion, but i think the actors are getting closer episode by episode so they can deliver us more feeling regarding the siries. I like in this episode the twist of the nest and i am looking forward to see twhat the males are program to do in this invasion
  • Interesting twist this show takes. Very interesting.

    Kiera wants to change so she can understand her father, and the other people who seemed to change. I'm trying to understand why the father said "Kiera can't become one of us." I know I may have blinked and missed something somewhere.

    Kiera who has a rebellious streak, decides to shoplift with Christine and Derreck. Talk about giving in to peer preassure. Christine is acting really, really strange. She keeps having terrible pains, and she has no problems killing a former boss of hers after breaking into his home.

    Muriels blood is showing changes, and what was thought to be a tumor is not!!! That part caught me off guard, but it also ties into why Christine is having such horrible pains. She is pregnant!!! Oh joy.

    Kiere goes into the water, but did the creature reject her? That's what it looked like to me.
  • The plot arc takes a major turn as Underlay's control continues to slip...

    This episode continues to take the series into new and intriguing territory, and I’m very pleased. Initially, I was a bit concerned about the characterization of Christina, since I was more impressed by the calm and deadly version, but over time, it began to make more sense. It all comes down to something I hadn’t considered about the differences between this invasion and the ones that apparently failed.

    Underlay and Zura are both unusual in that they have overwhelmed any murderous and self-destructive tendencies through what appears to be a sense of hope or driven purpose. Apparently Underlay has been trying to keep his “people” under control in the wake of the hurricane, but unexpected aspects of the “invasion” keep getting in the way. This time around, of course, it’s his inability to anticipate and control an aspect of the invasion that wouldn’t have come to light until now.

    Previous to this invasion, the only long-term survivors were Zura and Underlay. What do they have in common? Simple…they’re men. More than that, they are acutely aware (if Derek’s experience is any indication) that biological compatibility is a big issue between the changed and the unchanged. Male “aliens” have some serious sex drive, but I doubt they could mate with normal humans. No doubt, that was part of the reason he wanted Mariel to be changed as well.

    But that also means that neither Zura nor Underlay could possibly know what would happen with women who survived the process. More to the point, since how could they understand the biological mating imperatives of an “alien” species? This is apparently of interest to the writing staff, though they avoid some of the more kinky and psychologically disturbing aspects of the concept.

    There are certainly some primal forces at work, especially as it pertains to super-ovulation and the mating imperative. The net effect is not unlike a variation on animal “heat”, though human reasoning does seem to override it to a certain extent. The females have a desire to mate (and that may play into Jesse’s encounter in “Us or Them”), and males of a certain age pick up on the pheromones. The rest is rather obvious.

    The implication is also obvious. Once a female is pregnant, the male is most likely to be biologically predisposed to protect the female and the unborn child, whether he’s aware of the reason or not. Christina puts it very simply: Derek does what she says because he can’t help it. It’s more than just sexual; it’s biological.

    It all leads to the revelation that the “aliens” are getting ready to mate, and even Underlay can’t predict what will happen as a result. All he can surmise is that the situation is getting out of hand. Christina (played with psychotic gusto by the engaging Elisabeth Moss) and Derek strike on one side, and in a completely different way, Russell and Mariel strike at the other. Underlay has been losing control of events for a long time, and watching him deal with each crisis is the best part of the show.
  • Intense

    I think it was a pretty intense episode. All comes to something. Like little conclusions everywhere. Is'nt next episode the one before the last (of season 1 will you say!). I cant't wait to see what more will be revealed, how far will it go?

    My first review on this series. I'm enjoying ton watch it every week.

  • loved it

    This was one great episode,Kiras curosity, leading her to take actions, sheregreted and then being forced into the water, was she taken, why was she bloody is this the real Kira, was she rejected, did Lewis remove her too soon, And the eggs, are all the females pregnant.. a few answers and so many questions
  • I come from the water!!! I come from the water!!!

    I was a bit let down on this episode. Not as intense as I had hoped. I think I was more intrigued by finding out what was up with Mariel than I was the teenagers on their little rampage.

    Although, I like Kira's character. Some of the other people on this show are very one dimensional and it makes it hard to really care.

    We can see that Underlay, whatever his mission or purpose is, will have a hard time controlling things. As some point he is going to have to choose a side his human family or his hybrid one. Tough choice.

  • A descent episode.

    The show, I think, isn't much compared to the canceled Threshold, but it is starting to pick up. The writers are putting some good story arcs in to keep us entertained. The show does have a lot of promise, and it seems to be heading in a good direction. Almost looking forward to next week now.
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