Season 1 Episode 5

Unnatural Selection

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2005 on ABC

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  • This episode was mostly a filler episode, mainly more into the different characters interacting. The main story is what Larkin sees at the military base, which to me was good but I wish they would have at least given us a clue to start working on what/wh

    Like through most of the episodes the story is developing extremely slowly, its called Invasion and we dont even know if its an actual invasion or where the creatures already here, which makes more sense due to the first episode when they popped out of the ocean then fell from the sky. Anyway this episode was mainly about clueing us in to the Military's involvement and knowledge of the invaders. But as usual it just showed us the same boxes that we saw earlier, not giving any clues about anything. We already knew that the military was storing something, probably the creatures or bodies of the people the creatures posess. So Larkin going to the military base accomplished one thing, that the military is now on to her. I was hoping for something solid some clue, maybe a quick shot of a lab getting set up or even soldiers in vacuum suits, affraid to open the box, but nope, they are just sitting there next to the canned peaches. I really like the show its good cause it develops slowly but its also bad, cause when are we gonna get to the Invasion and some sort of resistance to it. If it keeps on the same track the series will end when the main characters finally figure out whats going on. Throw me a bone here.
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