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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on ABC
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Russell and Mariel suffer a tragedy but it is made worse when Mariel tries to help. Kira feels guilty over an accident. During the hurricane and after there has been a mysterious military presence and Larkin tries to learn more about it. Meanwhile, Dave investigates a lost piece of jewelry.moreless

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  • Another slow installment of a series with a serious problem

    Like the first two episodes, I feel like this is dragging forward at the slowest pace possible. I still think this series helps to demonstrate the depth and methodical progress on “Lost”, because I’m not feeling it as much here. I love Shaun Cassidy’s work, especially “American Gothic”, but this isn’t grabbing me as much as I had hoped it would.

    The mystery itself is still plodding along. Apparently the military is operating some cover-up of the whole alien incursion, and Underlay knows all about it. The implication is that Underlay would rather that Larkin had been forced to believe his explanations, which would make it seem like Underlay knows all about the military work and actually has been using the quarantine to keep it secret. So the military activity is apparently not a threat to the alien invasion, unless of course, it’s not the invasion that it seems to be.

    It also seems as if the aliens are similar to terrestrial marine life (which makes sense, or they couldn’t survive in the same environment), and when they take over a host, that host’s blood chemistry changes dramatically. I’m waiting for Mariel to grow gills. Speaking of Mariel, sometimes she’s incredibly severe in her looks, but other times, she’s incredibly hot. Russell has very good taste in his women!

    Stepping back to that whole situation with Larkin, I really have to wonder why Underlay would allow her to poke around so much. She’s certainly a threat to whatever goals he might have in mind, and unless he plans to get her “infected” sometime, it doesn’t make much sense. Never mind the fact that her job should be yanked any minute now, since her boss is one of the “possessed”.

    Then again, the “possessed” don’t seem to be aware of what’s going on much of the time. Mariel still doesn’t seem to be as aware of her own nature as she was at the end of the pilot, though she seems to know better than to say too much about the weirdness. She also doesn’t seem to know how to act around Russell. That whole relationship is beyond complicated, and since the two of them can’t figure out if they still love each other or can’t stand each other, it’s hard to figure out what pushed them apart in the first place.

    Two things really bothered me. First, the nature of those wounds, apparently caused by the wrong kind of encounter with the aliens, keeps changing. The wounds on Dave’s legs didn’t look like the wounds on Paxton in the previous episode at all, but now, that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Second, Dave is pretty dense if, as a conspiracy theorist, he can’t figure out what “two become one” might mean, beyond the obvious.

    I liked Kira (who is going to be of the hotness when she gets older) and her odd relationship with everyone in this extended dysfunctional family. I also thought it was interesting that the skeleton might have been Underlay’s first wife. Either that, or the ring was the one that Mariel lost (Underlay made that comment about how Mariel keeps losing wedding rings). That’s something I’d be interesting in knowing more about. Hopefully, the pacing will pick up enough that I’ll still be excited enough to wait.

  • That was better but still needs fine tuning(or pace)

    This show is slow, very slow which is not a good thing. But overall this episode was better than the previous one.

    The mystery keeps building but really few elements are revealed, which sucks. I like the way the mystery and cover up is built but its way too slow.

    Tom remains the most interesting chracter. Cool to see him bring that journalist to that place where those transaction are taking place but hell, again nothing revealed as we all know there was cover up since day one. It gets frustrating. So what really happened to Mariel? Again a mystery continuing to build. They really need to reveal more elements and give us more least a hot scene FFS. :D

    So it was more gripping that the previous one but still nothing really great for the moment.moreless
  • A very exciting continuation of the show.

    A lot of people compare this show with Lost, they really shouldn't do comparisons because each show is different. Invasion itself is a good show without comparing it to lost. In this episode, Jesse Varon and Kira Underlay finds an abandoned trailer overturned at a river close to their home. They swim to the trailer and they get both themselves in trouble. The story shows something more about the characters of Jesse and Kira. The alien conspiracy starts to play more, we wonder if some of the main characters can still be trusted. We don't know yet at this point, but we know will be shown more in the next episode.moreless
  • a bad episode that make you not want to see more

    the show is starting to make me not wanting to see, i think that they have establish a good plot but the are draging the ame storie for the last 2 episodes with out any new developments and new drama to the show. I hoope that soon they will add a new twiste to this storie like a close encouter or a reveling of the alien intension besaide using the humans as hosts.moreless
  • This show just gets better and better with each episode. The writing is tight, the visuals are compelling and the mystery just keeps deepening. Watershed is another strong episode that grabs you and really draws you into the 'human' elements of the story.moreless

    I have to say this show just gets better and better with each episode. The writing is tight the visuals are compelling and the mystery just keeps deepening. Invasion has quickly become my favorite show of the new season. The plot in Watershed takes the forefront as Jesse has a run in of his own with the creepy underwater lights. And Mariel’s strange behavior gets even weirder. I don’t yet think I’ve miscalculated where the show is going, with the aliens among us premise, but it sure is taking some unexpected twists. This entire episode works to humanize her. We learn how she isn’t even sure what’s happening herself, and its scary. But the twists keep coming when in the final shot of the episode, Mariel reveals a truly chilling new side.

    This is a startling episode that packs a lot of drama into a very contained ‘humanized’ episode. Unlike other new shows this season, the effects don’t need to be outrageous for Invasion to work well; the writing and strong performances make this a very engrossing show on its own merits. Great work, I honestly can’t wait for the next installment.

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