Season 1 Episode 19

The Son Also Rises

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on ABC
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After his investigation of the hybrids, Russell finds that he may be out of a job. Sensing another storm, the hybrids prepare. Rose’s teacher is teaching a subject that has Russell bothered. Jesse and a school friend find a way to get even with the hybrids.

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  • Nicely presented.

    A storm is about to come, everyone needs to leave town soon. But a corrupt state official is making things harder for Tom and Russell who are trying to save the town. The battle between good and evil becomes blur when Jesse lets his anger overcome him. Just like the previous episodes, we see the characters deal with a crisis that might be out of their control. This tension really makes this show so watchable, just like the other episodes. I'm just enjoying this a lot, I can't contain my excitement when watching Invasion, this episode makes me ask for more.moreless
  • good episode for a series that had his ups and downs

    finally we are looking at some episode that deliver some more info than the others episodes. In this episode we see how the plot changes and find out what sre the intention of the aliens in the islan and how deep the conspiracy goes in the goverment. The siries is getting ready for a good final episode thta will leaves us wanting more from the next seasson.
  • Stuff begins to heat up and a rupture begins as Tom starts to lose control of the Hybrids and Jesse decides he really must take matters in his own hands, if he wants things to NOT suck as bad.moreless

    When I first started out with Invasion I thought it was a show I could afford to miss some episodes. And it was.

    But now, every single episode is a chock\'full o\' action.

    Perhaps it\'s because I get so frustrated from recievieng aboslutely NOTHING from \"LOST\", but Invasion really does the trick for me.

    Right now Szura has made his intentions to opperate on his own quite serious and the web of secrets between some high ranked Hybrids and the military becomes even more complex as Tom is out of the loop of several aspects and decides he really does need Russ\' help (who by the way lost his job).

    One of my favorite aspects of the show right now is how the Hybrid situation is being faced both by the adults of the family and by the youngsters, as Jesse\'s character has become more and more interesting and now has a central role.

    He has become a strong almost-man and I really do look forward to seeing how he develops next, and he has been close, but I\'d hate it if they actually made him pull the trigger.

    By the way... peaceful coexistence? Shyeah right... I mean, Tom is a double-faced bastard and this alliance with Russ won\'t be the first to fail.

    Let\'s kick some hybrid a$$.moreless
  • This episode clearly shows the tension that is building up between the humans and the hybrids and even begins to raise the question of how they know who is a hybrid and who is still human.moreless

    A great part of this episode was to see that Underlay finally admitted that he had lost control over the hybrids in his \\\"community\\\". He can\\\'t trust Szura and he no longer is needed by the other hybrids for the emotional support he provided in the beginning. A neat part of the episode is when all the hybrids were sensing the storm and what it would bring, yet Underlay seemed out of the loop on it.

    Another development was Russel realizing that he needed to look after his family and not continue to run off with an agenda. Clearly his family needs him to keep them safe and he may finally realize that he needs to care for them first.

    A nice episode overall.moreless
  • An underappreciated series continues to deliver

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances and interference from some other projects, I was unable to see this episode until late into the weekend. Even so, it took me a little bit of time to absorb the full impact. Anyone who once complained that the series was moving too slow or gazing at its own navel clearly hasn’t been paying attention. The latter half of the season has been a primer on how to quickly yet methodically ratchet up the tension and deliver on a premise.

    The fact is, the quiet beginning was absolutely necessary; without it, the current insanity wouldn’t pack so much punch. Only a month or so has passed since Hurricane Eve, and another storm is approaching. It’s all rather obvious metaphor, but it works on a visceral level. It’s the reason why so many authors use weather (and thunderstorms in particular) to denote some massive conflict about to break wide open.

    And that’s exactly what is happening as “Invasion” races towards the end of the season. The battle lines have been forming for a very long time, but now the situation has transformed. It’s not about preparation; it’s about scouting out the weaknesses of the enemy on the eve of the attack. This little patch of the world is the battleground between two species vying for survival. Considering that humanity hasn’t seen any real competition beyond itself in tens of thousands of years, there’s every reason to worry.

    Nearly everyone is being pushed to the breaking point. Even the hybrids (nice that everyone calls them that!) are acting on some instinctual level. Perhaps there is some kind of shared subconscious involved, driving them to prepare for survival, ensuring that the resources available are horded for their own use. In fact, as things are playing out, it seems like the next stage of the invasion is organized so that the next hurricane will allow for more hybrids and total control over the survival of the remaining human population.

    Jesse takes an ugly direction in this episode, yet it is a necessary one. It highlights something that would and should be happening: the “weaker” species would act out in violent ways in frustration. Humans are quickly becoming second-class citizens, and that leads to reprisal. In many ways, Jesse and Kira represent two common reactions to an invading force: resistance and acceptance. (The military, to a certain extent, represents collaboration.)

    In terms of the family metaphor, Russell and Underlay find themselves as strange bedfellows, trying to get both sides to co-exist, despite their polarizing differences. As I had suspected, Mariel continues to be the axis around which everyone else dances. Even the reactions to the larger threat are reflected in the uncertainty surrounding Mariel and her psychology. Even as the season drives towards resolution (hopefully not the series!), the metaphor remains intact. That’s quite impressive!

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