Season 1 Episode 11

Us or Them

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • I hope I am not getting into a show that will leave me wonder why I watched it in the first place.

    I like this show. I like the actors. I like the characters. They started out capturing my attention. What really did happen to these people during this hurricane? But the more they reveal which is basically they can breathe underwater, the more I feel that after all this time and patience and vcr tape that the conclusion or the cliff hanger will not make me tune in in the future. Please help me to stay with this show.
  • What happened to Rose's cat????

    Towards the end of Episode 11 "Us or Them", Mariel shows up at Russell's place for Rose's cat, which is in a red pet carrier she is holding when walking back to her car. During a heated discussion, she drops the pet carrier into the water. They argue, then kiss and the camera pans out, revealing the pet carrier in the water.

    Up until that point, I thought it was part of the plot. I was sure that the alien was going to get the cat while they both stood there. While they were kissing, the bright sunlight shines on the water, which even looked like the light of an alien squid. Only when the camera pans out and the scene ends was the mistake revealed.
  • Another great episode.

    I really love this show. Russel starts to worry if he can trust Tom or Mariel. He starts to fear if he needs to continue bringing his kids to Tom's house now that he knows what he is. The writers have done a really good job getting to this point, it's a really cool episode. The characters are dealing with conflicts around them. We're not sure if Russel and Tom's famly can continue living together, so much stuff happening, things aren't the same anymore. In this episode, we explore Mariel's state of being, she somehow knows that she's a hybrid. It's a great episode.
  • Kind of an infill episode, but still great. Good to have an episode that expands on Jesse\'s character

    Not too bad. A little slow in some parts, but offered more information about Jesse\'s character. Russell attempts to understand more about what has happened to Mariel. Tom deals with the consequences of changing Sirk, and tries to make up for what he did by treating him nice. Overall, though a pretty good episode.
  • good episode but need more work

    still think that the writers and directors have to deliver to us more info in every show. I have compare this show with a parallel x-files but i have to wait to give my verdict. In this episode we find that the invadors have a good and bad side and will spread all over the world if they let them.
  • The show is basically ok.

    This show has writers that have a very bad sense of what people are really like; it’s almost insulting to think people are really all that shallow. It’s also insulting that this show is still on and Threshold isn’t. This episode was no different, they have seemed to create a new type of Christian religion for the deputy to follow, but of course that’s Hollywood’s new form of terrorism, Christians, so that’s not a surprise. The web of soap-opera that has no solid footing a show, does have potential, I mean it’s a good idea, even if it is a rip-off of body snatchers and general hospital. I think all they need is 100% replacement of current writers, and about 70% of the actors killed off and replaced and it would be a top 10 show.
  • Some good momentum for once, but one major plot element is still out in left field

    “Invasion” had a much shorter hiatus than “Lost”, yet it feels like a lot more time has passed and the story is more elusive. At least this episode actually felt like an example of forward momentum. I wasn’t expecting Mariel to learn that much about her recent experience so soon, but looking back on it, this was the right pacing. Having her discover some measure of truth, just as the Pod People begin separating from the rest of humanity in a more violent fashion, makes storytelling sense.

    Focusing on Mariel is essential, because some of the other subplots are just impossible to believe. One is an extension of a truly annoying nonsense plot twist, and the other is a young man’s fantasy brought to life. The former does much to throw Underlay into a more agitated state, but it’s really unnecessary. Is Lewis a creepy religious guy? Sure, but it’s still ridiculous that he cut his own arm off!

    This was an episode that mixed the hotness with the creepy in some bizarre ways. Kira is a relatively thin girl, but they certainly got full use out of the push-up bra she was wearing under that skintight top! The award for most exposure, however, has to go to Nicole Garza in her guest role as Emily. That bathing suit couldn’t have been much smaller on network television, especially since some of those underwater shots were particularly buoyant!

    I’d like to think that Emily was more than just a chance at showing a hot babe without clothing. Underneath all the pretext is something of a commentary on how the conversion process transforms the desires of a sexually-charged young woman. An earlier episode dealt with the male sex drive, so why not a transformed sorority girl? Quite frankly, that line of thinking gets into kinky territory (the mermaid comment comes to mind). But could it also be a temptation for Jesse, a reason for him to seek out the change?

    At the heart of the episode, however, is Mariel’s torn allegiance between her former humanity and the influence of her new “alien” heritage. Mariel didn’t ask for the change; she was already dealing with enough change in her life as it was. And since Russell and Underlay are on opposing sides of the growing rift in the population, each operating with limited information about the situation, Mariel is the natural indicator of which side is gaining momentum.

    Up until recently, Underlay was in control of the situation, mainly because everything matched his assumptions about his own experience. So naturally, Mariel could easily suppress her lingering feelings for Russell, since her focus was on a stronger and more stable man. Underlay was also supporting her emotionally. But as Underlay has lost control of the situation and Russell has gained confidence in his own knowledge, Mariel has put Underlay at a distance and her feelings for Russell have returned.

    Naturally, since the intention is to use the “alien invasion” as an extended metaphor for how family politics get demented with divorce, the children are pulled into the center of the conflict over control of the family dynamic. Children are usually forced into making a choice, which is why I wonder if Emily was meant as temptation for Jesse, even if she never comes back.
  • Now we're getting somewhere

    What can I say. Great Episode. The scene with Jesse and that girl from the University of Florida in the bathtub was cute and funny. The Ending talk about nerve-wracking. I get the feeling that girl from the University of Florida is going look for Jesse in Homestead. Can't wait until next week. FYI Tom is losing it.
  • The series is starting to pick up.

    This episode of Invasion is very good. It has many important developments. The people who are part of the "Survivors" group attack a person after one of their meetings. They would have killed him if it wasn't for Mariel. Russell shows Mariel the skeleton he got in the last episode which belongs to Tom and explains what's happening, but she doesn't want to hear it. Russell urges Mariel to ask Tom what happened the night of the hurricane and she does. When he tells her that he called her to the lake and that she was dragged into the water and he couldn't do anything to help her, she doesn't believe him, and says that she won't do anything he says ever again. In the last episode, Sirk cut off his arm because Tom said that it was a test of God. But when he learns that Tom is not really that religious, he realizes that he made a mistake. At the end of this episode, Tom kidnaps Russell's and Mariel's kids.

    This is a very good episode. The acting is very good. The story is really coming along now. Next week's episode looks to be even better.
    This is a very good episode. The acting is very good. Next week's episode looks to be even better.
  • The sheriff is a wack job!

    Everyone sort of loses it in this episode.
    The Sheriff, his deputy, Mariel. And the crowd of people. Did I leave anyone out?

    The show is finally starting to pick up steam. Battle lines are being drawn it appears.

    I can sum it all up in one word: HYBRIDS!

    Next week looks to be even better.
  • After weeks of plodding character development the show has finally started taken them somewhere interesting.

    Good stuff. Tension, doubts, suspicions, revelations, confrontations, truth ... at last some conflict.

    The show finally seems to be moving towards a major upheaval and is starting to draw battle lines. Larkin is still a fairly pointless character but everyone else looks to be finding a place. If only they had moved in this direction earlier instead of wasting time with baboons.
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